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The culture industry thesis proposal

The culture industry thesis proposal subject area

1. Would you accept Adorno the “culture industry” produces standardised goods? Should you choose accept Adorno’s claim, what can artworks or photographs need to do to prevent be(com)ing goods? Should you disagree, give types of artefacts/types of cultural production/kinds of photo taking practice which, for your mind, are “popular” yet resistant against or critical from the dominant (capitalist) mode of production.
These set questions address a variety of topics covered within the module presentations. You’ll be able to go over your opinions and selection of question and approach inside a tutorial. In addition to applying the minds and arguments discussed in PH4024 Visualising the Invisible you may also refer inside your essay for your focus on other modules too.

You may also, in settlement using the module tutor, set your personal essay question. If you undertake this method, make a succinct question that you could propose at the essay tutorial.

As general guidance gradually alter select a question that will help you to examine a subject in a manner that is pertinent for your own research interests and exercise.

Whichever question you decide to answer, your assignment must show and can include the next:

·You must include references to contemporary photo taking practitioners (contemporary is broadly defined, here, as photographers working since 1970) to aid your argument and concepts.

·You must include a minimum of eight references (quotes, citations etc.) to reserve based sources.

·You must include a minimum of five references (quotes, citations etc.) to journal and magazine essays or articles.

·All references are required to follow the Harvard rules for referencing – these are available around the library website.

The culture industry thesis proposal The range of critical

If you’re still uncertain, ask among the support at Smarter for more guidance.

·You must include relevant images (which are properly referenced and entitled).

·You must incorporate a full bibliography.

·…And, most significantly, you have to critically react to the problems you discuss (not just describe your selected examples and issues).

You can choose any kind of photo taking/visual practice or specialist to analyse within the assignment, but consider the supply of critical, analytical sources with regards to your subject and approach.

If you’re battling to consider a strategy or where you’ll get began, consider analyzing among the styles or issues discussed throughout lectures you may also made a decision to analyse a styles or issue as a result of your personal photography this semester. Whatever your approach, contextualise your projects with references to both contemporary practitioners and theoretical and written critical sources.

Your projects is going to be submitted to Turnitin (the plagiarism checking software) via Blackboard.

1. The extent that ideas are explored and researched (30%).

2. The extent that a coherent argument is structured and presented inside a written form (30%).

3. The plethora of critical debate shown using both historic and contemporary examples (having a minimum of eight book-based references and no less than five journal/magazine based references) (30%).

4. Presentation from the essay based on the Harvard system of referencing, (including a suitable and relevant choice of images, properly entitled and referenced) (10%).

The culture industry thesis proposal and         Research proposals             
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On effective completing this module students can:

1.Critically and creatively evaluate current issues, research and contemporary practice.

2.Participate and have interaction with contemporary discourses, and articulate practice inside a broader critical and theoretical context associated with debates within their area of interest.

3.Formulate and create a rigorous independent academic research study on the selected subject.

Minimum Tangible Proof of Study

A 3,000 word essay that’s well researched, critically contended and coherently structured that’s word-processed, spell-checked, includes a relevant title page, analyses contemporary photo taking practice (with relevant images) with regards to a selected question, uses the Harvard referencing system and features a bibliography.

Please be aware that the penalty for late submission is really as follows:

o1-five days late: 40% awarded

o5+ days late: % awarded

Details about subscribing to Extenuating Conditions can be obtained in the School Office, Ha133. Ext. 4748

Please be aware that the weighting from the assignment is really as follows:

Assignment 1 – Reflective Essay &#8211 50% from the Module grade.

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