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Women s suffrage essay thesis proposal

Women s suffrage essay thesis proposal so that their daughters

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Growing up as females has never been easy. Maybe when they were still kids, things were not strikingly different for little boys and girls. Yet, females, as they grow up, may face a lot of disturbances or discrimination from people around them and worse, from their parents sometimes, in the case of determining their own happiness and their futures. In my viewpoint, women have the rights to live their lives as they want to and to make their dreams come true – free from fear of abuse or force since these are basic human rights everybody is entitled to.

Women, in my opinion, must gain access to live their lives as they want to – to feel the freedom. Some cultures may force little girls to marry early the men who are far older than those little girls are. At that time, these child brides do not have the rights to even refuse the marriage set for them. Little girls who are supposed to enjoy playing with their friends have to give birth to their babies whose ages are not that far from those little ‘wives’. This happens due to gender discrimination – a condition where girls are not entitled to education and there is no other choice but marriage.

Women s suffrage essay thesis proposal the parents believe to

Or else, the girls’ families are so poor that they need urgent financial help.

In addition, women have the rights to make their dreams come true. They have the rights to access education as high as they can attain. They have the rights to be smart and to be successful. It is a very unfair decision where boys may go to schools and girls must stay home. Girls are not allowed to go to schools since parents are going to send them to marriage anyway. The parents consider this going to school as a waste of money if they spend the money on their daughters. What the parents think about is only how to find their daughters good and rich husbands so that their daughters may live a life of fortune which the parents believe to be the source of happiness in a family life.

In conclusion, I encourage women from all classes to appreciate themselves by improving their statuses both through education and through their renewed ways of thinking to make better futures.

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