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Problems in writing a thesis

A dissertation is definitely an academic paper that demonstrates an applicant’s competency to handle a completely independent research. After finishing the classroom coursework and passing all of the examinations inside a doctoral program, you have to submit a dissertation, which is often the last hurdle before receiving your Ph.D. Most dissertations contain five parts — the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and conclusions, discussions and suggestions. Most students encounter various problems while penning this critical academic paper.

Formulating a Appropriate Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is among the most important areas of the dissertation since it states the objective of your quest. Based on Purdue’s Online Writing Lab, a thesis statement should be debatable, meaning it has to attract opposing opinions. Your thesis shouldn’t be with different statement that’s recognized overall. For instance, “Crime isn’t good for that economy” isn’t a debatable theory because all studies agree that it’s harmful. One particualr debatable thesis is, “Under developed countries should allocate one fourth of the revenue toward fighting crime to enhance their economy.” Students sometimes select a broad thesis statement, that makes it difficult to find evidence to aid it. Based on Purdue, narrowing lower your thesis statement causes it to be simpler to protect your arguments. One particualr broad thesis is, “Internet use has brought towards the rise of crime.” It will likely be difficult to determine what to incorporate because of the various crime, for example gang violence, cyber crime, fraud and id theft amongst others. ‘”Emergence of social networks have brought to a rise in cyber bullying among teenagers,” is really a narrower, more manageable thesis.

Problems in writing a thesis Finding Data     

Finding Relevant Literature

The literature review section provides a comprehensive analysis of materials concerning the problem you’re investigating. It might discuss theories and printed data and supply historic assessment and current views concerning the research problem. It is almost always a lengthy section that could take fifteen to thirty pages. Most students could make the error of utilizing a lot of direct quotes, writing short summaries of articles, or expressing their very own opinions within this section, which prevents a student from showcasing their analytical skills. Keep in mind that the literature review gives the time to provide evidence to aid your arguments, in addition to demonstrate your expertise around the research problem. Also, it’s mandatory to supply citations for those material you utilize within this section.

Finding Data

One other issue most students face is finding relevant data to aid their arguments. You may either use primary data or secondary data for the dissertation. If you are planning to make use of primary data, you might collect it using questionnaires, phone interviews or focus groups, that takes some time and requires money. You should make sure that generate the best sample size to enhance the precision of the study. Secondary data involves using statistics from another source, for example government departments, non-governmental organizations and telecommunication companies.

There is nothing more disheartening that realizing that you don’t possess the relevant data to aid your arguments after reaching the methodology section. To avert this, make sure that all of the data you intend to make use of can be obtained in the secondary sources. If you are considering collecting data, make time to formulate the best questionnaire and sample size and also to conduct your research.

Poor Planning and Personal Time Management

More often than not, universities give students sufficient time for you to write their dissertation. To many students, this appears just like a lengthy time period, plus they neglect to plan time correctly. However, the year progresses rapidly, and you will experience some unpredicted delays out of your supervisors. You have to submit an investigation proposal for the supervisors to approve before they permit you to begin writing. Additionally, you will submit the first draft along with other subsequent outlines for your supervisors, who may request some changes before enabling you to proceed. It’s imperative to generate a period that estimates the size of each task and also to include these inevitable delays inside your plan. Include start and completion dates for every task inside your diary and revise them regularly to support any delays.

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