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Writing a business plan for a daycare

Writing a business plan for a daycare Our professional business plan

As you write the business plan for your day care center, consider these business plan writing tips to make sure the document is as strong as it can be.

Ideal Length of Your Day Care Business Plan? Aim for Quality Over Quantity

The business plan needs to compel investors to want to invest and speak with you further. There is not a specific length that will make a plan convincing – this depends entirely on the quality of the content within it. While business plans range greatly in length, you can consider the rule of thumb that a day care business plan would have little need to go beyond 25 pages. It is a common business, so you can take some shortcuts in explaining what a day care center does that you could not take for a business based on an entirely new product or service.

It is the quality of the writing that matters most. The goal is to explain as simply and completely as possible while using the fewest words. Although different sections may seem to call for the repetition, there should not be a need to be totally redundant. If you see the plan becoming repetitive, consider the purpose of the section you are working on again and what new information you should bring out with it. If the repetition adds nothing new, cut it out.

Daycare Business Plan Graphics: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Carefully chosen and placed graphics, including charts, logos, and photos, can set your plan apart. Graphics should not be used gratuitously, but should have a specific purpose for any section you consider them for. When used well, they can break up the monotony of reading paragraph after paragraph of text and probably explain concepts much more simply than narrative could.

Writing a business plan for a daycare monotony of reading paragraph

Make sure the graphics you use are high quality, specific to your business, and are credited if taken from other sources.

Finalizing Your Day Care Business Plan: Proofread and Proofread

Finally, proofreading is a task that you should not undertake alone. Enlist friends, family, or partners to read the plan and mark up specific typos as well as grammar issues. Also try reading the plan aloud as problems with sentence and paragraph flow may be more apparent that way. Everyone who reads your plan should come away with a clear understanding of the who, what, where, when, how, and why of your business. If the plan raises additional, significant questions for your friends and family, you can expect that investors may have some of the same questions. Take this opportunity to work the answers to those questions into the plan, if appropriate, making it a stronger and more convincing argument when it is seen by an investor or lender.

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