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Point of sale system thesis proposal

Point of sale system thesis proposal Branches who own that specific

College of Gujrat
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MSc Final Project Proposal
Information Technology & It

Master’s Project Proposal

Internet Based Reason for Purchase System

Project Consultant: Mister Iqbal Khan

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Faculty of Information Technology
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College of Gujrat
Faculty of Information Technology & It

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Section 1 Table of Content

1. Introduction
1. 1 Project Title
1.2 Introduction and Background
1.3 Problem Statement
1.4 Previous Work
1.5 Objectives from the Project
1.6 Specific Project Goals
1.7 Scope from the Project (Abstract)
1.8 Project Overview Statement Template
2. Together with your Project
2.1 Direct Customers / Beneficiaries from the Project
2.2 Outputs Expected in the Project

3. Project Description
3.1 Functional Specs
3.1.1 Functions Performed
3.1.2 Limitations and Limitations
3.1.3 Application Architecture
3.1.4 Equipment Configuration
3.1.5 Implementation Tools and Technology
3.2 Implementation Plan
3.2.1 Deliverable Products
2.3.2 Milestone Identification
A-Key Milestones and Deliverables

Point of sale system thesis proposal human input errors created by

3.3.3 Project Schedule / Milestone Chart

1.1 Project Title
Internet Based Reason for Purchase System

1.2 Introduction and Background

The internet Reason for purchase product is internet based application which will help the Administrator in addition to all users to locate their preferred inventory effortlessly with single-click. This technique offers the user using the listing of different Branches who own that exact branch that has been assigned through the administrator. User can’t only discover the nearest place to collect Stock but additionally can reserve that Stock in addition to he/she will also request it if that’s sold-out. Another big factor could it be offers a main reason for purchase towards the owner with inventory system. By which he/she (branch manger) can also add, edit, sell, view, etc. Which will help to keep their stock?

1.3 Problem Statement

Desktop base inventory system:
* Provide limited access within specific area.
* There’s no central entry way for every branch that may be utilized through the administrator from everywhere. * Time intensive.
* No Communication between different branches.
* Stock Alert

1.4 Previous Work

POS systems for example Retail Management System are made to immediately record all sales. Besides which means that timely and accurate sales tracking, however a POS system also enables you to readily identify inventory levels.

1.5 Objectives from the Project

Reason for purchase is an internet based application that will act as:
* Improved transactions, as POS systems try to cut lower on human input errors produced by order miscommunication * Analysis of sales data to discover top selling products and help with cost alterations in boost sales * Sales history, which enables for early conjecture of product demand to make sure you have sufficient product for recurring purchasing trends * Accounting tools to trace company income

Point of sale system thesis proposal Through which he

* Enhanced documentation, so previous data may be used when needed. This data includes who performed the transaction, the quantity and just what services or products were.

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