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Writing selection criteria australian public service

Writing selection criteria australian public service increases, promotions

Is your current resume / CV or selection criteria letting you down, by not positioning you as the best candidate, so you can attract better job opportunities, obtain your ideal role, and/or secure an increase in salary and benefits?

Are you frustrated by your current job search, which is incredibly time consuming and resulting in more rejection letters than interviews?

  • Attract more interviews so you can choose from a range of roles, rather than having to settle for second best…
  • Communicate effectively to potential employers. so they are excited about what you have to offer and the prospect of meeting you in person…
  • Get in. or secure your promotion in the public service sector &…
  • Market yourself with integrity and in a way that attracts the right job offer…
  • Obtain a salary increase or a job that fits in with your lifestyle&…
  • Take the stress out of time-consuming and complicated public sector applications …

Hi – I’m Carolyn Smith and I’ve been helping job seekers like you secure a new job and career, by providing professional services as a professional resume writer, master selection criteria writer and job search coach that helps you win more interviews, salary increases, promotions and the ideal job.

I work with clients around Australia via the web and specialise as a:

  • Selection Criteria Writer for government applications for team leaders, supervisors, managers, professionals, executives and senior executives (Federal, State, Territory and Local)
  • Career advisor and author, providing products and resources for job-seekers at all levels.
  • Master Resume Writer, for graduates, team leaders / supervisors, professionals, managers, and junior and senior executives (both private and public sector).

Writing selection criteria australian public service Are you frustrated

My typical client is very good at what they do, intelligent, motivated and hard working, but come to me, because they are tired of rejection letters, or want to ensure they secure a job, promotion or substantial pay rise.

You want to secure a job in the public service sector, but you don’t know where to start. You have the training and life and/or business experience to make a difference, but you really have no idea where to go from here in terms of writing applications for government positions.

You have tried a lot of things to market yourself without much success. You’ve applied for dozens of jobs, tried to improve your resume or selection criteria, but nothing is working very well. Employers are not yet flocking to your door and you wonder if you just need to be patient or are you doing everything wrong?

You have years of experience in government or the private sector. but your career seems to be at a stalemate and your applications, no longer get the attention they deserve.

You have a built-in aversion to marketing and selling yourself. This is very common. You find it difficult writing about yourself and don’t want to ‘big note’ yourself on your resume. After all you are great at what you do, but just not the marketing type and hate chasing jobs.

You have a successful career, but you want to do better. You realize that although you have been fairly successful in attracting the right jobs, you could be a whole lot better at it.

Writing selection criteria australian public service job search, which

You want to make sure that you nail a specific job, or want to learn new approaches and strategies to marketing and selling yourself.

You are just too busy, to write complex job applications. You are a busy manager, professional, or executive that does not have the spare time required in writing a ‘top notch application’, plus you know that a specialist career writer will invariably do a better job.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You’re in the right place and I can help you.

But don’t take my word for it, read what our clients have to say about my professional resume writing service and selection criteria writing service.

Any questions just ask and THANK YOU!

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