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University of liverpool history phd dissertations

University of liverpool history phd dissertations in the United States

Histories of Health insurance and Medicine within the U . s . States
Histories of yankee Slavery
Histories from the Black experience
Histories from the American South

Since joining the Department I’ve trained, coordinated and led to over 118 undergraduate modules. I’ve also supervised over 110 undergraduate dissertations on various topics exploring histories of physiques, disease, ‘race’, health, medicine, and slavery within the U . s . States.

At Masters level I educate on the Cultural Background and the Worldwide Slavery Studies pathways. I’ve supervised over 20 MA dissertations exploring various cultural histories of physiques, disease, ‘race’, health insurance and medicine within the U . s . States and histories of yankee slavery.

Dealing with Graeme Milne, Alex Buchanan, Deana Heath and Celia Donert, I’m a co-supervisor for an additional Phd students:
Nicholas Fuqua, ‘Landscapes of Slavery in Liverpool and Charleston’.
Janet Wilson (AHRC PhD studentship) ‘Slavery and emotional health’
Louise Roberts (History GTA) ‘Displayed individuals a publish WW1 Imperial context’

Dealing with Richard Huzzey and David Brown (Manchester College), I’m area of the supervisory team for:
Joe Kelly (ESRC Situation studentship, 2014) ‘Supply Chains and Moral Responsibility: Slavery and Capitalism after British Emancipation’

Dealing with Michael Tadman, I had been a co-supervisor for:
Andrea Livesey (ESRC PhD studentship), ‘Sexual Violence within the Slaveholding Regimes of Louisiana and Texas’ [completed August 2015]
Dealing with Mark Peel and Graeme Milne, I had been a co-supervisor for:
Emily Trafford (AHRC PhD studentship), ‘Where the Races Meet’:Racial Framing through Live Display in the American West Coast World’s Fairs, 1894-1916′ [completed December 2015]

University of liverpool history phd dissertations am part of the supervisory

Students thinking about histories of slavery, ‘race’, your body and medicine may want to consult the next key works:

Margo DeMello, Body Studies: An Intro (2014).

Joe Feagin, Racist America (3rd edition, 2014).

Sharla Fett, Working Cures: Healing, Health, and Turn on Southern Slave Plantations (2002).

Walter Manley, Soul by Soul: Existence Within the Antebellum Slave Market (1999).

Susan Lederer, Exposed to Science: Human Experimentation in the usa Before world war ii (1995).

Susan Reverby, Analyzing Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and it is Legacy (2009).

Dorothy Roberts, Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and also the Concept of Liberty (1997).

Michael Sappol, A Traffic of Dead Physiques: Anatomy and Embodied Social Identity in 19th-Century America (2002).

Todd Savitt, Medicine and Slavery: The Illnesses and Health Proper care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia (1978).

Michael Tadman, Speculators and Slaves: Masters, Traders, and Slaves within the Old South (1996).

John Harley Warner and James Edmonson, Dissection: Photographs of the Coming of age in American Medicine: 1880-1930 (2009).

Modules for 2016-17

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