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Social work dissertation title for phd work trainees in

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We’ve provided picking a example social work dissertation topics below to assist and encourage you.

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Example social work dissertation subject 1:

An research into the training that may be learnt in the ‘Baby P’ situation regarding both field work and social work management

‘Baby P’ died at age 17 several weeks, getting endured greater than 50 injuries in under annually. The ramifications from the failure of health services and social workers to safeguard ‘Baby P’ from his murderers have resonated through British society.

Social work dissertation title for phd Reflections on

This research examines the findings in the three queries established after his dying, along with the national overview of social service care provisions. Further, it explores Lord Laming’s report after the dying of ‘Baby P’ and which considered the alterations which had (or hadn’t) happened after his extensive overview of the Victoria Climbié situation.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Elliott, D. (2009) ‘The failure of business gaining knowledge from crisis – dependent on existence and dying?’ Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Vol. 17(3), pp. 157-168.
  • Ferguson, I. and Lavelette, M. (2009) ‘Social work after Baby P’, Journal of Worldwide Socialism. Vol. 122.
  • Garrett, P.M. (2010) ‘Recognizing the constraints from the political theory of recognition: Axel Honneth, Nancy Fraser and social work’, British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 40(5), pp. 1517-1533.

Example social work dissertation subject 2:

The outcome of multi-agency focusing on safeguarding children. A literature and exercise-based review

This dissertation examines factors just like an elevated knowledge of professional roles, communication, coherent service and tension reduction, and just how these effect on professionals in multi-agency working practice. It will so by illustrating challenges and benefits through both literature and also the performing of primary research through interviews with existing practitioners. Through this multi-method research approach this research examines the final results for kids when different professionals from various agencies use them and highlights how distinct understanding, skills and values of social jobs are compatible inside a multi-agency working approach.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Burnett. R. and Appleton, C. (2004) ‘Became a member of-up services to tackle youth crime’, British Journal of Criminology. Vol. 44(1), pp.34-54.
  • Frost, N. and Lloyd, A. (2006) ‘Applying multi-disciplinary working together within the new child welfare policy environment’, Journal of Integrated Care, Vol. 14(2), pp. 11-17.

Example social work dissertation subject 3:

An search for attitudes and perceptions of oppression apparent between healthcare practitioners and also the Polish community

Polish nationals may very well be exploited and Chen, Vanek and Carr (2004) claim that migrant workers don’t always have appropriate use of emergency healthcare. This, when coupled with deficiencies in recognition for numerous migrant workers, can further hamper ale Polish individuals to adequately access healthcare provision inside the United kingdom. Building upon the Social Oppression matrix of Hardiman and Jackson (1997) this dissertation evaluates how oppression can manifest itself within healthcare inside the United kingdom with regards to a specific ethnic community.

Recommended initial subject studying:

Chen, M. Vanek, J. and Carr, M. 2004. Mainstreaming informal employment and gender in poverty reduction. London: Commonwealth Secretariat. Hardiman, R. and Jackson, R. 1997. Conceptual foundations for social justice courses. New You are able to: Routledge.

Example social work dissertation subject 4:

Dealing with natural cultural perspectives: A transition to social work

It’s important for future years of social work that social workers originate from a number of backgrounds as indeed service users originate from a multitude of backgrounds. However, in widening participation in social work employment among individuals with differing, ethnic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds, it should be acknowledged that learning how to overcome existing cultural beliefs can also be essential in training the social workers of tomorrow. This research examines how social work students from a number of backgrounds deal with the transition and includes both secondary research via a comprehensive literature review, but primary research by means of interviews with psychologists, social workers, and college lecturers in social work.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Anderson, S.C. and Henderson, D.C. (1985) ‘Dealing with lesbian alcoholics’, Social Work. Vol. 30(6), pp. 518-525.
  • Gambrill, E.D. (2006) Social work practice: A vital thinker’s guide. Oxford: Osford College Press.
  • Hepworth, D.H. Rooney, R.H. Rooney, G.B. Strom-Gottfried, K. and Larsen, J-A. (eds) (2010) Direct social work practice: Theory and skills. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Example social work dissertation subject 5:

Learning to have to wait: The sensible use of empowerment operating users

Empowerment is an essential component of contemporary social work practice because it helps service users to recognize way of effecting change. However, the desire to assist service users is really so strong that social workers can risk diminishing empowering service users. This dissertation views how such well-meaning disempowerment can happen, how frequently it happens, and just how social workers can avoid this phenomenon. In that way, it explores the present literature around the subject as secondary research. The main research options could include interviews with social workers, service users or a mix of the 2. Ultimately, this dissertation wishes to offer suggestions about coping mechanisms for social work students.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Gutierrez, L.M. Parsons, R.J. and Cox, E.O. (eds) (1998) Empowerment in social work practice: A sourcebook. Off-shore Grove, CA: Brooks Cole Publishing.
  • Havig, K.K. (2011) Empowerment for social justice: A grounded theory study of social work field instruction strategies. PhD Thesis, College of Missouri-Columbia. Offered at: gradworks.umi.com/34/88/3488609.html [utilized 26 May 2012].
  • Parsons, R.J. (1991) ‘Empowerment: Purpose and exercise principle in social work’, Journal of Community and Clinical Practice. Vol. 14(2), pp. 7-21.

Example social work dissertation subject 6:

Finish of existence decisions: The function from the social worker

The populace from the Uk is definitely an ageing one. Movements for euthanasia have strengthened awareness of finish of existence decisions and social workers can often be in the center and services information users’ desire to cease living. This dissertation examines the legal position of social workers in finish of existence decisions, along with the ethical and emotional ramifications of calls thereof. The research looks at the training options presently given when it comes to both to social work students, and also to existing social workers through ongoing professional development workshops and programmes. Finally, it draws up strategies for the strategies by which social workers can clarify their roles, and offers links towards the support readily available for individuals such situations.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Christ, G.H. and Sormanti, M. (2008) ‘Evolving social work practice in finish-of-existence care’, Social Operate in Healthcare. Vol. 30(2), pp. 81-99.
  • Csikai, E.L. (1999) ‘The function of values and experience of figuring out social workers’ attitudes toward euthanasia and aided suicide’, Social Work Healthcare, Vol. 30(1), pp.75-95.
  • Dolgoff, R. Harrington, D. and Loewenberg, F.M. (eds) (2012). Ethical decisions for social work practice (ninth edn). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Example social work dissertation subject 7:

Evidence-based practice: One for lifelong learning

Within undergraduate and postgraduate social work levels the significance of promulgating evidence-based practice is recognized and well grounded. However, for that slightly older specialist, the habitual use – and acceptance of – intuition-based practice can result in resistance within the adoption of theories of evidence-based practice. This dissertation accordingly evaluates the extent that professionals inside the field who’re within their late 40s and 50s would take advantage of career professional development that can take them into the classroom to revise their theoretical understandings of key issues and to do this with regards to evidence-based situation studies which have been educationally evaluated.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Grinnell, R.M and Unrau, Y.A. (2011) Social work research and evaluation: Foundations of evidence-based practice (ninth edn) . Oxford: Oxford College Press.
  • Kazi, M.A.F. Pagkos, B. and Milch, H. (2011) ‘Realist evaluation in wraparound: A brand new approach in social work evidence-based practice’, Research on Social Work Practice, Vol. 21(1), pp. 57-64.

Example social work dissertation subject 8:

Training from Cleveland: The result from the media

The Cleveland child abuse situation would be a scandal in several ways. First, the amount of children taken into care was substantial, at 121 children. Next, the press not just produced prevalent understanding of not just the particular cases in Cleveland however in the problem of kid abuse across the country further, come families used this power the press to for re-analysis of the situation, and therefore the press was at part accountable for the restitution of kids for their families. Thirdly, broad community perceptions were that social workers were the agents of removal, yet such removals were carried out around the advice of doctors, and, in some instances, resistant to the advice of social workers. Focusing upon the function from the media and also the training learned, this dissertation asks whether more still must be completed to not safeguard individuals who aren’t guilty until so proven and the requirement for greater sensitivity in the press. In that way, this situation looks at the role from the press not just in the Cleveland situation however in subsequent media-fuelled cases such as Baby P.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Ayre, P. (2001) ‘Child protection and also the media: Training in the last three decades’, British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 31(6), pp. 887-901.
  • Parton, N. (2012) ‘Glare on ‘governing the family’: The close relationship between child protection and social operate in advanced Western societies – The instance of England’, Families, Relationships and Societies. Vol. 1(1), pp. 87-101.

