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Dissertation title page university of ulster logo McGraw-Hill    
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This module views the finish consequence of e-business on established business practices and internet marketing strategy. It evaluates technological developments and places them poor services. It views the finish consequence of technology on organisational strategies along with the impact inside the customer-business interface.


Dissertation is unquestionably an optional module on undergraduate degree programmes and possesses been designed just as one integrative module offering students while using chance to assist develop their understanding and knowledge of the chosen area and to develop their research, analytical and communication skills. Students should have effectively completed BMG410C2 Research Methods before they might undertake this module.

Dissertation title page university of ulster logo The Brand New Renaissance


The dissertation aims to supply students through getting an chance to operate a substantial bit of independent research where they might apply and extend their understanding within the selected part of study where they might develop their easy creative and innovative thinking and independent learning, furthermore to enhance their analytical, research and communication skills.


A effective student can show he/she’ll:


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