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World hunger essay thesis writing

World hunger essay thesis writing the problem

What does have the dependency theory deal with the world hunger?

Thesis Statement:

No matter how wealthy is the First World the problem of hunger and death in “underdeveloped” countries is not to be forgotten.

World Hunger Essay

Introduction.”Another year of poor agricultural production has left… in urgent need of food aid” – this is one of those titles that are ordinarily seen in the last updates on the situation in “developing” countries. The crisis, which these countries find themselves in, seems to be never-ending and only aggregating from year to year with rare improvements. No wonder that so many people nowadays live beyond the borderline to poverty and do not have basic needs in order to survive. Global stratification has put these counties in the lowest division and has called them “Third World countries” or if to speak in financial terms “low-income nations”. Second World nations are nations with moderate development patterns. The major condition in order to belong to the First World is wealth. This hierarchy is inevitable as it reflects the nature of relations between the nations of the world. According the UN data – 1 billion people suffer from starvation. That is a great number of people as it is 1\6 of the population of the planet. So, no matter how wealthy is the First World the problem of hunger and death in “underdeveloped” countries is not to be forgotten. Different theories-interpretations of the global stratification in their context offer suggestions of these “poor” nations.

Modernization Theory vs. Dependency Theory

The modernization theory is one of the points of view on the way the global stratification works. According to this theory the process of development of “weak” counties occurs throughout the help they get from the First World.

It emphasizes the beneficial influence of economically developed countries over underdeveloped nations. Within this theory advanced nations provide different help but primarily technological aid to those countries that need it and therefore provide a stimuli for their further development. Dependency theory is an opposition to the above-mentioned theory. It claims that the First World simply exploits the countries of the Second and the Third worlds. That it takes advantage of its uneducated population, cheap labor-force and inexpensive raw materials. According to this theory that kind of dependency prevents the countries from their potential development as the counties are almost completely controlled by the “powerful” nations technologically, economically and even politically. Elimination of starvation is not a synonymy of global stratification elimination. The utopia of “equality” remains a utopia, until the Third World countries start understanding the advantages they can get from the external aid. And the first step to the elimination of starvation is starting educating the populations of these “nations”. As the economic giants build their enterprises, Second World countries need to start offering corresponding specialists. 70% of the starving population consists of women and children. The Second and Third World countries need to copy the patterns from their “powerful” friends.

World hunger essay thesis writing to belong to the First

The welfare programs would allow women to prevent their children from early labor and children would start schooling and therefore becoming valuable professionals. The contemporary economic world requires changes and people and nations that are not eager to take the advantages that other countries offer in order to become “attractive” for financial inputs are doomed. Another important factor is the necessity to maintain the fertility on the same level, which means – sexual education for the populations of these counties.

Conclusion. Of course the word ”dependency” produces the discontent of various nations. Nevertheless, the modernization approach also offers dependency, as its core is an external stimulus, too. Any help may b interpreted as dependency because without it no changes would have been done. But is it really so? The modernizations of the dependency theories are “two sides of the same coin”[]. The nations that are not so advanced as the First World countries need to realize that simple technological help is not sufficient in order to maintain the development of the country on a proper level. Such fields as education and politics need to prosper, too. And if they can be developed in exchange for using these counties as a supplier of raw materials then why not? The prevention of World Hunger can be set through “mutual dependency” that can be accumulated from both of the theories. Rich nations need poor nations to prosper as much as poor nations need rich nations in order to develop. The main conclusion for the countries that can be made on the basis of both of the theories is the necessity of the ability to state what the country wants in exchange for what they take. This is a clearly tactical step that the government should follow.

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What Angle Would You Take In Writing A World Hunger Essay?

Many people in many parts of the world die without proper food. This is a global problem that is increasing almost on a daily basis. More than 10 million people the world over die due to lack of food. Out of this, 5.6 million are children. It is a sad situation especially considering the fact that there are many people who throw away food. If you are assigned the world hunger essay. you have the choice to be matter of fact and write based on facts and figures or make it emotional and tug at the hearts of the readers. Your essay can make a passionate plea for stopping world hunger. How do you do this? Let us show you how to write essay .

Why Write the Essay?

