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Success in your life ielts writing

Success in your life ielts writing of social activities

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe successful inside your existence.

  • That which was it
  • When have you have this success
  • Ways to get it

and describe who with/ what have you do within this success.

Model Answer:
The way you take a look at our success and exactly how people view it differ. We very often consider our small , personal achievements as positive results while to other people individuals may not be counted as success whatsoever. Thus we judge inside us another angel than people do. Although some people might successes are exemplary and galvanizing. The success which i achieved and also discuss is my participation inside a social welfare activity which i greatly feel happy with.

The neighborhood authority in our hometown once planned to construct a multi-storied shopping center inside a public park. Some people all of a sudden observed they have began cutting the trees so we later learned that they’ll develop a shopping center there. We instantly planned to protest if though we understood that it might be complicated issues so we haven’t much power from the effective authority which have planned to eliminate the park and turn it into a lucrative marketplace. I was initially 5-6 persons active in the protest so we allow the community people know of the mischievous plan the authority has had. Later 20 more and more people became a member of we. We visited the neighborhood authority, journalists police station met local politicians and social workers, and presented our view and abhorrent plan the authority has had. Due to our protests, the tree cutting was stopped. Later we discovered that more community people became a member of us along with a big news continues to be printed from our newspapers in regards to this issue.

Success in your life ielts writing different angel than people

The park was the only real eco-friendly place and entertainment center for that residents. People came there each morning and evening just to walk, run and do other lacking social activities. Children enjoyed playing there and a few social programs held there. A lot of wild birds remain at the trees from the park and destroying this park will be a serious threat to the atmosphere because there were greater than 300 different trees there. It wasn’t simple to grapple with the effective authority so we needed to struggle a great deal in excess of 6 several weeks. We finally visited court and also got the decree against destroying the park.

This complete event happened five years when I had been a brand new university student. I consider my participation in order to save the part like a great factor Used to do or being able to save the park and nature is a huge success within my existence.

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