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Social policy phd thesis proposal

Social policy phd thesis proposal full-time

Are you currently thinking about studying for any PhD around? Deciding whether or not to attempt a PhD is a vital decision and something that should be made after a lot of consideration and research. We’re here that will help you at each stage of the process, from deciding whether a PhD fits your needs, to locating detailed information about how to use.

You need to find all the information that you’ll require in this article, from writing an investigation proposal to when you (and why you need to) call us. We include links to the Research Centres and Departments (Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, Geography, Financial aspects, Politics and Worldwide Studies), where you’ll find individual profiles for every employee in addition to info on staff specialisms, recent PhD topics and current students.


The School of Social Sciences has become a website of distinctive expertise and innovation across the country and worldwide in study regarding Psychology, Social Policy, Criminology, Politics and Political Theory, Geography, Sociology and Financial aspects. The Faculty’s searching and it is publications happen to be influential across academia, in policy as well as in broader society, developing a significant status for excellence in the Open College during these fields.

The School includes a thriving research culture and it is dedicated to its development and enhancement. We have many Research Centres based within or attached to the Faculty, and students ought to join and take part in a number of these. An advantage of their studies at outdoors College is our dedication to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work. In addition, when we’re mainly a distance education institution at undergraduate level, students undertaking doctorate study possess the chance to sign up fully within the intellectual existence from the college.

Social policy phd thesis proposal years of your life

There exists a lively body of full-some time and part-time students who organise conferences, studying groups and have interaction in online forum and face-to-face discussion and support. Finally, an Ou peut-rrtre un research degree offers the chance to create your mark with research inside a subject that fuels your interest and inspires your imagination.

Kinds of research degree

There’s two types of research degree obtainable in the school of Social Sciences:

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Students with this degree to experience a research programme that needs proficiency in research techniques and methods and shows an sufficient understanding from the literature. The research also needs to create a distinct contribution to scholarship inside your field. A thesis for that MPhil degree should not be a greater than 60,000 words long.

Physician of Philosophy (PhD)

A thesis for that Physician of Philosophy must create a significant contribution to understanding, be worth publication and provide proof of what you can do to attempt further research not being watched. A PhD thesis should not be a greater than 100,000 words long.

All prospective students trying to get an investigation degree will make an application for an MPhil first and foremost. Students will be needed to pass through what is called probation to become upgraded to PhD after roughly twelve months of study full-some time and 2 yrs part-time.

Social policy phd thesis proposal in this page

Probation requires students to submit a substantive bit of written work along with a discussion regarding your use academics apart from your supervisors, and it is in position to make certain you’re to attempt PhD research. Some students seek upgrading to PhD, this will not diminish the need for MPhil research sometimes.

You are able to affect study full-time or part-time.

If you’re able to dedicate time to some full-time research study, you will find yourself dealing with the OU’s academic staff in the University’s headquarters at Walton Hall, Milton Keynes or, for several projects, at certainly one of its Regional Centres. Competitive studentships are occasionally available with the College or any other funding physiques. We recognise that funding plays a part in many students’ decision-making about beginning a PhD. Because of this, students who fund their very own studies can register either full-time or part-time. Part-time study is frequently more viable for self-funding students.

Too busy for full-time study and have other commitments? Don’t be concerned. In the Ou peut-rrtre un we are able to provide a solution: the opportunity to study without quitting work or individuals commitments. Part-time exterior study is simply that. You should use research facilities in your house area, along with the library along with other sources at Walton Hall. You’ll be getting regular conferences together with your supervisor(s) at mutually agreed occasions. Outdoors College is really a world-leading resource in supplying use of an excellent assortment of on-line electronic materials, together with support on how to make best utilization of it.

The college sometimes offers studentships which will cover the charges for part-time study and when you’re employed for that Open College you might get a fee-waver for part-time study.