Example social work dissertation subject 9:

The action of reflection: Self-indulgence or perhaps a model for learning in social work

The necessity to remember a person’s own professional practice is viewed as vital inside the training that certain receives in social work. This dissertation seeks, however, to check the validity of the contention with regards to work ‘within the field’. Through so doing the work questions whether, inside a profession that’s always lacking some time and sources, ongoing self-reflection is important to make sure that the specialist stays focused upon the work they do or whether it’s largely a workout in self-indulgence utilising time that may be better put in reviewing situation notes and making certain that interventions always conform or exceed preferred best practice. In furthering this type of enquiry the dissertation uses both qualitative and quantitative research techniques in addition to comparative work from social work services abroad to supply a number of reasoned recommendations regarding the requirement for self-evaluation and ongoing professional development.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Heron, B. (2005) ‘Self&#8208reflection in critical social work practice: Subjectivity and also the options of resistance’, Reflective Practice: Worldwide and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Vol. 6(3), pp. 341-351.
  • Mann, K. Gordon, J. and MacLeod, A. (2009) ‘Reflection and reflective practice in health professions education: An organized review’, Advances in Health Sciences Education, Vol. 14(4), pp. 595-621.
  • Wilson, G. and Kelly, B. (2010) ‘Evaluating the potency of social work education: Preparing students for practice learning’, British Journal of Social Work. Vol. 40(8), pp. 2431-2449.

Example social work dissertation subject 10:

Mentoring like a crucial element of social work training: An evaluation

The function from the mentor is pivotal within social work training. Not just may be the personal relationship and rapport between mentor and mentee essential in the introduction of professional conduct however the mentor also functions like a ‘first port from the interplay between individual mentors and mentees may have a dramatic effect not just on which the mentee learns but additionally on their own career development. Shadowing three social work trainees in 2 London boroughs this dissertation combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques to make a dissertation that isn’t only grounded in recognized reasoning but additionally first-hands experience.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Ragins, B.R. and Cotton, J.L. (1999) ‘Mentor functions and outcomes: An evaluation of folks in formal and informal mentoring relationships’, Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol. 84(4), pp. 529-550.
  • Leung, Z.C.S. (2009) ‘Understanding management in social work: Types and procedures of understanding discussing in social service organizations’, British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 39(4), pp. 693-709.
  • Tsui, M. (2005) Social work supervision: Contexts and ideas. London: SAGE.

Example social work dissertation subject 11:

The sensible challenges of inter-professional practice in social work today

Social work and intervention doesn’t appear in a vortex of isolation. Rather, to make sure that the perfect interventions are created a mix agency approach is frequently needed. With youthful people and vulnerable adults this frequently takes the type of dealing with probation services, colleges and schools, medical professionals and a number of additional stakeholders. Utilizing a multi-method research technique and according to student observations within Bolton, this can be a dissertation that gives an invaluable insight towards the challenges that face inter-agency and inter-professional working patterns (including comments around the variations in departmental governance and practices).

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Bell, L. and Allain, L. (2011) ‘Exploring professional stereotypes and learning for inter-professional practice: A good example from United kingdom qualifying level social work education’, Social Work Education: The Worldwide Journal, Vol. 30(3), pp. 266-280.
  • Pollard, K. Miers, M. and Rickaby, C. (2012) ‘‘Oh why did not I take more notice?’ Professionals’ views and perceptions of the pre-qualifying interprofessional learning as preparation for interprofessional employed in practice’, Journal of Interprofessional Care. not printed.
  • Pollard, K.C. Thomas, J. and Miers, M. (eds) (2010) Understanding interprofessional employed in health insurance and social care: Theory and exercise. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Example social work dissertation subject 12:

