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Writing first draft dissertation proposal

Writing first draft dissertation proposal Next is the methodology time

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“There is always a first time but always the first time is difficult”

That doesn’t mean, one should never try anything for the first time and when it is about acquiring a degree, there are no questions left!

good draft research proposal will clearly explain things such as follows.

  1. What the research aims to achieve and its significance?
  2. Why the research is new and original?
  3. How the research is to be conducted?

Following guidelines are compiled for all the first timers for writing draft research proposal who want to give their best shot in the first try.

  1. A great beginning is a key to success, therefore, it is advised that start with a catchy short paragraph rather than providing in-detailed description for each.
  2. Now, this is the time to mention a concrete background to the research problem. At this point you may also say something about the literature of the same subject.
  3. Follow this section by mentioning, why the subject is so important, necessary and significant?
  4. Detailed version of your research proposal will come after all the important information. What are the aims and objectives of the research and what is the puzzle that you are going to solve in your dissertation? If you have hypothesis, here is the best place to discuss them.
  5. If you have a clear research design, mention here at this point.
  6. Next is the methodology time, you need to mention some methods that you are planning to apply in the research process.
  7. Whenever a project is undertaken, there are many hindrances or limitations that come in the way; you might want to spell out those difficulties that you are expecting during the research process.
  8. Any ethical issues that you want to raise are also welcomed but at the end of the draft.

Writing first draft dissertation proposal objectives of the research and

These points discussed above will help you build a good literature review and also can guide you in choosing the right research instrument to analysis your work in an affective and proper manner. Try to make the maximum use of them in your research as they are the foundation of your dissertation which you have been planning to write from a while but have not been able to take that first step.

It is to make sure that you write your research proposal draftwell, so that it is approved in the first presentation. It is important to plan out your whole work at the back of your mind in advance, so that you are saved from repetition and are moving on the right track. So, focus on these issues while writing one!

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