The School provides a plan whereby research students registered as PT in the Open College, and using their company universities, whether located in the United kingdom or Overseas, can go to the Faculty for at least 1 week. The objective of the Plan would be to allow research students to utilize academics highly relevant to your quest and have fun playing the intellectual existence from the college.

Like a visiting student you’ll have the Open College Library (susceptible to registration using the Library) The College offers use of desk space, computer along with a telephone, though at occasions this might require discussing the facilities with other people. The College doesn’t provide any type of secretarial or any other support, apart from for activities that directly connect with searching. We provide no financial support for the trip to cover accommodation along with other expenses and charges may apply, with respect to the conditions from the student. Please contact the appropriate Departmental Postgraduate Co-ordinator for more details.


Doctorate students are needed to fulfill certain attendance needs which may have an effect upon where you reside. Full-time students are needed to sign up fully within the research activity from the Faculty and College and really should therefore reside in commutable distance in the campus. Part-time students frequently live in a good distance, but they are still needed to go to regular supervision conferences (once every a couple of several weeks) using their supervisors and are encouraged to try to attend workshops along with other relevant conferences. Hence students should normally be resident within the United kingdom. We’ll however consider applicants who would like to study on outdoors the United kingdom should there be compelling reasons to do this as well as on a situation-by situation-basis.

When you should call us

It is crucial that you call us after getting browse the information found in these webpages. Staff are only able to help you further for those who have a reasonably obvious concept of your quest subject and you are fairly certain staff people can supervise you. To get this done we propose that additionally you take a look at individual Department sites here and Research Center sites. If after searching only at that information you’re unsure, then do you can call us. Your relevant contact have a greater in-depth concept of the connection involving the subject and potential supervisors. It is crucial that you give them enough details about your subject and you ought to try to send by email a couple of-3 sentences of knowledge. Incorporate your academic and professional background and your experience with research methods if relevant.

When we think we be capable to supervise your subject, you will subsequently be directed towards likely supervisors who’ll provide help in working on your proposal and application. We’ve also provided some good info on this website about writing an investigation proposal, which is mounted on the application form.

Trying to get an investigation degree


To use to review at doctorate level you’d normally be envisioned having a great first degree (2.1 or over or equivalent) inside a relevant subject in most cases a postgraduate qualification highly relevant to your selected field of study. If undertaking field research (research which involves research subjects or primary documentary materials) you will have to have experienced an acceptable grounding in research methods in your undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Even though the Ou peut-rrtre un provides an Induction programme and school workshops for research students, in addition to supervision, this is supposed to enhance and support your quest skills and you’re envisioned having already acquired a great grounding in research methods prior to starting your PhD.

Doctorate level study is all about researching a professional subject or field, and reviewing a summary of our current and former PhD topics will illustrate how specialised doctorate scientific studies are needed to become. Your quest is anticipated to create an authentic contribution towards the field, whether by theoretical innovation, or by making use of existing theory to a different section of social existence or new context. You will have to select a subject you’re excited and enthusiastic about, or that you simply feel is socially important. This can be the most crucial facet of selecting your subject, since you’ll be coping with your subject, and investing your powers in it, not less than three years of the existence.

You’ll most likely must have in your mind an idea of the items career you need, even though this is not really a prerequisite for study (or winning a scholarship) and lots of students who attempt doctorate study decide relating to this his or her research develops.

It’s useful to select a subject that you have some fairly substantial understanding about, whether this really is linked to experience or previous study. It’s useful to see around your subject before approaching us to find out if your interests will prove to add anything a new comer to the area. Try to result in the subject manageable. Doctorate study isn’t intended as a life’s work rather it’s a walking-stone to help research.

For more advice on how to choose your subject, you might prefer to consult other sources, for example Researching Real-World Problems: Helpful tips for Ways of Inquiry (2005), by Zina O’Leary, printed by Sage.

