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Questions to answer when writing your life story

Questions to answer when writing your life story talked about knowing Jesus for

I had been doing a friend—a former coworker from the couple of years back—over drinks one evening, as he requested me things i now do as a living. I described my job would be to help university students build relationships the large questions of existence. Then he requested me if I’d been a Christian. This sort of real question is a wide open invitation to speak about my experience with God, and so i told him my story.

You’ve most likely experienced the same situation. In a single sense, discussing the storyline of the conversion is fairly simple. You had been there if this happened in the end, so it’s nothing like you are attempting to recount something abstract or theoretical. It’s forget about complex than telling someone the plot of the movie you saw a week ago.

However, you can study to inform your story better should you perform a bit of preparation. Peter authored that people should “always be ready to give a solution to anybody who insists upon give the reason behind anticipation that you simply have” (1 Peter 3:15). One “reason” for the hope is Jesus and just what he’s completed in your existence. And Peter states you need to “prepare” for possible possibilities to discuss him.

Listed below are some pointers for considering and writing your testimony. After you have go through them, put aside half an hour to reply to the reflective questions and perform the actual writing.

fifteen minutes: Know Your Before, During, after

Paul appeared to regularly share his testimony. Within the book of Functions alone, he shares it three occasions. He informs it just a little differently every time, but additionally ensures to incorporate exactly the same three elements:

  • Before: Paul gives an overview from the situation before he experienced Jesus.
  • During: Paul shares a story from the encounter itself.
  • After: Paul describes how existence continues to be different since meeting Jesus.

Questions to answer when writing your life story and After     
   Paul seemed

It’s a fairly simple structure it is simple to imitate. Listed below are some reflection questions (adapted from questions by Evangelism Coach Chris Master ) that will help you consider and compile the raw material of the spiritual journey up to now. The questions are made to trigger your way of thinking, to not restrict you you can add other things you believe is essential.

That Which Was Your Existence Like Before You Decide To Experienced Jesus?

  1. Consider each phase of the existence. That which was your belief like during childhood, on your adolescent years, and today being an adult? Jot lower some tips for all these three phases.
  2. Can you say you’d any encounters with God or clarified hopes before your conversion. Describe them. How did these influence knowing about it of God?
  3. Create a list from the longings and needs that formed your trip to Christ. What apparent needs did Jesus address? Maybe it was a feeling of avoid, a wish for forgiveness and acceptance, the longing to understand God, the necessity to find significance, or anything else? How had you been restless before your conversion? Try your very best to explain this trouble sleeping in terms of others might recognize similarly within their lives.
  4. Who have been the key people or groups who influenced you to definitely follow Jesus. How did they assist you progress toward Jesus? Are you able to remember anything specific they stated or did to beat misconceptions, help you look at your requirement for Jesus, or unsettle your opinions? What were the pivotal moments and conversations?

Questions to answer when writing your life story address the longings

How Have You Meet Jesus?

  1. What were the conditions of the existence at that time whenever your belief grew to become real. Try your very best to explain this in terms of others might recognize similarly within their lives.
  2. Are you able to identify a specific moment or period whenever you welcomed Jesus in? Where did which happen? Describe that which you felt and experienced. Whether it happened on the extended period of time, maybe pick a couple of key turning points and concentrate in it. In case your conversion happened at the start of your childhood, describe a period when you believe your belief grew to become your personal, made sense, or came alive.
  3. Should you be answering a sermon or perhaps a Bible study. that which was it about? What were the conditions of the existence that helped that message seem sensible?
  4. How did your encounter with Jesus address the longings, desires, and/or trouble sleeping you experienced just before conversion? How does one describe the central issue or question of the journey. How did God answer this?
  5. That which was the role of Christian community inside your surrendering to Jesus? How did the folks you pointed out above, or possibly a church, InterVarsity chapter, GIG. Bible study, or Christian buddies play a role? How did they influence you? How did they assist you realize your requirement for God?

What Difference Has Following Jesus Made?

  1. When you tell someone your reason for a Christian. what can you say?
  2. So how exactly does knowing Jesus now rival your previous (childhood, adolescent) belief ?
  3. How did/does knowing Jesus address the longings, desires, and trouble sleeping that you simply identified formerly inside your existence? Could it be just starting to deal using these matters, and have they been completely transformed ?
  4. How are you currently altered by God? This can be subtle or apparent changes .

fifteen minutes: Write Concisely and Conversationally

After you have some fundamental notes, the next thing is to shape it right into a communicable story .

Ensure That It Stays Short

You will find most likely lots of elements for your conversion, but brevity is among the secrets of telling your story well. There’s you don’t need to include everything. If individuals have questions or want additional information, they are able to always inquire.

You need to write a maximum of 100 words on every phase of the story, so that your total length is under 300 words. This is around three minutes lengthy when spoken aloud.

Think About Your Audience

Conversion is really a process. meaning each individual you share your testimony with is going to be at different stages that belongs to them spiritual journey. Therefore the best preparation for discussing your story would be to make certain long well and can relate it where they’re with God. Here is how to achieve that:

  1. Choose a friend who isn’t following Jesus. Any friend is going to do just pick one.
  2. Make a place and time where you may be getting a discussion together. Picture that place in your thoughts.
  3. Take each one of the three parts of your story – before, during, after – and write each section inside a form that might be appropriate that you should tell your selected friend in the problem you visualized. Make certain you range from the tips of the story that you simply think will interact with your friend. Please pray and get God by what will interact with them.
  4. Reread your story and think about whether a foreign language and words is going to be understandable for your friend. Where necessary, improve your mode of expression to remove Christian jargon. for example “saved,” “belief,” etc.).

Practice Telling Your Story

Now it’s time for you to share your story with another person. If you’re carrying this out reflection having a friend or group, split up into pairs and absorb it turns to discussing your tales with one another.

If you do practice by yourself or with Christian buddies, why don’t you encounter a buddy who doesn’t yet know Jesus? Whenever you meet, inform them you have lately been processing your knowledge about God and get them if they’d want to consider hearing your story. When they agree, share your story after which ask, “What do you consider? Does any one of this interact with you whatsoever?”

It’s not quite brain surgery! When my pal requested me basically had been a Christian, I understood my very own story good enough to choose probably the most relevant parts and relate these to his existence. I’d also done some focus on writing it, and so i had been ready to express myself succinctly and never drone on interminably. Since I stored it short and fascinating, my pal didn’t feel preached at and for that reason had much more questions so we spoken about knowing Jesus for around twenty minutes.

This can be done too! Grab a paper and pen (or enter in the Word worksheet ), and spend time getting ready to better inform your own story.

Download the questions above like a worksheet (Word) and go ahead and take next half an hour (or even more) to exercise the reflective questions and write your testimony. For those who have comments or questions on how to write your testimony, please leave them within the comment box below.

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