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Writing journal articles requirements traceability

Writing journal articles requirements traceability and Risk Management, 1287

LAAS du CNRS and Toulouse University, 7, Avenue Colonel Roche 31077 Toulouse, France

This paper focuses on the traceability issue as key element in systems design and management of system. The work is presented through the system engineering framework with a main emphasis on requirements process. Effectively in decision making, the need for traceability model is often required in order to find out the link for a considered decision and often the semantics of such link. With the advent for information technology and integrating technical needs and business goal, the traceability find its essence and many models can now be easily implemented automatically. The paper is based on many experiences carried out ranging from audit to requirement evolution issues for impact analysis.

Keywords: Systems engineering; requirements; traceability; standards

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Writing journal articles requirements traceability This paper

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