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Sample article writing cbse class 12

CBSE Class 12 British – Content Creation CBSE,CCE and NCERT students can make reference to the attached file. All educational material online continues to be made by the very best teachers getting greater than two decades training experience of various schools. The research material on our website for those CBSE classes and subjects happen to be made by teachers from from coast to coast. All study material continues to be carefully designed keeping into mind the most recent CBSE examination trends.

Writing articles is definitely an art. The dictionary defines articles as an article in regards to a particular subject inside a newspaper or magazine. Articles is definitely an expression of one’s deliberation over a problem or perhaps a subject logically and coherently designed in significant sentences.

• Provide a title that catches the interest from the readers.

• Start with an uplifting opening sentence which addresses your readers and will get them thinking about the subject.

• Present a powerful argument for the ideas supporting it with evidences or elaboration.

• Use linking devices (however, therefore, although, despite the fact that, so as to…) to help make the composition appear an entire.

• Introduce a brand new point at the outset of an each paragraph that follows, to bolster your opinions.

• Build up your ideas around you are able to to ensure they are intriguing and substantial.

• Conclude together with your most powerful point.

• Use passive voice, humor, emotive language, rhetorical questions to supply a specific effect.

You’re Vikranth / Vinitha, an independent author much worried about the discriminatory management of women within the Indian society. Write articles in 150 – 200 words tossing light about this problem and providing recommendations for putting an finish into it. (10 marks)

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It’s a pity that inside a country where women are stated to become worshipped, there’s a prevalent discrimination of these even prior to being born. Certain brutal practices such as the female feticide throw light on the attitude. The lady child is regarded as a liability and doesn’t benefit from the rights of the boy. She’s denied the benefit of proper education. The dowry system haunts parents and also the harassment she’s exposed to in the in-laws and regulations frequently pressure her to commit suicide.

Even just in enlightened homes, the lady needs to live her existence under surveillance, otherwise in strict ‘purdah’. Working women are physically and verbally mistreated, denied possibilities of growth and exposed to discrimination.

Education can empower women to battle for his or her legal rights. It’s also down to the educated society to get results for the reason for women. Let she ‘t be worshipped but allow her to live a nutritious existence.

Questions for practice

1. Write articles within 200 words for the school magazine on ‘Films as well as their affect on school-going children’. You’re Manpreeth / Manjula, students of sophistication XII A.

2. You’re Rohit / Kamal. You attended a seminar on Yoga, a means of existence. Write articles within 150 – 200 words around the contribution of yoga in primary a proper and peaceful existence.

3. In today’s world, letter-writing has lost its charm. People and also the youth particularly depend more about mobiles and computers to speak. Write articles around the present trend within 150 to 200 words.

Sample article writing cbse class 12 of your school write

You’re Kiran / Karthik.

4. Lately you visited your ancestral home inside a village in Gujarat. You had been elated and strongly felt the requirement to keep the roots in our modern existence, which lie within our villages. Write articles for the school magazine. You’re Chetna / Chirag, Cultural Secretary of the school.

5. With rising number of individuals in the majority of the big metropolitan areas of the nation, the speed of crime has additionally elevated proportionately. Law enforcement must be been trained in new methodology of combating the crime besides altering the mindset. Write articles in 150 – 200 words around the role of police to maintain law and order within the metropolitan metropolitan areas. You’re Ravi/ Ravina.

6. The invention of cell phone h it’s really a blessing but when misused it can be a curse. Write articles within 150 – 200 words about this invention. You’re Karthik / Karishma.

7. Presently the costs of essential goods are skyrocketing causing much difficulty towards the common man. Write articles in 150 -200 words expressing your views and suggesting measures to curb this issue.

8. It really is a Do or Die struggle whenever we discuss ecological concerns. Being an active person in the Eco-friendly Club of the school write articles within 150 – 200 words in your concerns and the requirement for alternation in our attitude and practices.

9. Computer and game titles have grown to be well-liked by children today. Outside games appear to possess room within their existence any longer. You’re Sakthi/ Sathish. You enjoyed playing hide-n-seek together with your cousins in a tiny town. You thought it was so refreshing that you choose to write articles around the joys of playing outside games for that school magazine. Write it within 200 words.

10. Children between 13 and 19 years old are neither too youthful nor too mature. Today these children believe that the pressures from the competitive world they reside in make their lives less exciting.

11. Write articles in 150-200 words expressing your views. You’re Manish / Manisha.

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