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Riverfront development architecture thesis proposal

Riverfront development architecture thesis proposal approximate elevation of

Type: Undergraduate fifth year architecture thesis.

Degree: Thesis (B. Arch.)

Department: College of Architecture and Planning


Louisville, Kentucky, within the last half a century continues to be attempting to develop or redevelop its failing riverfront. The commercial district continues to be gradually moving southward (especially along 4th Street and warehousing has filled this void. In the past few years point about this land (between First and Ninth Roads and roughly two blocks deep) is becoming marked being an urban renewal area.Like a number of other cities Louisville’s central business district continues to be declining because of the growth and development of suburban shopping malls. The majority of the retailers of the area want to draw the folks to the middle, particularly if these characteristics have hardly any competition for them. The town of Louisville would like to create some kind of round-the-clock existence in the center.Previously few years Louisville has recognized that it’s deficient in the amount of cultural activities that is available. Louisville metropolitan area has about 850,000 people. This appears to become a sufficient number of individuals to aid a couple of cultural activities (i.e. a theater, museums, etc.). About 5 years ago in Louisville a theater was began and contains met positive results. Regrettably, Louisville is building an expressway loop — a part of which matches across the river. A play is within its road to destruction.There has been many proposals relating towards the riverfront however it has not been until lately (1963) when Doxiadis Association, Corporation.

Riverfront development architecture thesis proposal flood wall

from Washington D.C. were commissioned to complete a general plan. Their plan’s essentially this: the expressway runs across the river, between your limitations from the Riverfront Project, in the approximate elevation of the present ton wall a belvedere would be to extend over this, in the current degree of the current business district after which connect vertically, for some reason, towards the wharf area below, along as well as on the Ohio River. The belvedere would be to extend between 4th and Sixth Roads with 3 to 4 amounts of parking below.As with just about all proposals or plans there has been a lot of changes the belvedere level, except for a condo complex along with a motel, is totally up in mid-air. Therefore, Personally i think that this is an expedient spot to create a cultural center. I understand at the moment the theater will require a brand new site, Louisville can also be looking to get an all natural history museum “began”, there’s been talk of the botanical garden, there’s always a requirement for work place and small commercial stores that could assistance to finance a task such as this.I suggest as my thesis to review the requirements and demands (present and future) of Louisville’s cultural desires. When they are determined then get the river-front area formerly defined after which to pick a particular area within. El born area at the moment will most likely involve a play – for Personally i think that the theater will be a good project to create the culmination of most of the physical and ecological problems contained in a number of other situations.

Riverfront development architecture thesis proposal The commercial district has been

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