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Professional editing services fiction writing

Professional editing services fiction writing each provide as well as

I’m a separate believer in the significance of editing and that i are often requested for strategies for editors.

Here’s why editing is essential adopted by my strategies for editors I either know personally and have been suggested by readers of the blog/other authors.

Articles on the significance of editing

How to locate the best editor for the book – and much more editing questions clarified

Suggested editors

You need to assess the thing you need against what each provide along with the cost. Also think about your timings. You’ll have to book editing ahead of time as professionals will always be busy.

** Please be aware: Rates may changes with time &#8211 book the editor’s site for up-to-date prices **

New You are able to Book Editors. A small group of professional editors who’ve labored with a few of the greatest names in the market and also gives services to indie authors. In-depth manuscript reviews, manuscript critique, comprehensive edit, proposal edit, copyediting and ghostwriting.

Adian Editing. Jen Bloodstream is my editor for Desecration, Delirium and also the newer ARKANE books. I recommend her services! $.02 to $.04 per word (between $1,600 and $3,200 to have an 80,000 word novel)

Writership &#8211 Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer offer partial and full manuscript critiques in addition to editing services. Both are lovely people too

It Editor Show. Editing podcast in addition to a number of editors offering services including developmental edit, beta read, 10 page review or critique. Additionally they interviewed me about my editing process here .

Developmental Editing: $.04/word ($10/page) Copy and Line Editing: $.06/word ($15/page) Copy, Line, and Developmental Editing: $.10/word ($25/page)

Professional editing services fiction writing Group Full spectrum

Independent Editor’s Group. This option are seriously experienced and for that reason seriously costly. But if you wish to kick your writing one stage further, certainly try them out. You’ll be searching at $1500 upwards just for a go through and line edits could be over $10-$15 per page.

Editcetera. Enabling freelance editors to satisfy the best authors.

Kirkus Editorial. Kirkus accustomed to simply do reviews, description of how the come with an indie division as well as an editing division. For collaborative editing/ developmental editing it will likely be $2000+ for any 70,000 word manuscript. For copyediting, around $1400. There is a number of words calculator for that cost.

Sarah Kolb-Johnson. Editorial assessment, editing, proof-studying and back cover copy/bio. Prefers science-fiction.

The Literary Consultancy &#8211 Manuscript editing and assessment &#8211 300 for 100 double spaced pages, along with other prices for various projects, plus much more tailored options.

Harry Dewulf. Story development, editorial assessment, content editing.

It Butchers. ‘We slaughter your writing, therefore it can increase in glory in the ashes.’ Copyediting and proof-studying. Manuscript editing for authors also offers bonuses like market and keyword research, back cover copy help and discounts on book cover design. Between 2c &#8211 6c per word.

Line Upon Line Services &#8211 Arnetta Jackson offers proofreading and transcription services


Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers (AFEPI): world wide web.afepi.ie/people.

Professional editing services fiction writing These guys are seriously experienced


world wide web.the-efa.org/ Editorial Freelancers Association.

Other Editors:

Deborah Bancroft. Editor and Writing Coach. DeborahBancroft.com. Between $3.50 &#8211 $8 per 250 word page, based on needs.

Sarah Kolb-Johnson. Editing along with other services for authors. KolbWilliams.com. $299 for editorial consultation. Various packages. Copyediting 2.5-3.5c per word.

Jodie Renner. JodieRennerEditing.com. Manuscript editing and critiquing. $.012 to $.02 per-word range (from $960 to $1600 for 80,000 words) but all determined by needs from the author.

Proofreading by Wendy . wendyproof.co.united kingdom/ Rates start at 3/$5 per 1,000 words

Debra L. Hartmann. The Professional Book Editor. Editing, proof-studying, manuscript critique.

Mediabistro GalleyCat Report on Freelance Editors

Edit911.com &#8211 A number of editing services by PhD editors

PenUltimate Editorial Services. Arlene Prunkl offers freelance editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluations.

Howard Mittelmark. Editorial services including developmental editing and line editing.

The Expert Editor. Located in Australia but open to authors globally. Academic, business, book and ESL editing.

LiveWriteThrive &#8211 CS Lakin is definitely an author and editor. Critique, editing and proof-studying available.

Sue Copsey &#8211 Author and editor. Structural and developmental editing in addition to proof-studying.

Jackie Charley. Proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing.

Helen Baggott. Proofreading and duplicate editing.

Coinlea Services. Copyediting and proofreading. Layout formatting. Technical writing.

Katharine D’Souza. Editorial services including structural editing, quick critique and copyediting.

Katie McCoach. Freelance developmental book editor dealing with typically printed, self-printed, and very first time authors.

Invisible Ink Editing. Professional, high-quality, friendly but honest and cost-effective editing services for indie authors across all genres. Lose the Errors. Keep The Voice.

Maya Rock. Book editing services. Editorial letter. Line editing. Writing coaching. Synopses. Query letters.

Jessi Rita Hoffman. Professional Book Editing. Developmental editing, substantive editing, copy editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, and author coaching.

M.L. Davis. Last Stop Editing Academic editing, copy editing, beyond proof-studying.

Global British Editing Specialist editors. Affordable rates.

Editor Luxurious. Helping authors using their finished manuscript or their writing goals to visit where they would like to go: getting a finished, polished manuscript prepared to be printed.

Leigh Hogan. Quality editing for that golden chronilogical age of indie publishing.

Tara Keogh Fiction and Nonfiction Editing for Authors

Sally Vince Editorial. Proofreading, Copy-editing, Editing, Writing and Rewriting.

Harrison Editing Giving indie authors and publishers an inexpensive way to be putting their finest work forward.

Megan at Extra Ink Edits Mixing college teaching experience, editing and writing understanding that will help you perfect your writing through professional editing services!

Cassandra Dunn Editing Services two decades of professional copyediting experience, an MFA in creative writing, and experience in publishing.

Zero027 Editing and Proofreading

Thelma Mariano Editor for ladies’s contemporary fiction, manuscript editing in addition to initial story critique

Close Readers Group Full spectrum editorial services

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