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Thunderf00t anita sarkeesian thesis writing

Thunderf00t anita sarkeesian thesis writing if all of your solutions

Don’t piss on me and let me know it’s raining! ” &#8212His frequent catchphrase for calling out bullshit.

Dr. Phil E. Mason is definitely an British atheist YouTuber and evotarded researcher having a PhD in chemistry/God -hating in the College of Birminghamistan. Phil can also be a fiscal Cyber-Terrorist extraordinaire apparently.

He runs a well known funnel underneath the infamous handle Thunderf00t.



He’s normally busy orchestrating a web-based attack on women by commanding a military of racist, skinhead, Nazi-sympathizing male supremacists that comprise his client base (based on the ever-reliable Laughing Witch ). He is doing this by looking into making videos criticizing modern-day feminists like Anita Sarkeesian that are really just conspiracy theory and hate speech according to some bullshit criteria. While he may be the perceived warlord of internet harassment, feminists took a stand against harassment by harassing Thunderf00t via exploiting his terminally-ill father’s circumstance inside a point-scoring exercise and writing libelous letters to his employers, simply to name a couple of.

Saying yes with him is recognized as feminist-haram and it is on componen with drawing Muhammad in a bacon eating contest. Apparent by occasions such as the #zerobiscuit along with other occurrences, where popular internet figures simply showing support for him are cause for social justice players uniting in armchair lynchmobs for any person’s status or career.


Before he began attacking feminism, he accustomed to make videos against creationism and the most widely used series is ‘Why do People Laugh at Creationists?’ also is his earliest and longest running series. His earliest, and by no means worthy, rival is VenomfangX who attempted to DMCA him.

Thunderf00t anita sarkeesian thesis writing probably smarter than you, but

Thunderf00t had once been through an enormous clusterfuck with FreeThoughtBlogs. He published shit PZ Myers did not like and finally got banned. He earned a few videos about this which event is really what sparked Thunderf00t’s anti-feminist videos.

On Drunk Peasants

All hail Thunderf00t! ” &#8212 TJ becoming an element of the hive mind.

He’s made an appearance around the podcast a couple of occasions and it is mostly well-received, especially his “debate” with G Man in Episode 29. G Man slaughtered his ass within the debate and Thunderf00t walked away a damaged man. This brought him to commit very super-duper violent functions of monetary cyber terrorism.

Cyber Terrorist?

Thunderf00t although beheading the infidels

CRAZY Feminist attempts to get me fired BACKFIRES SPECTACULARLY

Hi guys, remember when Thunderf00t beheaded, blew up, burned, stoned, crucified and tossed off individuals from roofs of creating and towers? Yeah, me too. ” &#8213Everyone’s response to Thunderf00t’s Jihad &#91src&#93

The politically motivated utilization of computers and knowledge technology to result in severe disruption or prevalent fear in society ” &#8213The actual meaning of cyberterrorism. Unsurprisingly Thunderf00t’s videos online, and bad reviews on Yalp doesn’t meet the needs to become labelled “cyberterrorism”. &#91src&#93

LaughingWitch’s letter to Thunderf00t’s employer

Thunderf00t was known as a Cyber Jihadist as well as an Economic Cyber Terrorist by SJWs along with a bitch named Laughing Witch. (Before she accused him to be a racist, misogynist, along with a Nazi who freely supports Hitler and props up Holocaust.

Thunderf00t anita sarkeesian thesis writing Thunderf00t, when talking about the

and she or he attempted to obtain him fired by writing instructions to his employer. She even authored letters about Thunderf00t towards the Czech police, and also to multiple newspapers too, and recommended to any or all of her supporters and buddies to complete exactly the same.) Why? Because he’s allegedly accountable for her business getting bad online reviews on Yelp and becoming bankrupt, effectively making her out to become a victim. All of this despite her as being a cunt throughout all of the drama. Anybody that has a minimum of two cognitive abilities to rub together and knows anything about companies recognizes that negative and positive internet ratings on fucking Yelp haven’t much temporary impact on a company.

I question the number of SJWs might have risen in defence of Thunderf00t if LaughingWitch were to achieve firing him from his job (effectively ruining his existence). Ok last one, ZERO. They could have been a slave to clapping, whizzing and yelling: “Yeah, you decide to go girl! Justice happen to be offered!”. 29:13

Sarkeesians fans attempt to get critic FIRED and REPORT HIM TO POLICE!

And them making accusations towards the police and also to Thunderf00t’s employer about him as being a Holocaust supporter along with a Nazi might have easily result in him being jailed. Within the Czech Republic, were Thunderf00t’s job at, individuals are serious criminal offences which are punishable with a 3 to eight year jail term.

