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Sense of place architecture thesis proposal

last updated: November 2007
This website chronicles the five year procedure for my architectural thesis that searched for look around the idea of devote architecture, using the learned concepts to some hypothetical project with an undeveloped part of waterfront land. This project tries to encourage a town to uncover itself and also the relationship between its feeling of place and it is waterfront.

The efforts of the thesis have inspired a residential area based coalition presently creating the preconditions for any major multi-use attraction facility on Thunder Bay, Ontarios waterfront go to the Lake Superior Place website for more information.
world wide web.lakesuperiorplace.org

the main objective of any architecture ought to be to create significant places for individuals to reside their daily lives

understanding human existence and also the spirit of place

Thesis Proposal – making feeling of place.

We live, play and work inside a world comprised of various kinds of places. We make use of the word place to explain our daily encounters, yet we’re not aware of the idea of place and also the role it plays in the style of the spaces by which we live. Place affects the way we go through the spaces we come across within our lives which spaces consequently give intending to our way of life and also the relationship we tell the locality.

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The Beginning – Theoretical concept explored.

The ways that we build define an awareness of methods our way of life exist together with this natural surroundings. We glance to nature, not just to comprehend it, but to beat its forces. The means by which we all experience our natural surroundings could be based on the spaces by which we live.

The understanding we develop with the relationship between our built and natural environments should reveal the spirit of place. Three elements man, nature and space, have to exist together inside a significant means by order in order for there to become an event of place.

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Part 3 – Building Program.

Metropolitan areas have altered in lots of ways with evolving technologies. The limitations in our locality are expanding and the opportunity to define our place within it is harder. There’s an increasing trend to redefine the look in our metropolitan areas with the renewal and redevelopment in our downtown and waterfront lands. This thesis compares the relationship of the mid-size city and it is waterfront so that they can involve the city within an understanding of place – developing a concentrate on the waterfront which will enrich the look from the city and symbolize a nearby spirit of place.

symbolizing the aspirations of individual and also the forces of nature

The Laker moored plus the massive concrete grain elevators continues to be explained our forefront-fathers denoting progress, wealth, power and concrete maturity. It’s an picture of industrial activity that’s disappearing from waterfronts worldwide – a picture we know of to represent growth and success for that metropolitan areas they harbor. This picture continues to be selected to create the conceptual framework for any social building around the local waterfront which will involve the city within an understanding of place and celebrate the neighborhood heritage and good reputation for a commercial waterfront.

Sense of place architecture thesis proposal define an understanding

Thorold J. Tronrud, Building the Indiustrial City, Chapter Six, Thunder Bay – From Competition to Unity. 1995.

the entire thesis report obtainable in PDF format

My full report obtainable in five parts in the following links. to download, right-mouse-click within the link and choose save-target-as in order to save for your computer hard-drive in PDF format.

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