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Popular article topics writing ielts think are alright

IELTS Speaking Questions: Part 1

Around the following pages you’ll find types of IELTS speaking questions and topics from part 1, part 2, and part three of the speaking test.

Try practising the questions having a friend, and don’t forget to increase your solutions.

You are able to usually do that by providing explanations why. For instance, should you express it was fun becoming an adult in your house town, say why it had been fun.

Don’t give a word solutions.

You will get further strategies for answering questions partly one of the speaking test here.

Example IELTS Speaking Questions Topics

I’d much like to inquire about you some questions regarding your hometown or city.

  1. Which kind of place could it be?
  2. That which was it like becoming an adult there?
  3. Has it altered much because you were a young child?

I’d much like to inquire about you some questions regarding college.

  1. What exactly are you studying?
  2. Why have you determine that particular course?
  3. What job do you want if you have completed all of your studies?

I’d much like to inquire about you some questions regarding your projects.

  1. What work is the next step?
  2. What would you enjoy most regarding your work?
  3. What exactly are your primary responsibilities?
  4. Can there be every other work you want to do later on?

I’d prefer to move ahead and get you some questions regarding your spare time

  1. Which kind of activities do you love to do inside your spare time?
  2. How lengthy are you currently thinking about these activities?
  3. Do you love to do theses activities alone or with others? (Why)?
  4. Do you consider individuals have enough spare time? (Why/why don’t you)?

I’d prefer to move ahead and get you some questions regarding your loved ones.

  1. The number of individuals are there inside your family?
  2. Would you all reside in exactly the same house? (Why/why don’t you)?
  3. What things would you look foward to together?
  4. Who’s your favourite member of the family?

Let’s move ahead and discuss standing on here we are at appointments.

Popular article topics writing ielts just like to

  1. Has been late acceptable inside your culture? (Why/why don’t you)?
  2. Are you currently ever late for appointments? (Why/why don’t you)?
  3. Which kind of excuses do you consider are okay for lateness?
  4. How can you feel if somebody is late to have an appointment along with you?

Let’s alter the subject and discuss your neighbours

  1. Which are the individuals who live across the street from you?
  2. How frequently would you see one another?
  3. What sort of relationship have you got?
  4. Just how can neighbours be useful?
  5. What sort of problems can individuals have using their neighbours inside a big city?

Moving to a different subject, I’d prefer to discuss cooking and meals along with you.

  1. Would you enjoy cooking? (Why/why don’t you)?
  2. Which kind of things are you able to prepare? (Why)?
  3. What types of food are popular inside your country?
  4. Could it be a fundamental part of your culture to possess dinner get-togethers? (Why)?
  5. Do you’d rather eat with others or by yourself? (Why)?

I’d now prefer to discuss your evening dreams along with you.

  1. Would you dream much during the night?
  2. Would you frequently remember your dreams?
  3. Do you consider we are able to learn everything from dreams? (Why)?
  4. Do individuals your country discuss their dreams? (Why)?
  5. Do you consider that dreams may come true?

Newspapers and magazines

Okay, let’s move to a new subject and discuss newspapers and magazines.

  1. That you want studying, newspapers or magazines? (Why)?
  2. Which kind of tales do you love to find out about? (Why)?
  3. Do you consider studying the sunday paper or perhaps a newspaper will help you become familiar with a language? (Why)?
  4. Why do you consider many people prefer magazines to newspapers?

Popular article topics writing ielts your free time    
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Let’s alter the subject and discuss comedy and humour.

  1. Which kind of programmes are you finding funny on television?
  2. Which kinds of programmes are most widely used inside your country? (Why)?
  3. What sort of things cause you to laugh? (Why)?
  4. Do you love to get people to laugh? (How)?
  5. Do you consider you should have a feeling of humour? (Why)?

Finish of IELTS Speaking Questions Part 1

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