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Do you want the security of knowing your estate will be taken care of after your death? Writing a Will is an important part of your long- term planning. By making a Will now, you can get on and enjoy life instead of worrying about the future.

Without a Will, you have no control over what happens to your estate after your death. For your peace of mind, County Wills takes care of everything for you.

Ann Douglas, a professional Will writer for over 10 years, offers a range of services to protect both your family and long- term wishes:

  • Will writing
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Trust funds
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Safe Will document storage
  • Probate advice

Based near Swindon, County Wills provides a personal Will writing service across Wiltshire and the South West. For more information, call Ann Douglas on 01793 840174. Alternatively, email your enquiry and she’;ll get back to you.

Why you need a Will

If you die intestate: without a Will, everything you have worked for will be at the mercy of the courts. By making a Will today, you can make the decisions about who will benefit from your estate.

Making a Will is particularly important today with the all- too- frequent marriage break- ups, remarriages and civil partnerships, and the resulting extended families. Many people choose to live together rather than get married. In this situation, it is essential to make provision for your partner in your will.

Making a Will is not just for people with children or step- children. If you have no immediate family, the courts could pass your estate to the Crown if you don’;t make your wishes clear in a legally binding Will.

Because you’;ve worked hard all your life you are entitled to ensure the people who mean the most to you are provided for.

Will writing service swindon cinema can recommend her services

Writing a Will now:

  • Distributes your assets according to your wishes
  • Guarantees your loved ones are looked after
  • Lets you decide who administers your Will
  • Avoids costly solicitor’;s fees and complications

Should you die without making a Will (intestate), the law decides how your estate is divided.

This sometimes means loved ones aren’;t beneficiaries, causing untold stress and heartache at an already traumatic time.

With Ann’;s expertise, you can safeguard the future, eliminate any argument, and avoid the strain of hefty solicitor’;s fees on your estate.

Services to help you plan ahead

Life is never simple. To guide you through the options available, Ann visits your home at a time convenient to you. Using plain, straightforward language, she’;ll guide you through the process of making your Will. Ann will explain everything you need to know, highlight any possible difficulties and answer all your questions.

Updating your Will

Throughout life, we encounter milestones which change our situation. This might be marriage, civil partnerships, the birth of a child or even divorce.

It is critical your Will is updated if your personal circumstances change. In the case of divorce, your estranged husband, wife, or civil partner could still benefit from your estate should you die before your divorce is finalised.

If your Will is out- of- date, contact County Wills for advice by email or by phone on 01793 840174.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting (previously known as ’;Enduring’;) Power of Attorney protects you in life if you become incapable of managing your own affairs.

Will writing service swindon cinema Services to help you plan

This is an optional legal document which allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf should you become seriously ill or suffer a major accident. Though you may have all your faculties intact now, the day might come when you are unable to make choices.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can only be made by someone of sound mind, so it is important to address this before it’;s too late. It is only implemented if or when you are incapable of managing your own affairs. Many people choose to make a Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time as they make their Will.

County Wills can put your mind at rest by arranging this for you. And when you need to set up a trust fund or discretionary trust for a relative, Ann takes care of this too.

For further advice, contact County Wills, Swindon’;s Will writing specialists on 01793 840174.

“Miss Douglas came to our house to write our Wills. She suggested an alternative solution that we had not thought of and dealt with the severance of tenancy that was then needed, she explained the Lasting Power of Attorney that she thought we might be interested in.

I can recommend her services, everything was dealt with in an efficient and professional manner”

Mary Alderman, Wootton Bassett

“My husband and I were approaching that time in our lives when it was appropriate to make Wills, and as we had two grown up daughter I thought it would simply be a case of leaving everything to each other and then everything to the kids. Ann pointed out that it may be a better plan for us to sever the tenancy of the house and then to each leave our half of the house to the children. Then if the surviving partner were to go into council funded care then at least one half of the house would still go to the children.”

S Morgan, Malmesbury

“I had Ann out to write Wills for my husband and I, and it was very convenient that she was willing to visit in the evening and an added bonus was that she was able to point us in the direction of potentially saving a considerable amount of money in the future. I’ve been nagging my daughter for ages to get Wills made because she’s got a young son to look after – it’s bad enough that if they died without a Will my grandson would not automatically have their choice of guardian, but if they didn’t have Wills and he inherited all the money by intestacy then he would receive it all at eighteen. At the moment he would spend it all on Harry Potter action figures, at the age of eighteen he would probably blow it all on fast cars and drink and worse”

Val Symonds, Tetbury

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