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Printed: 23, March 2015

Rather big or little, relationships are among the greatest aspects of existence. Life is revolved around them and egos are destroyed by them, and a few are consumed by the possibilities of them and also the inevitable marriage that may result. The final one sometimes drive individuals to do stuff that wouldn’t normally consider. It’s these antics which are frequently portrayed by authors and the like holds true with The significance of Being Serious by Oscar Wilde and Sure Factor by David Ives. Should you required away the connection take into account The significance of Being Serious, there wouldn’t be much left. The play’s primary focus may be the relationships being forged by its figures (SparkNotes Editors, 2004). Throughout Wilde’s script, the introduction of friendships and romances are noticed.

Sure thing david ives thesis proposal Essay Writing

David Ives employs exactly the same subject content in the script Sure Factor. Ives provides a humorous understanding of relationships. Like at some point in which the audience is aware of an opportunity meeting between two other people that concludes using the about a married relationship will emerge from it (Kennedy Gioia, 2009). When putting the 2 plays alongside, the similarities could explore translation. The drastically different style, settings, and plot are sufficient for you to say there’s no comparison. It might take a comprehensive look along with a scene by scene comparison between The significance of Being Serious and Sure Factor to determine any similarities. But it may be based in the dishonesty and oddly simultaneously truthfulness of their figures because they make an effort to boast there appearance to other people. Social standings play a large role in Wilde and Ives figures resides in both plays, in addition to marriage to be the ultimate goal. Relationships and also the quest for marriage may be the driving pressure and resounding theme in The significance of Being Serious and Sure Factor.


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In The significance of Being Earnest’s first scene a discussion between Algernon Moncrieff and the butler, Lane, where, marriage is often introduced up. The 2 chat as Algernon awaits the appearance of aunt, Lady Bracknell, when uncle, Ernest Worthing, arrives unannounced.

The entire reason for Ernest unpredicted visit was at wishes to see Lady Bracknell’s daughter, Gwendolen, the lady he promises to marry (SparkNotes Editors, 2004). A cigarette situation from Ernest’s last visit with intials not matching their own brings a barrage of question from Algernon in reference to his true identity. Ernest finally confesses that his name is definitely Jack and that he produced the entire persona to be able to escape responsibilities expected of him to be able to live much more of a care-free lifestyle. Jack meets Lady Bracknell and provides Gwendolen, this completes the best objective of his visit, so he leaves. Curiosity peeked, Algernon heads to Jack’s estate to obtain more information, it’s there where he find Jack’s ward, Cecily Cardew and it is immediately smitten. Forthcoming isn’t a strong suit that either man predominantly featured within this play, and Moncrieff informs her he’s Jack’s brother Ernest. Obviously if Jack would deny, it might provide light their own dishonesty, so comes with the tale weaved by Algernon. It appears to become flowing easily until Gwendolen arrives. Evaluating notes, she and Cecily realize the boys they love aren’t who they stated these were. The women forgive following the men accept change their name to Ernest. The ultimate act shows the appearance of Lady Bracknell who’s trying to find her daughter. Losing Jacks parents increase the risk for steadfast refusal of the suggested marriage. Rather, she encourages Algernon and Cecily to marry rapidly. Miss. Prisim, Cecily’s tutor, meets Lady Bracknell and sheds some light on Jack’s lineage. This is where it’s revieled that Jack is, actually, her nephew who had been named Ernest in recognition of her father. The play concludes with the expectation of marriage for Jack, Gwendolen, Cecily, Algernon, as well as Miss Prism.(SparkNotes Editors, 2004)

In Sure Factor. theme of relationships is perfectly packaged into one act. Occur a café, it involves Gloria and Bill both about 20. In the beginning, Gloria is viewed in a table studying a magazine, when Bill is available in and approaches her. Bill eager to speak to her asks when the empty seat had been utilized in which she provides a hurried yes. Bill apologizes, and Gloria responds by saying Sure factor.(Ives, 1995) From somewhere without anyone’s knowledge a bell is heard and also the play begins again. In early stages Gloria rejects Bill over and over, however with each ring from the bell, her resolve weakens and her interest rates are peeked. After several restarts, Gloria and Bill uncover similarities within their interests, like movies or snack cakes or they both have confidence in marriage and kids ( Kennedy Gioia, 2009). ).The ending includes their promise to like and cherish one another because they exit the café.


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The very first comparative reason for both plays is based on the figures capability to be dishonest whether it was at the quest for love. Out of the box apparent in The significance of Being Serious. Each character includes a dark cloud of dishonesty surrounding them, especially with regards to their names and origins. This really is apparent in the initial interaction proven when Algernon is interrogating Jack regarding the cigarette situation From Little Cecily, together with her fondest like to her dear Uncle Jack ( Wilde,1990. p.5). He found these inscription baffling, because the man who the cigarette situation is associated with name is Ernest. Jack first insist that Cecily is his aunt, but Algernon will not accepts this and employs more badgering to get at the reality. It’s under that constant scrutiny that Jack concedes that Cecily, is within reality his ward. Because this happens, his lies start to solve because he is compelled to confess that he isn’t Ernest, but his actual moniker is Jack. He’d built this existence around an entire fabrication so acknowledging his dishonesty might be harmful to his friendship with Algernon. The most typical reason wrong is relayed through the boys would be to escape responsibilities which are expected of these socially or due to family. However, the down sides each character encounters attempting to keep up with the lie after which attempting to repair it once it’s discovered don’t appear worthwhile. Out of the box true in real existence, when a lie is told it features a domino aftereffect of deceit, wrong to assist wrong to assist the initial lie. All lies must arrived at finish as inconsistencies develop and also the truth should be revealed. What’s tragic may be the men within the play feel justified and show no guilt within the lies they told since it was all for that Ultimate Goal, Love and Marriage. Comparatively, Sure Thing’s scribe also paint’s his figures as dishonest, mainly in the first couple of lines. Gloria instinctively lies when Bill inquires concerning the empty seat. Bill: Is that this taken? Gloria: Yes it’s. Bill: Oh, sorry. Gloria: Sure factor. ( Ives,1995, pg.1) Every time the bell rings, it reveals a brand new form of Betty’s original fallacy. Like The significance of Being Ernest, Sure Factor uses dishonesty being an aide to help their intentions to marry.

