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University of ottawa electronic thesis and dissertation

All graduated pupils must submit the ultimate form of their thesis online using uO Research inside a month of the defence. Stick to the steps below to be able to submit:

Please read all instructions in this article before submitting. Failure to do this can lead to delays in processing your submission.

Please be aware that the “Library and Archives Canada – Theses Non-Exclusive License” form is not needed.

Ready your thesis for online submission the following:

  • Range from the statement and also the year your degree is going to be conferred around the title page. Example: &#169 John Cruz, Ottawa, Canada, 2011.
  • Look into the ordering and numbering from the pages.
    • Tthere shouldn’t be blank pages.
    • Leave the page number from the title page but count it as being a webpage.
    • Start the following page having a Roman numeral two (ii).
    • Number each one of the following pages with consecutive Roman numerals (iii, iv, etc.).
    • Then, at page one from the first chapter, change to Arabic figures making this site 1.
    • Continue numbering all of the subsequent pages using Arabic figures.
    • Make certain the table of contents corresponds using the document pagination.
  • Check the abstract and proper any errors.

Produce a single Pdf for the thesis. We recommend that you simply convert your document towards the PDF/A format to make sure lengthy-term upkeep and access.

Name the thesis Pdf based on the following convention: Lastname_Firstname_Year_thesis.pdf .

  • For that year, go into the year your degree is going to be conferred.
  • Don’t use diacritics, punctuation, apostrophes or symbols (aside from underscore _).
  • Example: Cruz_John_2011_thesis.pdf

Additional files in other formats that offer the thesis file (e.g.

multimedia, datasets, etc.) could be incorporated as complementary files in the file upload stage from the submission process.

For those who have documents that can’t be converted to a PDF or multiple files that can’t be converted to a single PDF document, email ruor@uottawa.ca .

Remove all private information out of your thesis file to be able to to safeguard your privacy and also the privacy of others:

  • Remove any signatures and student figures.
  • Remove personal phone figures, individual email and/or mailing addresses.

This doesn’t affect general phone figures, email and business addresses (e.g. departmentname@uottawa.ca).

In case your thesis file contains material of 3rd party holders, you have to obtain written permissions from such holders and offer copies of those permissions upon request through the College. Including any stand-alone item just like an image, photo, table, graph, diagram, figure, map, poem or graphic. In case your thesis includes articles you have formerly printed, you have to obtain written permission in the writer and/or co-authors that could contain the .

Ease of access is really a college community responsibility. The Ease of access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) necessitates the College of Ottawa to create all content on its websites including electronic documents, obtainable in accessible format. Consult the following tips in the College Ottawa’s Ease of access web site to learn to create accessible PDF documents.

University of ottawa electronic thesis and dissertation embargo request, select an embargo

Before submitting online, you have to complete and submit all forms needed through the FGPS (see Step One). Otherwise your web submission is going to be rejected.

  1. Sign in to uO Research together with your @uottawa.ca account.
  2. In the “My Workspace” page, click “New Submission” or select an incomplete submission.
  3. Choose the “Thesis, 2011 -” collection in the dropdown menu.
  4. Complete the outline form using the information needed.
  5. For those who have an authorized embargo request, select an embargo period.
  6. Upload your thesis file.
  7. Take a look at submission making corrections, if required.
  8. Browse the non-exclusive distribution license carefully after which grant the license to accomplish the submission process.

At any time while submitting a product, you are able to stop and save your valuable work by clicking “Cancel/Save”. You are able to resume your submission at another time by signing in.

Once you complete your submission, the FGPS and also the Library will evaluate it to make sure completeness, compliance and precision.

  • If there’s an issue, you will get an e-mail from uO Research with further instructions. Book your email regularly for messages relating to your submission.
  • The typical processing here we are at a thesis file is five to ten working days.
  • You are able to verify the status of the submission inside your uO Research account.
  • Whenever your submission qualifies, you will get an e-mail from uO Research using the permanent URL for the thesis, that you should connect to in your resume or personal website.

How can people discover my thesis once it’s posted?

Being an open repository, uO Scientific studies are continuously listed in Google along with other major search engines like google. Anybody with web access along with a internet browser can search, view and download your thesis.

uOttawa participates in Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Theses Canada program for electronic theses. A duplicate of the thesis is going to be provided through their online collection.

If you want, you may make your thesis obtainable in the ProQuest Dissertation and Theses database. To do this, you have to must sign a contract with ProQuest through their Thesis Portal .

How do you request an embargo?

The College of Ottawa encourages public distribution of and unrestricted use of graduate research.

However, you may decide to delay online use of your thesis by requesting an embargo for reasons that could include:

  • Publication of the thesis like a book
  • Sensitive nature from the content
  • Patent application

If you’re uncertain about requesting an embargo, talk to your supervisor.

Adopt these measures to request an embargo:

  1. Complete the Embargo Request Form
  2. Print the shape
  3. Sign the shape
  4. Obtain your thesis supervisor’s signature
  5. Have the signature from the chair from the department
  6. Submit the finished and signed form personally towards the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

You have to submit the Embargo Request Form towards the FGPS before you deposit your thesis online.

  • You are able to embargo your abstract by selecting this method around the form after which departing the abstract field blank when submitting your thesis.
  • Once approved, an embargo is irrevocable.
  • An embargo can’t be applied retroactively.

How do you convert my thesis file to PDF-A?

We advise CutePDF. a totally free online conversion tool.

Fundamental stages in Word 2010:

  1. Open your document in Word 2010
  2. Select “Save As”
  3. Choose “PDF (*.pdf)” in the drop-lower menu alongside “Save as type:”
  4. Click “Options. “
  5. Look into the box near the “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)”
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Give a file name that matches the file naming convention
  8. Click “Save”

Fundamental stages in Word 2007:

  1. Open your document in Word 2007
  2. Select “Save As” and select the “PDF or XPS” option
  3. Click “Options. “
  4. Make sure that a checkmark seems within the box near the “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)” option
  5. Click “OK”
  6. Give a file name that matches the file naming convention
  7. Click “Publish”

How do you obtain a personal bound copy?

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies no more arranges for binding of the thesis. If you’d like to possess a bound copy, you might contact:

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