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Customer satisfaction survey report writing

Customer satisfaction survey report writing to segment the

Peak Surveys personalizes reports for every client based on cause real progress, needs and preferences. We’re able to also generate reports for several departments using different graphs. For instance, most accounting departments or number crunchers decide to understand the figures and statistics only, whereas the marketing or customer service departments more frequently request full-color visual graphics coupled with top-line reporting.

During this sample report, you will see several types of graphs, furthermore to strategies to segment the information collected. Either Scroll lower the page or click the kind of graph you have to view.

The scales present in this sample report were the following:
Importance Scale: 1 = By no means important, 3 = Important, 5 = Essential
Satisfaction Scale: 1 = Very dissatisfied, 3 = Satisfied, 5 = Very Satisfied

This can be a vertical line graph that depicts the need for a characteristic combined with satisfaction from the organization for the similar attribute.

This really is frequently a graph that rapidly illustrates what your clients feel would be the key issues and exactly how you’re performing on individuals important issues.

Particularly, this graph ensures that the ABC Company needs to focus on offering estimates quickly and suggesting cost saving alternatives since they are imperative that you their organization additionally for their satisfaction is very low.

This graph also ensures that since the satisfaction for offering educational options is low, the significance within the customers’ eyes is extremely little as well. Therefore, ABC Company presenting the understanding required to allocate their dollars towards the key attributes.

Customer satisfaction survey report writing with this of the competitors


This can be a table that depicts the need for a characteristic combined with satisfaction of ABC company for the similar attribute.

This can be a bar graph and table that depicts how frequently along with the mean. This excellent graph analyses the respondents solutions regarding satisfaction with getting estimates quickly. The graph also separates the information by geographic region so ABC company can choose which regions prosper answering estimates and which regions have to improve.

The bar graph below displays both importance and gratification for suggestion cost saving alternatives alongside so that you can rapidly decide if your clients are very happy with an important issue.

Respondents were requested to evaluate ABC Company’s Online usage of job status using this in the competitors.
The scale using this sample report is often as follows:
1 to five with 1 = Worse than competitors, 3 = Similar to competitors, 5 = Much better than competitors

The Dessert Chart below demonstrates the simplest way to decide which in the departments are most available to your clients. These charts show the sales and customer service departments are often readily available in comparison with management and administrative departments.

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