Doctorate research, unlike other college studies, is nearly entirely self-directed and motivated. You’re in the helm of the project. However, you’re supported within this endeavour by ‘supervisors’, usually two, who’re academics with a decent specialist grounding inside your selected field.

Picking a a supervisor is a vital facet of deciding where you need to pursue your quest studies. For doctorate study, the suggested subject and techniques recommended within the applicant’s research proposal must fit inside the goals, objectives and expertise of research groups and individual people of educational staff. Choose an consultant who’s also interested and experienced in your subject. Partly, you should think about selecting which college you’ll affect according to in which the supervisor you most want to utilize is situated. Clearly, this isn’t always possible, however the student-supervisor relationship is definitely an very important a part of your quest degree which is vital you discover someone whose interests suit your own. If there’s no-one out of our faculty whose interests suit your own then you will have to consider other ability or universities.

We’re thrilled to offer suggestions about this. Please speak to your best Postgraduate Coordinator who’ll consult with you your own personal needs. The individual you contact would be the one located in the Department you believe most reflects your quest interests. Although we more and more supervise across Departments (for instance, through good research Centres), students continue to be located in specific Departments and have fun playing the existence of this Department.

Writing an offer

Ordinarily a proposal ought to be between 1,500 and a pair of,000 words and include the next:

  • A functional title from the subject area
  • General overview/introduction from the area – what do you enjoy here?
  • dentification from the relevant literature – you will have to show a comprehension of some key regions of existing research, writing and when relevant policy.
  • Key research questions – do you know the important questions you’ve regarding your subject?
  • Methodology – what’s your general approach inside your research? Would you like to do qualitative or quantitative research, or both? What types of methods do you consider is useful for you? Or perhaps is your quest mainly desk-based/theoretical?
  • Timescale/research planning – how would you organise your 3 years for full-time or six years for part-time?
  • Bibliography

Making a credit card applicatoin

Should you want to pursue a proper application, please complete the applying forms within the Research Levels Prospectus and return those to the study Levels Office having a copy of the research proposal. The Study Levels Office will forward your completed application and research proposal towards the relevant Department within the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The primary application period comes from November to March, to start study within the following October. Applications may from time to time be looked at outdoors this era, to benefit from particular studentships and funding possibilities.

Postgraduate Co-ordinator contacts

Our Departments

For more information concerning the precise topics we are curious about supervising check out the departmental postgraduate research pages.

Our Research Centres


It is way better to sort out which research subject you are looking at and spend some time studying this before you decide to call us. You’ll look more severe being an applicant should you choose this.

Is it possible to supervise my subject?

You may decide to consider the links indexed by this site to try to find potential supervisors yourself. You might be able to refer to them as directly, but please build up a reasonably detailed explanation of the potential subject before you decide to do that.

Will I require a Masters qualification to review for any PhD?

Right now, yes, probably. It’s makes sense to review for any Masters qualification – particularly one which has a research training component if you wish to undertake field research – prior to applying for a PhD. A Masters provides you with an chance to review your subject in additional depth. We don’t presently possess a research training programme which may allow gifted applicants to bypass the requirement for a Masters.

Should i reside in Milton Keynes?

No, but you have to reside in commutable distance and then visit regular supervisions and occasions, specifically if you are full-time. The guidelines are a little more flexible for somebody studying part-time, and perhaps (as well as on a situation by situation basis) we might consider applicants who would like to attend a substantial distance from your campus.

What research training are you able to offer?

We presently have faculty postgraduate workshops, which run monthly. The college also offers induction workshops, and postgraduate methods conferences. You might be able to make an application for funding to go to specific methods training workshops at other institutions. We’re presently analyzing our research methods provision over the college.

Are you in a position to fund me in my PhD?

We normally offer studentships each year which are marketed in greater education project sites (and knowledge can also be displayed in this website). They are highly competitive. There might be other funding schemes available, or else you might be able to access funding out of your employer in case your subject is pertinent for them. However, apart from these, you’ll have to be self-funded.

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