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Camford academy task 1 academic writing The share of

When you’re writing large figures, don’t add an s for that number: 300,000 = greater than 200 1000. NOTgreater than 200 thousands .

The plural form is just acquainted with give roughly idea: There’s been many people there .

You should utilize numerals instead of words, but we usually write bigger figures for example 4 million.

You need to spend about twenty minutes concerning this task.

The chart below shows the amount of folks in further education within the united kingdom in three periods and whether or not they were studying fulltime or part-time.

Summarise the data by selecting and reporting the primary features, making comparisons where relevant.

Write no under 150 words.

Model answer 1

The bar chart illustrates the quantity of everyone has studied entirely-serious amounts of part-time education within the following years: 1970 to 1971, 1980 to 1981 and 1990 to 1991.

It’s apparent that in lots of three intervals growing figures of individuals of both sexes were connected with part-time education than fulltime. Overall the amount of men in fulltime education rose from roughly 100 1000 to 200 1000, whereas the amount of men partly-time education was reduced early nineties than 20 years earlier.

Up to now as women are participating, the figures elevated in sectors from the practice. The amount of part-time female students elevated dramatically from 700 1000 one.two million within the twenty year period. The quantity of women in fulltime education elevated more progressively from 100 1000 in 1971 to just over 200 1000 in 1991. It absolutely was similar the increase for fulltime male students.

In conclusion, the amount of women in sectors elevated considerably though it appears the rate that face men entering part-time education decreased somewhat plus it was fluctuating.

Camford academy task 1 academic writing When it comes to full

Model answer 2

This really is frequently a bar chart from the quantity of folks in further education within the united kingdom in three periods. In 1970, Almost all Men were studying part-time but from 1980, studying part-time as decreased and studying full-previously elevated plus 1990, it had been two occasions just as much students much like 1970. However, Women studying Full-time were elevated and not Full-time, part-time also were elevated. In 1990, studying full-previously three occasions just as much students much like 1970. If compare Women and men, as you have seen, in 1970, Men were studying greater than women full-time or part-time nonetheless it altered from 1980 then, in 1990, Women were studying part-time greater than Men and studying full-previously same number.

It teaches you women includes a high education now.


How large the solution is just acceptable. There’s an excellent try to describe the general trends nonetheless the information may have been greatly improved when the candidate had incorporated some mention of the figures given across the graph. Without these, your potential customers is missing good info. The solution is very difficult to take a look at and you will have some punctuation errors that creates confusion. The structures are extremely simple and easy , efforts to create harder sentences fail.

Model answer 3

Based on this graph, the amount of folks in farther education within the united kingdom ensures that following pattern.

Camford academy task 1 academic writing could have been greatly

Within the situation of male, the amount of male has declined slightly from about 100 thousands in 1970/71 near to 850 thousands in 1990/91. However, this figure rose close to 850 thousands in 1990/91 from about 820 thousands in 1980/81. The share of full-time education has declined in individuals occasions. However, the share of part-time education has elevated dramatically.
However, within the situation of female, the amount of both full-time education and part-time education has elevated with the period.
From about 700 thousands in 1970/71, these figures rose near to 820 thousands in 1980/81, near to 1100 thousands in 1990/91.
In relation to full-time education, this figure rose by about 260 near to 900 in 1990/91.
However, regarding part-time education, this figure rose dramatically between 1980/81 and 1970/71. However, this figure rose slightly between 1980/81 and 1990/91.


The candidate is really a great try to describe the graphs searching at global trends and even more detailed figures. There’s, however, good info missing as well as the details are inaccurate in minor areas. The solution flows effortlessly although connectives are overused or inappropriate, plus a handful of in the points don’t connect well. The grammatical precision is great along with the language acquainted with describe the trends is well-handled. However, you will find problems with expression along with the appropriate selection of words although there’s good structural control, the complexness and variation within the sentences are restricted.

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