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Unl honors program thesis proposal

Unl honors program thesis proposal Requirements and expectations for

The Honors Thesis/Senior Project may be the culmination of the act as an undergraduate Honors student. It is really an extended project that employs the abilities and understanding you’ve acquired on your undergraduate education to show what you can do to become an energetic, engaged, scholarly citizen. This project might take a number of forms, based on your major/college, your future goals, as well as your interests.

Students might have the chance to join UHON 298H: Beginning Your Honors Thesis, a zero a treadmill-credit course that demystifies the thesis process helping students comprehend the stages in effective thesis planning.


  • UHON 198H: Beginning Your Honors Thesis course. Contact the Honors Office to learn more.
  • Honors Thesis Fomatting and Submission Directions
  • Thesis Completion Form
  • Types of past theses or Senior Projects within the Honors Thesis Library, 118H Neihardt. Before visiting, you might want to evaluate the Honors Thesis Library Listings .
  • Thesis Bootcamp Workshops
  • Online Thesis Preparation Individual Guide, utilized through Canvas (coming Spring 2017).



Within the traditional research thesis, a student conducts research appropriate to her/his field of study and writes a paper concerning the research’s results. This method is most widely used for college students signing up to professional or graduate schools, individuals entering professions where scientific studies are a vital skillset, or who find enjoyment within the intellectual challenge of inquiry, analysis, and experimentation. Expected scope of research study and period of written thesis will be different by discipline, but is usually equal to the job created like a seminar project inside a master’s class for the reason that field.

Unl honors program thesis proposal written thesis

Creative Project

This method is comparable to the standard thesis, for the reason that it calls for research along with a broad understanding from the relevant discipline because the reason for creative project. Building upon that foundation, the scholars creates a creative illustration showing skill and understanding appropriate to the concept of study. This method is most widely used for college students within the fine or performing arts. Frequently the creative project is supported with a written document explaining the creative choices a student made and situating them within contexts of numerous artistic styles or movements. Expected scope from the creative project will be different by discipline, but exceeds simply an undergraduate senior show or recital.

Graduating with Distinction

I n some colleges. students could use their Honors thesis/senior project to earn distinction at graduation. Needs and expectations for any thesis/senior project earning distinction vary by college and often department.

Some important products to notice:

  • Not every Honors senior project choices are qualified for distinction purposes. Please visit individual colleges for specifics associated with graduating with distinction and just what role the Honors thesis/senior project might play for the reason that process.
  • College deadlines for theses/senior projects posted for distinction change from Honors Program deadlines. Frequently the school deadlines are earlier. Students who would like to make use of an Honors Thesis/Senior Task for distinction should plan accordingly.

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