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Writing articles for online publications for teachers

Writing articles for online publications for teachers heretofore hidden

Summary. Writing Project teachers have always found authentic ways to propel their students toward writing to an audience beyond the classroom. This collection focuses on online publishing opportunities for students of all agesincluding literary magazines, book review sites, and even jokes and riddles.

A key part of the writing process for Writing Project teachers has always been publishingthe exciting moment when writing finds an audience beyond the classroom. In fact, the mere possibility of publishing a piece can strengthen a student’s sense of purpose and spark a heretofore hidden passion.

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Over the years, Writing Project teachers have found authentic ways to propel their students toward writing to an audience beyond the classroom, whether it’s a guest editorial in a local newspaper, a blog post, or a letter of complaint to a business about a product that malfunctions.

The Internet keeps offering more possibilities for publishing student work. Take Teen Ink, which publishes thousands of pieces beyond its print publication now that the Internet offers a much more generous page count. An essay that once appeared in a classroom anthology can now be directed toward an Internet audience of literally the whole world.

A range of such websitesspecializing in everything from student-created haiku to stories to jokesare available for student writing. Listed below are some of them.

Kids’ Storytelling Club
The Kids’ Storytelling Club presents a new story theme monthly for primary grade kids. The site includes crafts and activities to use with the stories.

Writing articles for online publications for teachers they vote on which stories

There’s an Elf in the Woods
There’s an Elf in the Woods. a Billy Bear storybook, lets primary grade children add their names and endings to this online story. Students can send submissions via email and can read other kids’ endings.

Write me a story
The Write me a story website challenges students to write a story with the character, prop, and place supplied by KidsCom. As members (no membership charge), they vote on which stories they think should get posted on the site.

World of Reading
World of Reading is a place where K12 students worldwide can share the good books they have read by writing short reviews. Categories of book reviews include adventure, animal, mystery, sports, scary, fantasy stories, and more. The site also includes a collection of online books and reading and writing resources.

My Hero
My Hero celebrates the “unsung” heroes among us by asking elementary and middle school students to write about a very special person who has shown acts of courage, kindness, generosity, or ability. The site provides step-by-step instructions for submitting a description of the hero. Students can also read about famous historical figures and ordinary heroes.

Figment is a community where teens can share their writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever teens are into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, they can find it here.


Established in 1995, Kid Pub is one of the oldest websites that publishes kids’ writing. Writers joining the site for a membership fee of $12.50 can publish a story, find a pen pal, add a paragraph to a never-ending story, respond to another student’s writing, or play a game.

Candlelight Stories
Candlelight Stories invites story writers (grades 612) and illustrators to submit their work to be published on Candlelight. The site also contains an international gallery of illustrated stories including “Thumbelina” and “Slim HickThe World’s Only Singing Cowboy Ant.”

This site invites stories, articles, and poetry of interest to other teens with preference given to illustrated work.

Frodo’s Notebook
This is an online quarterly magazine that invites teen writers to submit personal nonfiction essays, fiction, poetry, and reviews.

Teen Ink
This site accepts art, poems, stories, personal narratives, college admission essays, and reviews of favorite (and least favorite) movies, books, colleges, and websites for their monthly print and online magazine. For more, see NWP’s Spotlight on Teen Ink: A Magazine Written by and for Teens.

For students in grades K12, KidLit welcomes a poem, a book review, or a short story, sent by email. Previous submissions may be read on the site.

Space, an online digital literary zine for middle schoolers, accepts all kinds of creative workpersonal narratives, photos, poems, multimedia.

Kids’ Space Storybook
Kids’ Space Storybook offers a variety of options for publishing kids’ works in grades 28. Kids can contribute to a monthly pictograph story, write their own original stories, help write an original story as a class project, create a pictograph to illustrate someone else’s story, or write a story for someone else’s picture.

Kids’ Storytelling Club
The Kids’ Storytelling Club presents monthly a new story theme for primary grade kids. The site includes crafts and activities to use with their stories.

This British-based website provides an interactive tool for creating stories, as well as links to other sites in the United Kingdom where the writing of younger students can be published.

Little Planet Times
Little Planet Times is an online newspaper by kids and for kids grades K5. Youngsters can enjoy other kids’ creative stuff and submit letters, stories, jokes, movie and book reviews, or whatever else they would like.

The mission of CyberKids is to provide a voice for young people on the Internet by publishing original creative work by kids aged 7 to 12.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad provides a creative and engaging atmosphere for young writers and artists to display their work. It also provides tips and ideas to help kids improve on their writing.

This site invites teenage or young-adult women to submit writing, art, websites, or a description of an activism project. Print and online editorial decisions are made by teens participating in their Boston-based journalism mentoring program.

Kids on the Net
Based in the United Kingdom, this site invites stories, poems, creative nonfiction, and reviews of books, websites, and events. Special emphasis is placed on providing support for creating hypertext narratives and other digital writing using new media.

The Splinter Generation: Voices from a Nameless Age
This site aims to develop a generational dialogue among 15- to 35-year-olds by publishing their fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and book reviews.

Writing with Writers
Scholastic’s free online workshops are hosted by name authors on genres such as book reviews, speeches, news, biographies, descriptive writing, folk tales, myths, mysteries, and poetry. Young writers can follow the author’s or editor’s tips for writing and revision, listen to the audio files, and read published work by other students.

Squigly’s Jokes and Riddles
Squigly’s Jokes and Riddles features a collection of jokes and riddles for kids by kids. Kids of any age are invited to submit their own.

Midlink Magazine
This is a quarterly online publication that invites classroom projects submitted by teachers and their students.

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