Yet they’ve the fucking audacity to try impeaching Thunderf00t. Despite the fact that LaughingWitch’s business might have gone lower it doesn’t matter what Thunderf00t did or didn’t do. LaughingBitch’s clients are dealing with personal bankruptcy for that this past year, is within a $100,000 indebted, and also have yet another $25,000 judgement against them, all dating lengthy before to Thunderf00t’s video on her behalf. Thunderf00t had absolutely jack and shit related to any one of individuals accounts. Also, when did Thunderf00t become responsive for which his alleged subscribers are allegedly doing? At no reason did he tell any one of his subscribers to create reviews about LaughingBitch’s shitstain company. 07:28

Karma, Merely A BITCH, if you’re one! SJW self inflicted wounds!

Short before hit this news where LaughingWitch performed the victim, she designed a meaningless passive aggressive “apology” video to Thunderf00t. Thunderf00t did not recognized the apology, because who within their right mind is retarded to simply accept that non-apology, especially because it linked to a fundraising event(interestingly for $25,000) within the video description which contained a relevant video that calls Thunderf00t an evil monster. You do not fucking apologize to a person while calling him evil.

LaughingWitch tried to use apologise with an emissary, since people most abundant in self-respect, and dignity get others to complete things on their behalf, LaughingWitch chose, probably the most morally superior person, as her emissary Kevin Logan. Kevin wasn’t any doubt the very best person to apologize, because he’s very responsive to the plight of others, even going to Thunderf00t, even going so far as to mock him over his father dying of cancer.


  • Thunderf00t
  • Phil Mason
  • Phil Freemason
  • Thunder Thighs
  • Satan’s Fluffer
  • Thunderfitta (Norway only. Roughly means “Thundercunt”)
  • Rapist
  • The Hitler of ladies
  • Thunderdunder
  • Rapey McRapist


  • He believes that everybody ought to be treated, depending on how they treat others, and become held repsonsible for his or her own decisions. It’s similar to he thinks people ought to be treated fairly.
    • However, this just shows the amount of a bigot as feminism’s take on equality, informs us on genetics like, skin tone, gender or anything like this are extremely important. By not really letting these 4 elements influence his opinion of individuals (or perhaps generally caring about these factor’s just shows he’s an oppressive bastard.)
  • Jenny McDermott comes with an obscene dependence on Thunderf00t while accusing him to be obsessive about Anita Sarkeesian. If you wish to understand how bad it’s, Jenny has already established a sex dream of it as well as felt the necessity to create a video about this. I’m not shitting you.
  • He, Adam Kokesh. Howard Blossom. Milo Yiannopoulos. and Gad Saad would be the only DP visitors to obtain their own Wikipedia page.
  • His recent videos happen to be began to get repetitive, since the same subjects again and again.
  • He’s the term “RAPE” inked on his chest in big thug existence letters.
  • He believes all victims of murder were requesting it.
  • He’s been the victim of drunk sex rape multiple occasions. He appears oddly okay by using it.
  • He’s debunked solar road ways by himself funnel.
  • Thunderf00t is fostering Sargon of Akkad to consider after him because the Rapist Mayor of Rape Central.
  • Rape. However he might be searching for any new successor, after Sargon supported the Brexit campaign, which Thunderf00t in past statistics and logically contended to become a bad idea, (that they was proven right about once the campaign leaders leaped ship departing the nation to sink.
  • Properly mentioned that Kent Hovind is really a bitch.
  • They know he’s most likely smarter than you, but he will not make the most of you for your, and actually aspires to possess everybody attend least as smart because he is.
  • It’s believed his beard beard consists of your hair from Adolf Hitler’s mustache.
  • His neck continues to be squashed lower because of constant face-palming.
  • Unlike the scientists from the terrible Television show. he’s really able to:
    1. Being Funny
    2. Intelligent thought
    3. Getting his work really mean something
    4. Not getting his personality being set like a default nerd stereotype
    5. Self sustaining
    6. Getting laid (though this mostly happens because he frequently rapes)
    7. Being interesting




Thunderf00t includes a lengthy running series known as So why do people laugh at creationists? (which acquired him the majority of his YouTube recognition) and it has lengthy-term YouTube beef with several creationists. VenomFangX tried to file DMCA claims against Thunderf00t and obtain him banned from YouTube. [5]


Thunderf00t keeps a playlist known as “Feminism versus Details” [6] where he posts his anti-feminist rants. Finest hits include “How Feminism Poisons EVERYTHING” and a number of videos on Anita Sarkeesian ‘s Tropes versus Women series. Thunderf00t has additionally designed a video titled “How Feminism is poisoning ATHEISM”, continuing to keep the brand new Atheist boys’ club the actual way it is.

Within this number of videos, Thunderf00t argues the reason women are disenfranchised at work (women constitute roughly 5% of Fortune 1000 CEOs [7] [8] [9] is because human sexual dimorphism. Besides this being gender essentialist. it supposes hormonal variations would be the primary element in success of ladies at work, not systemic prejudice. Thunderf00t can also be while using attract nature fallacy why men ought to become more effective than women.