The 2nd comparative point is its figures truthfulness, which inside it of is oxymoronic as dishonesty is really a major trait. But each character within the plays demonstrate it. As with The significance of Being Ernest, this time consistently portrayed. Although the gentleman mislead the ladies they’re in search of, they are doing it sincerely attempting to marry they and them feel other product choice. Among this is based on a discussion between Jack and woman Bracknell. Lady Bracknell feels Jack is displaying sign of insincerity but Jack protest because he states On the other hand, Aunt Augusta, I have now recognized the very first time within my existence the vital Need for Being Serious.( Wilde,1990, p.540) Gloria and Bill in Sure Factor are also swaddled inside a blanket of truthfulness that could be difficult to see without giving the play a tough look. Ives plants seeds of symbolisms put the whole play even just in the title. Sure Factor appears to suggest towards the primal necessity of someone to find truthfulness inside the one they plan to love eliminating risk. Through the entire play, Gloria and Bill volley between to be the ones searching for the truthfulness behind the language from the others which triggers the bell to chime. Gloria and Bill cannot appear to have it right. The bell interrupts their efforts again and again. However difficult to find, Ives observations on society is hidden inside. Bill tries non-stop to pursue rapport with Gloria, but every time either feels not worthy of these relationship also it derails the procedure thus producing a do over (Kennedy Gioia, 2009). Ives performs this frequently so factors are met so rapport is possible. Being sincere is really a main factor inside a developing relationship especially individuals of the romantic variety. Within the finish, Gloria and Bill are effective within their tries to achieve their objective of marriage. Bill: And can you like me? Gloria: Yes. Bill: And cherish me forever? Gloria: Yes. ( Ives,1995, pg.18)

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The ultimate comparative point is the significance of wealth and standing and just how it influences relationships. The significance of Being Serious puts this displayed using its depiction of Victorian occasions as almost trivial sense. Lady Bracknell is portrayed a stereo-typical wealthy lady who only really wants to affiliate with individuals with comparative backgrounds. She isn’t the only person whose status is displayed, it’s prevalent in many figures. Most take part in existence of leisure. Nobody really ever does anything beyond a discussion with other people. Wealth and standing within the context which is used increases the triviality of marriage using its influence from the possible union between Jack and Gwendolen. Lady Bracknell is steadfast in her own disapproval from the potential union due to the fact Jack’s status is within question. Gwendolen feels it’s her duty to follow along with Lady Bracknell’s wishes while they aren’t favorable to her very own, ..although she prevents us from becoming man and wife, and that i may marry someone else, and marry frequently, nothing that they may possibly do can transform my eternal devotion for you. (Wilde,1990, p.28) Knowing someone with regard to financial background privilege would be a common practice of the time. Lady Bracknell personify this practices during her interrogation of Jack. Jack provides a reason on his parents absence, however is not a suitable one. He’s then declared not really a worthy candidate on her kids love and particularly her hands in marriage. She would like him to possess no further connection with her daughter as she states, €¦But obviously, you’ll clearly realize that all communication between yourself and my daughter must cease immediately out of this moment (Wilde, 1990, p.41).

In Sure Factor, wealth and standing also contributes to authors protrayal from the triviality of marriage, however to check produces a contrast The significance of Being Serious. Wealth and standing in modern occasions, although a great feature, isn’t as significant. Rather other judgments are enforced when seeking an intimate candidate, like thoughts about politics or religion or even the education you have. Gloria reveals conversationally, though, that she’s not too worried about status more particularly proven when she simply states, Labels aren’t important (Ives,1995, pg. 16). Ives craftily implies that status is so much in fact an emphasis that it’s almost not, meaning when Bill understands that Gloria isn’t worried about it he really wants to eagerly demonstrate to her he is not too but struggle regarding how to express it, I have faith that a guy is exactly what he’s. (Bell.) One is what he’s. (Bell.) One is. what they’re (Ives,1995, pg 16). With final sentence revision, he finally will get Betty’s approval, thus perpetuating wealth and standing like a element in any regards and also the influence it holds when relationships are worried.

To conclude, portraying the triviality of marriage put both literary works is one thing both Oscar Wilde and David Ives achieved. The figures dialogue exemplifies it and also the tone reflects it. Approaching it by having an air of humor Ives and Wilde can easily display what exactly of wealth and standing, deceptiveness, and truthfulness if you don’t take from the overall theme of triviality of marriage.

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