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Resume writing services bay area

Resume writing services bay area When your résumé has done

  • No-obligation, free rsum critique half-hour consultation: Show me your overall rsum (for those who have one) and let me know your job interests, strengths and preferred position. I evaluate your rsum, suggest ways of enhance your presentation and demonstrate rsums I’ve designed in your job field.
  • Free electronic copies (for clients): I email your documents for you as Ms Word attachments for you personally and reliable advisors to examine. Provided a CD of the final document.
  • Free printed copies (for clients): Once you inform me of ultimate changes, I print 10 copies of the rsum on elegant paper and supply matching paper (for canopy letters).
  • Free file maintenance (for clients): I’ll keep your electronic file on my small computer not less than 5 years.
  • Free letter of resignation (for clients): Whenever your rsum has been doing its job and it is now time to inform your old boss “goodbye,” I’ll happily compose a proper letter of resignation. This can help me to trace your job progress.
  • Unique, face-to-face, rsum-writing process: We sit together in the computer within my office, as i interview you and also create or improve your rsum. You can observe things i am writing and can collaborate within the creative process. Together we select and offer your most marketable experience and accomplishments. This gives you an chance for any relaxed, informal interview wedding rehearsal. We interact before you are certain that your written A portrait@ showcases your qualifications.
  • Update of the existing rsum for brand new old clients: If you’re a new client, I’m able to improve your old rsum out of your printed or e-mail (email or CD). If you are a old client, I’ll work out of your file I’ve saved on my small computer.
  • Effective cover thank-you letters: I summarize your qualifications and lure employers to see your rsum having a dynamic resume cover letter. I produce a thank-you-for-the-interview letter that you should strengthen your presentation and request the task!
  • Scannable rsum format: I reformat your rsum so that you can to stick it onto job boards and employer websites.
  • Interview coaching role playing: We construct your confidence and interview skills with formal dress rehearsals.
  • Worker self-evaluation memos: Some employers require that you simply write a self-evaluation at periodic times. Together we write a memo that you discuss your accomplishments as well as their importance towards the organization. In case your employer has provided an unfair performance review, we’ll craft a properly-reasoned response.

Resume writing services bay area interests, strengths and desired position

  • I guarantee you’re going to get interviews: In case your new rsum and resume cover letter don’t generate interviews (presuming you’ve broadly requested open positions that you qualify), I’ll rewrite these documents at no additional charge.
  • Same-day turnaround: I’ll schedule the required time for all of us to produce your rsum and resume cover letter right away. You go out having a near-finished draft or final document (your decision). It’s more suitable that you simply collect a draft to see over and tell reliable buddies and advisors who might suggest useful changes to enhance your presentation. I’m pleased to make these changes at no additional cost before I print your copies.
  • Your documents is going to be letter perfect: NO typos, misspellings, grammatical errors or awkward constructions!
  • Your documents is going to be targeted at your audience: You should highlight individuals qualifications valued from your target industry and also to use correct industry-specific terms and acronyms. It’s equally essential to eliminate industry or military “jargon” when seeking new possibilities outdoors of the old industry.

Resume writing services bay area your career interests


  • Assist with application essays for academic admissions: Provided face-to-face, step-by-step assistance with things to say and the way to write a cogent, polished essay or “personal statement” needed for application to law, medical, dental and veterinary schools or any other graduate programs.
  • Critical analysis, professional editing and/or rewrite of journal articles, theses professional reports: Following a careful studying, I would recommend how you can reorganize your text for cogency and comprehensibility, and/or Provided your final polish for top impact and readability.
  • Strategic business plans, proposals, brochures content: Together we develop these items from concept through final copy

Appointments anytime you like. Weekdays by appointment only from 10:00 AM to five:00 PM. Contact Details: Call Nancy Siegel for hourly rates appointment. (813) 873-2554

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