You may wonder why you need to write this type of essay. Firstly, you should know you are assigned the writing of essays to improve your writing skills. Secondly, you are assigned these essays so that you are aware of facts that affect the entire world. Writing an essay of this type will not only educate you on the world outside your little circle, but also turn your heart inside out about the plight of the people, the world over, who suffer without food.

How to Write the Essay

There are many topics to be considered when writing the world hunger essay. Whatever method you utilize to write the essay, you should write it with compassion and understanding.

Causes of World Hunger – This method of writing the essay should utilize the cause and effect essay. So, what exactly causes world hunger? One of the main reasons for world hunger is overpopulation and poverty. Overpopulation means more land is required for growing crops. Land is running out because of overpopulation. Poverty causes people to go hungry as they are unable to afford food. Waste is another cause of hunger. If even a quarter of food thrown away on a whim is given to people in Africa and India, we may solve part of the world’s hunger problem.

Facts and Statistics on World Hunger – This can be an informative essay about the facts and statistics pertaining to world hunger. You can write about how many people in a country are without food, the percentage of people who have only one meal a day etc. Educate the reader on malnutrition, famine and feelings of hunger. Even though you are providing facts and statistics, always remember to instil compassion in your essay.

Preventing World Hunger – The population in the world increases on a daily basis and, as a result, people go without food for days as they are unable to feed their families. What will happen in another 50 years with the doubling of the population? This will result in the loss of natural resources and plant and animal life. What will happen when we run out of these resources and food? Your essay can discuss these elements at length and write a persuasive essay on how this can be prevented.

A world hunger essay. although extremely interesting to write, may be difficult for some students. They may wonder how to write essay for a good grade. Do not worry. Our sample gallery provides you with a myriad of topics and sample essays that will definitely make things easier for you. Draw inspiration from our topic list files and sample essays on various topics to gain an insight into how various essay assignments are to be handled.

World Hunger is a Dire Issue that can be written About in Different Ways

World hunger statistics are staggering. Did you know that 33% of the people in Africa are malnourished? Worst more, that 8 children die across the world without food every60 seconds. That is 1440 children per day! Although it is a critical problem in the third world countries, there are some desperately poor people that cannot feed themselves properly, even in the developed countries. This makes world hunger a global issues. If you are assigned a world hunger essay. then, it can be written in a number of different manners.

Persuasive Essay Don’t Waste Food when Poor People are Dying of Hunger

We all know how some people waste food, splurging many thousands of dollars on food that they don’t really eat or only eat partially. Most people tend to serve more than they can eat, throwing away good food. Think of times that you had simply dumped your food because it did not taste good or had the right flavour? However, have you thought of the number of hungry children whose bodies are only skin and skeletons and dying of starvation and how they would appreciate the same food you threw in the dustbin? Your persuasive essay can be on this stance, telling what you can do at personal level to curb world hunger but not wasting food. Similarly you can write on why we must support those organisations that provide aid to ease starvation and hunger.

Informative Essay – World Hunger Facts and Figures

Most common form of writing this essay is to write it as an informative essay, outlining the situation and citing key points related to the issue. Use of valid and authentic sources for data and facts and figures is important to add value to the essay you write. The most recent information is needed when writing informative essays. Citing the sources as per the essay format prescribed for the assignment is very important for the validity of an informative essay.

Narrative Essay A Tale of a Hungry Child

You can write creatively and use narration and description styles in your world hunger essay. This writing method can be used to increase interest to the reader and make it more emotionally appealing. You must use the feelings of the child and the sensory verbs to convey the dire conditions the children face when suffering from hunger. Your narrative essay should be heart wrenching in its narrative style and be an urging to the reader to take action to help those who are unfortunate to suffer from hunger.

Cause and Effect Essay Increase in Population Cause World Hunger

One can write a world hunger essay by analysing the causes for this situation. The basics of writing an effective cause and effect essay involves the identification of the link between the effect and the cause involved in a situation The population growth in the world has surpassed 75% during the last 30 years proving and the food generation is increasingly in short supply. World hunger essay that analyse the cause of it in this manner should cite ample evidence and facts to support the statement.

Writing a world hunger essay is not just an academic assignment but an eye opener for most students. Since there are many different ways that the essay can be written in, you can choose the writing style that you are most comfortable with. Visit our sample gallery to see essay samples written in different styles of essay writing.


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