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Electromagnetically induced transparency thesis writing

Electromagnetically induced transparency thesis writing of some artificial electromagnetic

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1. Photonic Devices and Applications according to Intersubband Transitions and Electromagnetically Caused Transparency

College dissertation from Stockholm. KTH

Abstract. Although photonic devices have experienced an immediate development recently, there’s still room for substantial enhancements in performance. Within the telecommunications perspective, enhancements in speed, size, integration and power consumption are preferred. There’s in addition an over-all passion for photonic devices with new functionalities. Find Out More

2. Quantum Coherence and Quantum-Vacuum Effects inside a couple of Artificial Electromagnetic Media

College dissertation from Stockholm. KTH

Abstract. The writer in the thesis concentrates his attention on quantum optical characteristics of some artificial electromagnetic media, for example quantum coherent atomic vapors (various multilevel electromagnetically caused transparency vapors) and negative refractive index materials, and suggests some possible ways to manipulate wave propagations within the artificial electromagnetic materials according to quantum coherence and quantum vacuum effects. In Chapters 1 and 2, the writer blogs about the previous papers on quantum coherence combined with relevant use example electromagnetically caused transparency (EIT), atomic population trapping additionally for their various applications. Find Out More

3. Slow and stopped light by light-matter coherence control

College dissertation from Stockholm. KTH

Abstract. During this thesis we study light-matter coherence phenomena connected while using interaction in the coherent laser field along with the so-known as ?-system, a 3-level quantum system (e.g.

Electromagnetically induced transparency thesis writing Surface plasmons are created through

an atom). We observe electromagnetically caused transparency (EIT), slow and stored light in hot rubidium vapor. Find Out More

4. Strong Interaction In one Artificial Atom and Propagating Microwave Photons

College dissertation from Chalmers College of Technology

Abstract. The realization in the quantum network made up of quantum nodes which process quantum fields and quantum channels to transfer quantum information has lately been suggested. Recently, fundamental experiments created by superconducting circuits claim that they’re promising candidates for realization in the quantum network. Find Out More

5. Connection between surface plasmons in subwavelength metallic structures

College dissertation from Stockholm. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Abstract. The study into optical phenomena connected while using strong electromagnetic response of noble metals (silver (Ag) and gold (Au) being most broadly used) in the last quantity of decades features for that emergence in the fast growing research area known as plasmonics named after ‘surface plasmons’ that are electron density waves that propagate within the interface in the metal along with a dielectric medium. Surface plasmons are created using the coupling regarding for that electrons across the metal surface vulnerable to the fulfillment of certain physical conditions and they’re certain to the metal surface.

Electromagnetically induced transparency thesis writing with the interaction of the

Find Out More

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