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Bim and qs dissertation help additional individuals to

MSc Dissertation research- QS’s Contribution in BIM Collaboration. Poovarasu.

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Looking for brand-new challenge in Quantity Surveying in PQS firms

13 авг. 2015 г.

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Title: Indian construction Industry to align while using the UK’s Level-2 BIM agenda, QS’s should appraise contribution in collaborative BIM.

I must invite you to definitely learn general market trends being conducted on my own incorporated inside the research inside my Master’s Thesis in school of Salford to discover Quantity Surveyor’s contribution in ‘Collaborative BIM’ that assist Indian construction Industry to attain Level-2 in BIM Maturity.

Notebook is happening to gather feedback from Quantity Surveyors along with other disciplines of Architect, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors in India, incorporated inside an analysis towards the extent of Collaborative utilized in BIM, Specifically the barriers for QS professional to consider BIM remains examined.

Bim and qs dissertation help Work Description James

Please find below interact with the study questionnaire and may you spare 15mins of one’s to accomplish the questionnaire and submit exactly the same. Your solutions will enable me to evaluate the views of individuals within the construction industry who’re presently and possess been associated with BIM Collaboration. I’d be very grateful in case you could, complete the questionnaire attached below. Pointless to condition information provided will most likely get strict confidence and individual firms won’t be identified. I’d be very grateful in case you could complete within one working week.

Appreciate your time and efforts.

Yours Faithfully
Poovarasu ArulmozhiMurugesan
MSc Quantity Surveying
School of Built Atmosphere
College of Salford

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