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Writing a best man speech for my dad

Writing a best man speech for my dad away from

Since you are asking, I assume that you are not a natural writer. So, a few things to keep in mind:

1. Keep it pithy, honest, heartfelt, and not too long .
2. Remember that you have to engage your audience. That means no inside jokes that only you and a few of your relatives would understand, no stories that require a knowledge of family history, etc. etc.
3. Keep things light, lighthearted, and inoffensive. Inoffensive means that at all times you stay away from anything related to politics, religion, or sex.

A general template for you to follow:

First, open by identifying yourself and welcoming all the guests on behalf of the bride and groom, particularly those who traveled from out of town to attend. Nothing verbose, just a few sentences.

Next, tell the audience an anecdote about your father. Ideally, this should be inoffensively funny, and only the slightest bit embarrassing to your father. The theme of this anecdote should involve humorously sad state of your father's life in the time period immediately before he met the bride. Remember, only mildly embarrassing. A story about the time your father spent three hours looking for his glasses only to find out they were on his head? Good. A story about the time your dad accidentally asked out a hooker? Not good. Make fun of those ugly pants your dad likes to wear on weekends? Good. Make fun of his Viagra prescription? Not good.

The point of such an anecdote is to set up the transition about how much better things are for your dad ever since the bride entered his life. Remark on how much happier your father is, how much healthier, how she convinced him to give up that awful aftershave everyone hated, etc. Basically, this is your opportunity to praise the bride in the classiest manner you can muster. (Lie if you have to.) She's radiant and wonderful and funny and loving and etc.

Writing a best man speech for my dad Remember, though, no drawn


Bring it back to your dad. He's a good man, and you're going to praise his positive attributes for a bit before assuring her that you know he'll always do right by her. This would be a great time to work in how great of a father he was to you. Remember, though, no drawn-out stories requiring inside knowledge of your family's history: short and sweet.

Finally: welcome the bride to your family. Then you invite the room to join you in toasting the bride and groom. Wish them a long, happy, healthy life together.

The end. Total speech time — read it out loud, remembering to speak slowly — should be about five minutes. Let the people get back to eating and drinking and talking.

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