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Rehabilitation center architecture thesis proposal

Rehabilitation center architecture thesis proposal Adobe In

“To create a center to enhance independence and mobility of patients, undergoing cardiac (physical) rehabilitation.”

Healthcare product options were very limited and poor. There have been couple of healthcare niche manufacturers and individuals which were around were driven by functional needs, with little focus on appearance. A healthcare design which maximizes efficiency, safety, sustainability, and employ of technology, didn’t always result in a positive experience for individuals receiving care. Actually while clinically excellent, healthcare environments is quite cold, non-supportive, alienating and isolating uncomfortable places to receive care. A much better fundamental level (design) can alter the machine and re- align it round the patient’s needs.

To create a much better rehabilitation center for cardiac patients must be worried about the individual needs for any holistic atmosphere with infection control, clean-sweep areas and performance surfaces. Concentrating on patient/staff safety first, way finding, room function and detail, day lighting and artificial lighting design, presented views, specifics, forms and visual textures.

“We shape our structures, and later on our structures shape us”- by Robert N. Myer
– To make use of the holistic and sustainability method for the rehabilitation center.
– Humanize and deinstitutionalize welcoming space which boosts your building ability.
– To supply a positive physical, emotional and spiritual atmosphere for that patients and occupants.

PARTI- My 2D parti diagram illustrates an all natural natural pattern which shows the overlaying of shapes and pat- terns suggesting the general and individual relationship nature.

Rehabilitation center architecture thesis proposal functional needs, with

My CardioSmart Rehabilitation Center connects your brain, Body and also the Soul to one another by overlapping their functions in existence and nature.

Technical Skills- Auto CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe illustrator, Adobe In-design, Sketch up, Kerkythea

Status: School Project
Location: Charlestown, MA, US
My Role: Programming, Space Planning, Concept development, design development, Material and finishes, Graphic presentation
Additional Credits: Individual Projects

Concept Layout

Layout Materials Flooring Finishes

Reflected Ceiling Plan Lighting Fixtures

Perspective Section Furniture

Perspective Section Furniture

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