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Release your ego is writing the handful of men who

Charlie. Great, i then will not need to bother about you making your living like a singer.

Maverick. I am have to a beer to place these flames out. Yo! Great Mav, real clever.

Maverick. Jesus, and also you think I am reckless? After I fly, I’ll have you will know my crew and my plane come first.

Charlie. Well, I will finish my sentence, Lieutenant. My overview of your flight performance was directly on.

Charlie. That’s right, however i held something back. I see some real genius inside your flying, Maverick, however i can’t state that inside. I had been afraid that everybody within the tax trailer would see through me, and that i just do not want anybody to understand that I have fallen for you personally.

Carole. God, he loved flying along with you Maverick. But he would’ve tried it anyway. without you. He’d have hated it, but he would’ve tried it.

Charlie. So, lieutenant, where exactly had you been?

Maverick. Began on a 6, as he pulled in the clouds, after which I moved in above him.

Charlie. Well, should you be directly above him, how may you see him?

Maverick. Since I was inverted.

Iceman. [coughs although saying] Bullshit.

Goose. No, he was man. It had been an excellent move. He was inverted.

Charlie. You had been inside a 4g inverted dive having a MiG28?

Goose. It had been really about 1 1 / 2 I believe. It had been 1 1 / 2. I have had a great Polaroid from it, and he’s immediately, should be 1 1 / 2.

Charlie. Eh, lieutenant, what had you been doing there?

Maverick. Communicating. Maintaining foreign relations. You realize, giving him the bird!

Goose. [Charlie looks puzzled, so Goose clarifies] You realize, the finger

Charlie. Yes, I understand the finger, Goose.

Goose. I-I am sorry, I personally don’t like it if this does that, I am sorry. Pardon me.

Viper. Someone flies jets lengthy enough, something similar to this occurs.

Release your ego is writing Jesus Christ, and you think

Maverick. He was my R.I.O. my responsibility.

Viper. My squadron, we lost 8 of 18 aircraft. 10 men. First dies, you die too. But you will see others. You are able to rely on that. You gotta allow him to go. You gotta allow him to go.

Cougar. God dammit, Mustang! This really is Ghost Rider 117. This bogey is over me. He has got missile lock on me. Have i got permission to fireplace?

Stinger. Don’t fire until fired upon.

Goose. It’s the foot of the ninth, the score is tied. It is time for that big one.

Iceman. You up with this one, Maverick?

Maverick. Only a walk-in-the-park, Kazansky.

Maverick. I can tell it’s harmful for you personally, however, if the government trusts me, you may could.

Charlie. It requires greater than just fancy flying.

Goose. (checking the plaque with names from the the best) No, boys. There are 2 “O”s in Goose.

Goose. Yeeha, Jester’s dead!

Hollywood. Hell no, man. We’ve got our butts kicked.

Wolfman. A few seconds. We went such as this, he went like this. I stated to Hollywood, “Where’d he go?” Hollywood states, “Where’d who go?”

Hollywood. Yeah, and he’s poking fun at us, directly on radio stations, he’s poking fun at us.

Slider. Which was me laughing, dickhead.

[Merlin sees the final two MiGs flying away in the finish from the dogfight]

Merlin. Mustang, this really is Voodoo 3. Remaining MiGs are bugging out.

Stinger. [to Maverick following the last dogfight] How’s it feel to be the leading page of each and every newspaper within the British-speaking world, although the other part denies the incident?

Release your ego is writing genius in your


Slider. [Iceman shoots lower a MiG] Splash that sucker, yeah!

Officer: [in the middle of the MIG fight] Both Catapults are damaged, mister.

Stinger. How lengthy does it take?

Officer: It’ll take 10 mins.

Stinger. Bullshit 10 mins! This factor is going to be in two minutes! Jump on it!

Goose. Great balls of fireside!

Maverick. Standby, Viper’s coming lower.

Viper. Damn, this kid is nice!

[first title card]

Title Card: On March 3, 1969 the U . s . States Navy established a top-notch school for that top 1 % of their pilots. Its purpose ended up being to educate the lost art of aerial combat and also to insure the number of men that graduated were the very best fighter pilots on the planet. They been successful. Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School. The flyers refer to it as: TOP GUN.

Jester. Which was the best flying I have seen up to now – up to the part in which you got wiped out.

Hollywood. Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav.

Charlie. Hello, Pete Mitchell. I heard the the best would return here, so uh.

Maverick. This may be complicated. You realize on the first I crashed and burned.

Maverick. I’m not sure, but uh, it’s searching good to date.

Cougar. I am gonna break high and right, find out if he’s really alone.

Maverick. I’ll hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by.

Maverick. [spots Charlie the very first time She’s lost that loving feeling.

Goose. She’s lo. No she has not.

Goose. She’s not lost that lo.

Maverick. Goose, she’s dropped it, man.

Goose. [to themself] Aw sh. I personally don’t like it when she does that.

Viper. Maverick, I travelled together with his old man. Let me know one factor, when you get into fight can you want him along with you?

Jester. I’m not sure, I simply have no idea.

Air Boss Manley. A couple of your snot-nose jockeys did a fly-by on my small tower in excess of 400 KNOTS! I would like somebody’s butt, I would like it now, I have Been With Them!

[storm out, then bumps right into a Yeoman and spills coffee throughout his pants]

Air Boss Manley. DAMN! That’s Two times! I Would Like SOME BUTTS!

Charlie. [Maverick and Goose have recently effectively serenaded Charlie using their rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”] Sit lower! I really like that song! How lengthy have you ever two been carrying this out act?

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