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University of malaya the ses and dissertations umi feel that

By August 1, 2012 Rackham Graduate School no more requires doctorate students to submit their dissertations to UMI Dissertation Publishing (a division of ProQuest). UMI continues to be publishing theses and dissertations for more than fifty years, and lots of graduated pupils publish with UMI. Rackham has a lot of dissertations here: Submitting the Dissertation .

If you opt to publish your dissertation with UMI, you’ll sign a contract form granting ProQuest/UMI a non-exclusive license to copy and distribute your thesis and also to publish the abstract that you simply prepare. You keep the inside your thesis, and also you keep the authority to publish your thesis elsewhere, in book form or separate articles. ProQuest/UMI takes proper care of the plans for (a) publishing the abstract in Dissertation Abstracts Worldwide (b) preparing a microfilm copy from the dissertation and (c) depositing microfilm copies within the College Graduate Library.

You may make your thesis freely available by depositing it in Dark Blue. U-M’s institutional repository. It will likely be a part of Dark Blue’s growing assortment of dissertations in the College of Michigan, and can come in search engine results from Google and Google Scholar.

UMI provides an Open Access Option for the next fee, by which ProQuest/UMI makes digital copies of the thesis like a totally free download. However, both Rackham and also the College Library recommend that you select the standard Publishing Option, and employ Dark Blue to create your dissertation freely available on the web.

To deposit your dissertation in Dark Blue, contact Rackham’s Office of educational Records and Dissertations or call 734-763-0171.

University of malaya the ses and dissertations umi that you

ProQuest/UMI provides a service that they will register your for you personally, and deposit the needed copies using the Office. The cost of this particular service is $65, including the $35 office fee. Although registration isn’t needed to preserve your , most specialists feel that it’s advisable since registration offers certain legal benefits if a person infringes in your and you want to create suit. Observe that when you purchase to not register your through ProQuest/UMI, you may still register it by yourself, either when you deposit your thesis or at some future date. Info on self-registering your are available at eCO:Electronic Office .

To learn more concerning the College of Michigan’s dissertation needs, see Rackham’s dissertation guide .

To learn more about publishing with ProQuest/UMI, visit ProQuest/UMI .

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