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About Take advantage of Parnell

Take advantage of Parnell has the Writing Academy, a writer, screenwriter and freelance author. He’s additionally a motivational speaker and mentor who presently resides and works in Adelaide, Australia. He is part of the Society of Authors, the Writer’s Guild, the Australia Publishing Association and Authors World Worldwide.

In line with the success him and the wife Robyn Parnell have observed during the last 10 years together, they have created a brand new company RR Books Film Music, a multi-media company focused on developing the marketing quality creative projects for that store bought. They enthusiastically develop authors, film personnel and artists underneath the RR banner. Building around the phenomenal success of the easiest way to create, Take advantage of also founded a brand new website shortly known as world wide web.easywaytosuccess.com- a life-style e-magazine and self-help site to allow more and more people to profit from your inspirational vision and success oriented mindsets. He’s also presently writing and created and directing an element length documentary around the paranormal and psychic phenomena.

Rob’s proudest achievements include creating the easiest way to create in 2002, which went from absolutely nothing to millions of dollar website within 30 several weeks. He attributes his success to being focused, planning, understanding what he wants and knowning that the only real limits are individuals we placed on ourselves.

Writing and educating others about the skill of writing for many of his professional existence by supplying superior writing courses, study packs and a range of professional writing services for authors of genres and proficiencies including suspense, romance, life story, fantasy and writing for children, Take advantage of has attempted to formulate his understanding and knowledge of conntacting help other authors enhance their ability as a copywriter and obtain printed.

Rob parnell the writing academy facets of the business including

As director from the Writing Academy, Take advantage of collaborates with authors while offering them guidance in the technical facet of publishing towards the conception of ideas. In addition Take advantage of inspires emerging authors using the creativeness to create from books to novels to screenplays. A number of Rob’s favorite books include Madame Bovary, The Da Vinci Code and also the Shining.

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