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Supply chain management topics for thesis proposal

Supply chain management topics for thesis proposal has traditionally focused on the

Sustainable Logistics Management
The primary purpose of logistics management (SCM) has typically centered on the economical goals of supply chains, which would be to minimize total logistics costs yet still time satisfying customer demand. However, growing ecological issues and social concerns have compelled many organizations, particularly multinational companies, to think about a broader selection of objectives as opposed to just cost minimization and client satisfaction. Pressure from various stakeholders, including consumers, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public government bodies and trade unions have advised companies to create or redesign more sustainable supply chains. How can organizations interact and cooperate with your several stakeholders to get pregnant sustainable supply chains (inter-business perspective)? How can they adapt sustainable logistics decisions towards the various institutional and economic contexts that they operate (institutional perspective)? How can different stakeholders understand sustainable concepts and decisions across a worldwide and fragmented logistics? These are the possible research questions that the phd candidate may tackle inside the sustainable logistics management field. (Prof. Valrie Moatti Prof. Valentina Carbone)

Strategy and offer Chain Management
While Logistics Management has become broadly acknowledged as a proper problem for companies (Fisher 1997, Simschi-Levi 2011), little research in logistics management tackles proper issues or handles proper concepts. (Prof. Valrie Moatti Prof. Valentina Carbone)

  • Possible Subject: MA and offer Chain Management
    Some MAs involve redesigning logistics systems, couple of scholars have studied the outcome of MAs on supply chains nor the function of logistics management and logistics in MA operations (decision, set-up,…). Several research questions bridging the space between MA and offer chain literature worth interest including: Provides chain / logistic issues be an antecedent of MA, a vital motive in target selection? How much comprising logistics issues upfront increases the prosperity of MAs? What’s the impact of MA on logistics management?

Supply chain management topics for thesis proposal key motive

  • Possible Subject: Proper alliances and offer Chain Management
    While cooperation is natural to provide chain management concept and exercise, little effort uses proper alliances literature and theoretical background to review logistics alliances. Particularly, logistics alliances include various kinds of partnerships: vertical, horizontal, scale, link (Hennart 1988). Among different research questions: Are logistics alliances a particular kind of proper alliances? Can horizontal logistics cooperation lead to higher supply chains and improved vertical relationships?

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