The policies from the Coalition Government regarding social work: An evaluation

Age austerity ushered along with the election from the Coalition Government has resulted in many key changes towards the means by which social jobs are governed within Britain. The requirement for cost efficiencies has led to a loss of the amount of situation workers and, using that, an elevated work for individuals who remain. This, when along with a loss of how much money out of which to launch investigations, implies that front line services happen to be adversely affected because the Coalition found power. Because of the on-going requirement for departments to create further cuts this dissertation not just analyses the already-felt aftereffect of the Coalition’s cuts but additionally predicts the likely results of the further cuts within the next two financial years.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Jordan, B. (2012) ‘Making feeling of the ‘Big Society’: Social work and also the moral order’, Journal of Social Work, not printed.
  • Parton, N. (2011) ‘Child protection and safeguarding in England: Altering and competing conceptions of risk as well as their implications for social work’, British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 41(5), pp. 854-875.
  • Parton, N. (2012), ‘Glare on ‘governing the family’: The close relationship between child protection and social operate in advanced Western societies – The instance of England’, Families, Relationships and Societies. Vol. 1(1), pp. 87-101.

Example social work dissertation subject 13:

The safeguarding of vulnerable adults: Social work interventions

Vulnerable adults take great shape from individuals with learning difficulties to individuals who, through for example senior years or infirmity, can’t take care of themselves. Inside a similar guise, interventions can take on an array of characteristics. This dissertation focuses particularly on vulnerable youthful adults within the 18 – 24 year senior years group who possess mental health difficulties inside the Greater Newcastle area. Grounded theoretically, this dissertation also uses interviews with practitioners, clients and also the group of clients to evaluate the extent that present-day interventions not just comply with best practice but may be further improved in order to make sure that client care is definitely maximised.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Grant, G. (2012) ‘Safeguarding vulnerable adults within the existence course’, in, Katz, J. Peace, S. and Spurr, S. Adult lives: A existence course perspective. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Manley, F. (2011) ‘Issues with the word and idea of ‘abuse’: Critical glare around the Scottish adult support and protection study’, British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 42(3).
  • Van Dorn, R.A. Scheyett, A. Swartz, M.S. and Swanson, J.W. (2010) ‘Psychological advance directives and social workers: An integrative review’, Social Work, Vol. 55(2), pp. 157-167.

Example social work dissertation subject 14:

A general change in career: A transition to social work from previous employment – the student’s experience

This dissertation compares the experience with two student social workers who’ve launched into a career move throughout their 30s. The 2 students under consideration are generally their studies at Manchester Metropolitan College and also have given full accept to this research. Notwithstanding problems with ethics and knowledge protection this dissertation supplies a unique insight towards the challenges and difficulties faced by individuals seeking to go in the profession following a previous career. Through being located in both theory and practical realities this dissertation makes not just a valuable contribution to existing academic literature but may be useful to individuals who, later on, will also be contemplating a career move into social work.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Collins, S. Coffey, M. and Morris, L. (2010) ‘Social work students: Stress, support and well-being’ British Journal of Social Work, Vol. 40(3), pp. 963-982.
  • Crisp, B.R. and Maidment, J. (2009) ‘Swapping roles or swapping desks? When experienced practitioners become students on placement’, Learning in Health insurance and Social Care, Vol. 8(3), pp. 165-174.

Example social work dissertation subject 15:

An email within the diary isn’t enough: Personal issues of safety for social workers

As statistics prove, assaults along with other functions of aggression are more and more being levelled against social workers. Too frequently, however, the only real precautionary measure taken by agencies (particularly individuals inside the charitable sector) is really a note within the diary in which the social worker is anticipated to become at some point. This dissertation explores the measures presently in position at three sites: a nearby authority, and 2 charitable sector sites. It evaluates whether these measures are sufficient to keep the physical safety of social workers, and if the social workers under consideration feel safe when undertaking their responsibilities. Finally, it views whether insufficient safety precautions impair the caliber of work carried out (for instance, because of insufficient focus) and develops strategies for future practice.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • McDonald, G. (2005) ‘Violence within the social work workplace: The Canadian experience’, Worldwide Social Work, Vol. 48(6), pp. 772-781.
  • Bibby, P. (1994) Personal safety for social workers. Abingdon: Ashgate. Taylor, H. Beckett, C. and McKeigue, B. (2008) ‘Judgements of Solomon: Anxieties and defences of social workers involved with care proceedings’, Child Family Social Work. Vol. 13, pp. 23-31.

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