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Usc literature and creative writing phd inmontereal

Usc literature and creative writing phd inmontereal The department awards the

Graduate Program

In the College of Sc, the graduate enter in British is devoted to advanced study in many fields, including literature, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, and speech communication and rhetoric. The department awards the MA. Pad. MFA. and PhD levels.

The graduate program includes a curriculum that gives possibilities for foundational training, specialized inquiry, and directed interdisciplinary scholarship. The place to find different and creative students, USC British provides a collaborative learning atmosphere, sponsors a number of student organizations. and places huge focus on professional development and also the effective keeping graduates .

Included in its dedication to support graduate education, the program’s students are qualified for various fellowships, including several for prospective and current students from both Graduate School and also the College of Arts and Sciences in addition to several competitive department and program-specific fellowships.

For introducing the department’s graduate program, please visit information for prospective students in addition to information for incoming students. The Graduate Student Guide provides more information about every aspect of graduate studies within the British department at USC.

PhD Program Earns Kudos in NRC Ranking

Within the National Research Council’s (NRC) 2010 rankings of 119 Ph.D. programs in British Literature and Language, USC’s Department of British received evaluations that placed it among the most effective programs in the united states. The brand new approach utilized by the NRC ranks programs with different quantity of factors.

Usc literature and creative writing phd inmontereal inquiry, and directed interdisciplinary

Our department did extremely well in many the most important of those groups, particularly in overall program quality and school research productivity.

Within the overall program quality, USC Department of British arrived on the scene 26th in america and tenth of all public college programs. In research productivity, our department was 23rd across the country and eleventh of all public college programs. The NRC also rated the department among the top twenty programs across the country for graduate student sources and overall graduate student support.

NRC rankings of PhD programs emerge about once every 10 years. Within this newest report, our rankings demonstrated considerable improvement over individuals in the past reports, a sign from the ongoing and significant strengthening from the status in our program and our faculty.

A lot of the NRC’s 2010 rankings are available at PhDs.org

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