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Urbz sims in the city gba doctoral thesis proposal

Urbz sims in the city gba doctoral thesis proposal on this one

Mission 2-1:Work study
Began by: Sue Pirnova
Goal 1:Befriend Maximillian moore (30 relationship)
Max moore may be the physician from the city. He are available in a healthcare facility during the night. Once more get enough relationship.

Goal 2:Provide the Artemisia plant to physician Max
Your time and effort about this one are looking for the guarana plant and create it for the physician inside a hour. To obtain the plant stick to the right street upa nd you will see a barricade having a small area left. The guarana plant is in this region. Return to the physician and gift the guarana plant to him.

Goal 3:Write doctorate thesis
Visit the news paper building, it’s left from the doctors office. Increase the steps and gain two logic points on the pc up here. If you have both of these points pick the write thesis option. Return to physician moore and provide him the thesis.
Note: Among the sim cards will give you a thesis for 300 simoleons do not buy it, it is not adequate.

Now you finished this goal one can learn in the college. A fast method to earn skills if you possess the cash for this.

Mission 2-2:Gotta finish the riff
Began by: Phoebe twiddle
Goal 1:Befriend “cannonball” Coleman (rel 30)
Find cannonball Coleman and befriend him

Goal 2:Give saxophone reed to Cannonball Coleman
Purchase a reed in the thrift store for 50 simoleons and create it for cannonball

Goal 3:Earn 1 creativeness.
There’s two selections for this course of action. Either visit the dumpster within the upper left a part of urbania and Critque the graffiti, or attend the college your decision.

Goal 4: Finish Cannonballs song
Pick the write ending towards the song they’re
“. as much as old methods”
“. so right”
“. and chill like a lake”
“. saxophone reed”

Now you can take part in the fully stand up comic within the pizza parlor

Mission 2-3:Race for glory

Urbz sims in the city gba doctoral thesis proposal moore and give him

Began by:Dusty Hogg
Goal 1: Gain 500 simoleons for race renovations
Play games til you have enough money then speak with dusty

Goal 2: Speak with ewan watamhee
Find ewan and speak with him

Goal 3:Bring ewan lunch for several days (12-1pm)
Buy three corn dogs in the pizza parlor and provide these to ewan daily for 3 straight days. You are able to provide them with to him by gifting it.

Once you finish off speak with dusty hogg to experience the motor racing small gam

Mission 2-4:
Began by: Berkley clodd
Action 1:Attend an undertaking between 5:00PM-7:00PM
Visit the thrift store between these occasions and speak with the cashier

Goal 2:Aquire the shrunken mind
Through the shrunken mind in the auction

Goal 3:Provide the shrunken mind to Berkley clodd
I believe this explains itself :p

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