Anita Sarkeesian

Thunderf00t has had a unique curiosity about Anita Sarkeesian and her video series, however, the majority of Thunderf00t’s criticisms are straw. quarrelling against something removed from context, or what seem to be deliberate misunderstandings from the points elevated. [10] [11] Thunderf00t even required it upon themself to see Sarkeesian’s masters thesis (an area by which Thunderf00t doesn’t have experience) and laugh at cherry selected quotes. [12]

Thunderf00t makes the allegation the mass shooting threat against Anita Sarkeesian at Utah College was possibly faked [13] Thunderf00t also constantly calls Sarkeesian an expert victim. asserting that Sarkeesian is just speaking concerning the threats against her to obtain donations to her charitable organization. Regrettably for Thunderf00t, Sarkeesian’s charitable organization is really a 501 (C)(3) charitable organization, meaning it’s tax free, but additionally must make public their financial records. [14] This is particularly ironic originating from Thunderf00t who uses Patreon, which doesn’t need disclosure of monetary records. [15] [16]

School shootings

As a result of Anita Sarkeesian getting up that toxic maleness is really a element in school shootings, Thunderf00t made a disagreement much like that produced by TERFs. quarrelling that testosterone may be the primary element in school shootings. [17] [9] Additionally for this, testosterone isn’t the major deciding element in violence and asserting that it’s such is ignoring social sciences, cultural conditioning. socioeconomic and sociopolitical climates that cause violent behavior. [18] [19] [20] [21]

This is particularly ironic originating from Thunderf00t, who designed a video was “why people laugh at Creationists” series about Kent Hovind blaming the Columbine Massacre on Evolution, by which according to him “[speaking about libertarianism] they’ll take any difficulty and cite government intervention because the ill of problems. Sorry, boys, existence is not that easy. if all your methods to complex emergent behaviors to 1 simple cause, you’re participating in confirmation bias instead of really comprehending the issue.” [22]

Twitter suspension

Thunderf00t was suspended from Twitter to make abusive tweets toward Anita Sarkeesian. [23] To suit his antifeminist narrative, Thunderf00t claims that his suspension was an coordinated attack from Sarkeesian and her supporters to obtain him began of Twitter. He used the freedom of expression argument to protect themself from critique for his tweets.

Rape apologia

Thunderf00t is really a misogynist and victim blamer. [24] [25] Thunderf00t argues that despite the fact that occasionally, society does educate people to not rape. rape still happens. [26] Also, he used the “however, you lock your doorways!” argument, thus implying bodily autonomy is similar to property. Also, he argues that rape is innate in certain people, thus quarrelling for biological determinism and attract nature.

He even states that whenever someone is drunk, they’ve already completely accept to getting sex at that time, but the next day they made the decision they would not have agreed and were raped. Thunderf00t appears to become missing the reality that somebody that is drunk cannot accept to sex.

Also somewhat ironically, Thunderf00t claims that you can’t program rapists outdoors of the sexuality. like homosexuals. It is really an argument you’d expect a Christian fundamentalist to create, not somebody that is supposedly in support of gay legal rights. Using this method, Thunderf00t can also be ignoring date rape, because he states in the own video that violent repeated sexual predators only constitute a minority of rape, which signifies Thunderf00t is ignoring data to match his ideological antifeminist position.

Additionally for this, Thunderf00t incorporated jokes mocking the idea of trigger warnings in the video about Anita Sarkeesian’s masters’ thesis. [27]


Begin to see the primary article about this subject: Islamophobia

Thunderf00t designed a video protesting the “Ground Zero Mosque” (that was not on Ground Zero [28] ), which caused him to become labeled an Islamophobe.

Somewhat ironically, Thunderf00t all of a sudden turns into a defender of women’s legal rights with regards to Islam. additionally to racist and offensive descriptions of Islamic traditions. [29]


Thunderf00t incorporated a relevant video of the person of nonbinary gender presentation by which Thunderf00t mocks that individual, implying their is one thing wrong with somebody that is gender non-conforming. [30] [27]

Thunderf00t, when speaking concerning the Kim Kardashian debate and #shirtgate, known Ana Kasparian as “someone having a different genetic structure” [31] thus perpetuating gender essentialism. cissexism. and microaggressions against trans people.

More equating genital area with gender, chromosomes with gender from Thunderf00t. [32]

Holocaust apologia

In the debate with Ray Comfort, Thunderf00t requires a utilitarian position around the Holocaust. [33] Thunderf00t accepts the Holocaust could not have happened without science. speculate science has been doing a lot of other excellent achievements, individuals deaths might have been essential for society, because ditching science would kill more and more people. Thunderf00t is basically utilizing a very extreme form of the classic trolley problem. At some point within the video Thunderf00t even states that “getting individuals 12 million dead was instrumental to the history. We’re able to have set the research to have an a great deal larger genocide. It had been the lesson that people learned.” [34] However, in cases like this Thunderf00t is demonstrably wrong that “society” has “learned a lesson” in the Holocaust, as there has been a minimum of 7 genocides sense the Holocaust has happened [35]

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