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Phd thesis dissertation database security

Phd thesis dissertation database security This thesis presents

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1. Practical Experimentation like a Tool for Vulnerability Analysis and Security Evaluation

College dissertation from Chalmers College of Technology

Abstract. Part one of the thesis describes the outcomes of applying dependability techniques to the safety area. A uniform taxonomy for security, likely to contain all characteristic attributes, is presented. This taxonomy will hopefully boost the knowledge of security issues. Find Out More

2. Architecting Smart Home Environments for Healthcare A Database-Centric Approach

College dissertation from Halmstad. Halmstad College Press

Abstract. The introduction of system architectures and applications for smart homes and ambient aided living continues to be the primary activity of numerous academic and industrial studies all over the world. Existing system architectures for smart environments usually employ different architectural styles inside a multi-layer logical architecture to aid the combination and interoperation of heterogeneous software and hardware technologies, that are subsequently accustomed to provide two major functionalities: monitoring and assistance. Find Out More

3. Readiness for mass-casualty attacks on public transit

College dissertation from Ume. Ume Universitet

Abstract. Background: Public transit is really a vulnerable sector in present day society with a good venture of generating mass casualties if attacked. By get yourself ready for mass-casualty attacks (MCAs), response may become more efficient and public transit may become a less rewarding target.

Phd thesis dissertation database security on ensuring that information

Find Out More

4. Flexible and Practical Information-Flow Control

College dissertation from Chalmers College of Technology

Abstract. As more sensitive information is handled by software, its trustworthiness becomes an more and more important concern. This thesis presents focus on making certain that information that’s processed by computing systems isn’t disclosed to 3rd parties with no user’s permission i.e. to avoid undesirable flows of knowledge. Find Out More

5. Audio-video synthesis means of improving performance of biometric systems

College dissertation from Gothenburg. Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers College of Technology

Abstract. System security is essential for just about any automation. It’s much more so within the situation of biometric systems because of the sensitive nature from the data it ways to use enrollment and authentication – the topics physical or biological trait. Find Out More

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