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Point of sales system thesis proposal

Point of sales system thesis proposal Resort Management System     28

Good day-to all. A few of the thesis projects for today’s generation happen to be already made or sometimes the professors/instructors of the college institution rejected your thesis proposals since it is already existed or it doesn’t satisfy the standards. So, I created a potential and many modern listing of thesis proposals that will help you all. Here is their email list of thesis title.

Listing of Thesis Proposals for thisOrPrecious stones

1. Touch-Screen Based Point-Of-Purchase System (POS)
2. Sales and Inventory Monitoring System with SMS
3. Weather Forecast Application using Android
4. Graveyard Mapping and knowledge System
5. Computer-Aided Instruction with Voice Recognition system
6. Holistic Computerized Faculty Evaluation System
7. Book Catalog Application using Android
8. Hotel Reservation Application with Mobile Compatibility in Android
9. SMS-Based Grade Inquiry System
10. Mobile Voting System using Android
11. Grade Viewer Application in Android
12. SSG Management System with SMS Notification
13. Payroll System with Biometric and Bar code Technology
14. School Event Attendance Monitoring System with Biometric and Bar code Technology
15. Face Recognition System
16. Android – Controlled Vehicle
17. Motorcycle Tracking with Gps navigation using Android
18. Mobile Educational Application for Elementary Student using Android
19. Class Schedule in Android
20. Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Bar code
21. Lending Management system
22. Veterinary Clinic and Store Management System
23. Android Joystick Application using Bluetooth
24. Mobile Point-Of-Purchase Application with SMS Notification
25. Group Messenger Application using Android

Point of sales system thesis proposal Class Time Table in Android

26. Medicine Inventory and Patient Information system
27. Resort Management System
28. Mobile Reservation for Banquet Halls
29. E-Learning System
30. E-Voting System with SMS technology
31. On Route Travel Assistant for Trains And Buses According to Android Technology
32. Camera-Based Heartbeat Detector using Android
33. Mobile Advice using Android
34. Video Rental Application in Android
35. Quiz Application using Android
36. Pharmacy Management System
37. Mobile Pharmacy Application in Android
38. Geographic Information System with Ton-Prone Location
39. RFID-Based Student Monitoring System
40. Kitchen Appliances controlled by Android Smartphone
41. Intelligent Traveler Locator using Google Map Application
42. Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Android Mobile (CoE/CpE/IT/CS)

The majority of the thesis titles above have previously produced by us. You are able to program scalping strategies using different programming languages for example VB.Internet, C#, Android using Eclipse or Basic4Android, and you’ll want a understanding on Hardware Integration.

I really hope this can help much you to get the best title for the thesis proposal.

Engr. Lyndon Bermoy
IT Instructor/System Developer/Android Developer/Freelance Programmer

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