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Poem im writing a new chapter in my life

Poem im writing a new chapter in my life tattooed on to

Brilliant, advised me of my existence to date and also the journey I’ve come to get where I’m today

wow ive spent time around a smiular existence style and today i’ve got a option to keep living it in order to start the brand new existence me crys because of its hard departing everything ive ever loved and everything ive was for previously but ive made the decision yesteryear is the greatest spot for it im givin a brand new begin a chance whether it doesnt work and that i get sick still sstand tall thanks your poem made my choice a little simpler and distributed to us a insite of witch i desired thanks man

I election with this poem without a doubt i’ve been searchig for any poem to possess inked onto my body system and i believe i might have discovered the right one to explain the brand new existence i’m about to undergo and that i thank whomever authored this

I’m able to relate a lot for this poem. I am while altering on and on via a rebirth to some more happy existence. I attempted before but threw in the towel the battle although not this time around, I am likely to have laughter a plenty!

I absoultly loved it which i got the sensation to print and show it to my teacher. Continue the great work!

Your poem really inspired me. Thanks and doing what your doing!

I believe this poem suits people all across the globe. When I was studying it’ felt such as the poet was describing my existence and just how I felt, so when I am studying a poem that is what I would like. And So I believe that this poem could touch many people’s lives just like it did mine.

I’m Going THROUGH A Lot Of STRUGGLES, PAST RELATIONSHIPS, As Being A Single Mom, THIS States Everything And Much More!

i’m able to really realate into it thanks it had been an awsome poem.

i believe this poem is really ace i’d like it if you’re able to write more. you’re proficient at writing poeming continue the good work.

Poem im writing a new chapter in my life account of how wisdom, acquired

I believe this was an excellent poem. It explain the entire factor on existence. It real helped me think. That’s real how lifge go’s.

It is really an awesome poem. well crafted, understood & very effective. Thanks a lot for discussing it.

Paul – it is really an uplifting account of methods knowledge, acquired through encounters, allows us to redefine existence in simpler, more managable terms. Thank you for discussing!

I loved the poem a lot since it was just how I am feeling, also it inspired me greatly. How had you been feeling whenever you authored the poem? I must know, since it sees so unique.

Its this type of wonderful poem. Good job Paul!

OMG! very good! u r an incredible author! It jsut so fits my existence, u described so perfectly what ive been atempting but have unsuccessful at doing. Rock on!

This can be a beautiful poem. I’ve spent the final many years dealing with the numerous issues connected with being elevated within an abusive household. When I was studying this poem I just read the language which i was feeling within my heart which i couldn’t say. The language describing a existence lost, no power, strength or option to live for several years after which making small changes until eventually I recognized which i was living a brand new existence. I’ll save, share and cherish this poem. Thanks.

it’s fantastic! excellent work. it truly inspires me.

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Poem im writing a new chapter in my life choice to live

Allow the countdown begin.

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