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Dissertation prospectus vs proposal 1

Suggested Products Inside The PH.D. DISSERTATION PROSPECTUS

1. Cover Page. The insurance policy page must list the suggested title, your company, the Department of Political Science, what they are referred to as within the supervisory committee getting a location for approval signatures, along with the date of submission ( see Attachment A ).

2. Table of Contents. The Table of Contents must list each chapter along with the major sub-topics within each chapter. The Table of Contents should indicate the main size the subject along with a broad descriptive outline within the act as achieved ( see Attachment B ). You’re strongly requested to build up your chapter outline getting no less than two major headings (chapter title and first-level heading).

3. Abstract. One page that gives an overview description within the proposal.

4. The Study Problem. You have to provide a apparent statement within the research problem. This really is most likely the toughest regions of research because it must be a factor that wil attract for you personally, suitable for your consultant, imperative that you the discipline of political science, and “doable” given your material and intellectual sources.

This should start getting single sentence statement within the problem. Whether it takes several sentence, you’re most likely undecided about the level of smoothness within the problem. You have to understand that some problems will most likely be highly descriptive anyway (e.g. comparison of several means of contracting for services). Other approaches might concentrate on an issue that’s more instrumental anyway (e.g. how can outsourcing for services be elevated?). Although some may need hypothesis testing (e.g. there’s no relationship between quantity of professionalization and outsourcing).

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The need for the study problem to political science as being a discipline needs to be made apparent. This requires citation of relevant literature inside the discipline. You need to show your suggested research addresses a substantial problem.

5a. The Model or Conceptual Framework or Theoretical Orientation. Model, conceptual framework, and theoretical orientation are terms which have been variously defined within the methodology literature without plenty of precision. These, however, suggest the great requirement of developing or adopting some logically related abstract ideas which are central for that research problem. The main issue this can be truly the phenomena you need to evaluate along with the justification for studying them. The presentation within the model must add a perception of terms and relationships.

5b. Review of Literature. You shouldn’t possess a separate single review of the literature. Rather, when you’re presenting the study problem, related model and procedures, you have to review literature that’s related. Essentially, then, there should be review of the literatures tightly related to the specific part of the prospectus.

6. Methodology/Procedures. A distinguishing feature of educational research, in comparison to research by journalists and authors, may be the care given to the study design and manner of data collection. The suitability within the research materials is determined by the conceptual framework and related research question.

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The start within the analysis methods part of the prospectus must very briefly summarize the study problem and related model.

The information collection and analysis must be clearly within the research problem and related model. The study design section must also include:

a. the device of researchOrdeclaration
b. the information collection instruments and/or data sources
c. sampling strategy, if appropriate
d. the analytical techniques including record techniques if appropriate

7. References. The references shouldn’t be excessively extended. The primary reason should be to identify individuals works which are central for your problem. Right now in the research, you might list reference products that are not incorporated as citations within the text in the paper. The very best dissertation, however, must include only reference products which are really reported inside you within the work.

8. Timetable. Produce a table that specifies each stage in the work along with the expected completion date. Clearly this could just be a “best guess” ( see Attachment C ).

9. Institutional Review Board Application. Approval inside the IRB is needed for virtually any human subjects research conducted for almost any thesis or dissertation inside the College of Oklahoma. Forms can be found online.

Useful Hint: Defense of Dissertation Prospectus. Students would be to plan a defense for the dissertation prospectus. When approved, the signed approval will be sent to the Political Science Graduate Program Office for inclusion in your permanent file.


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Other disserations can also be packed with information. Ones from Political Science can be found in the Department’s library within the conference room.

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