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Writing with your left hand devils hand

Writing with your left hand devils hand them for

Understand the complexities of writing with your left hand. Understand that in order to control your non-dominant hand, your brain will literally have to form new neural connections.

  • This is not a fast or easy process, so you will need to be prepared to put in many hours of practice if you plan on becoming ambidextrous.
  • Developing these motor skills will probably give you a whole new appreciation of what babies’ lives are like.

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Start slow. Begin printing the alphabet in both capital and lowercase letters, then move on to sentences. When printing becomes comfortable, you can start practicing your cursive.

  • If your writing is very messy in the beginning, start by tracing large text out of a book or magazine. It may also help to buy children’s paper, which has widely spaced lines for large printing and dotted center lines to control the letter proportions.
  • Another good thing to do is to observe the way left handers write or just ask them for some tips.

Practice writing every letter. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” or “Five boxing wizards jump quickly” over and over to improve left hand neatness. These sentences are good because they use every single letter in the English alphabet.

  • You should also practice writing the most common words in your language, as this will teach your muscles common letter combinations. Lists of the most common words in each language can be found on Wikipedia.
  • Be prepared for the fact that your left arm and hand muscles will be quite sore after writing practice. This is because you are training certain muscles for the very first time.

Writing with your left hand devils hand your non-dominant

Draw basic shapes. Drawing basic shapes will help to strengthen your left hand and give you more control over the pen or pencil.

  • Stick people, square houses with rectangular chimneys, round-headed cats with triangular ears…the goal here is to become more dexterous, not to produce a Rembrandt.
  • Try coloring them in, too, to make you feel more comfortable with your left hand
  • Also, try drawing straight lines from left to right using your left hand. It’ll teach you to push, not pull.

Learn mirror script. For left handers, it’s easier to pull the pen to the left than to push it to the right. Therefore writing backwards with your left hand is easier than writing forwards.

  • You can just write backwards (from right to left) or you can practice mirror script, where the letters themselves are flipped around.
  • Writing backwards is also helpful because you won’t smear the ink or tear the page when you write with a pen — however, it won’t be that easy for others to read, so try to save it for your diary (just like Leonardo DaVinci!)

Use the right kind of pens. Liquid ink pens and especially gel pens are worth trying, as they require less pressure and strength when writing.

  • This makes writing more comfortable and leaves your hand less likely to cramp up at the end of your practice session.
  • Be sure to use quick-drying ink though, or the text may get smudged as your left hand moves across the page.

Be realistic. Don’t expect results in just one day.

Writing with your left hand devils hand your left hand

It takes lots of time to get achieve neat, legible writing with your non-dominant hand.

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