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Phd dissertation philosophy length conversions

Discussing Percents/Decimals/Fractions and Conversions

Discussing Percents/Decimals/Fractions and Conversions

Task Background: There are various methods for representing exactly the same worth of several. For example, .5 (a decimal) is the same as 50% (a portion) and also to 1/2 (a portion). Conversions like these are essential in lots of relevant areas, for example interest on the loan, calculating savings on discounts, calculating some medicine administered to some patient, and purchasing some carpet.

Primary Task Response: Inside the Community Forum area, write 3–4 sentences that react to the next questions together with your ideas, ideas, and comments. This is the building blocks for future discussions from your classmates. Be substantive and obvious, and employ examples to strengthen your opinions.

Task Assignment: There are particular procedures to transform something from the decimal to some percentage (and the other way around), from the fraction to some percentage (and the other way around), and from the decimal to some fraction (and the other way around). Below, you’ll find four problems within the following areas: Criminal Justice, Business, Medical, and Real Existence. Please select any TWO to finish from the task. You have to show all steps and each single calculation. Completely explain why and how you probably did each calculation with complete sentences. Include discussion relating the issue to your very own encounters in order to the real life.

There are lots of important formulas which are used in the area of criminal justice. For instance, the Widmark formula can be used to calculate the bloodstream alcohol concentration (BAC) in a particular time for a person. Widmark’s research discovered that the typical man’s body holds alcohol in even distribution in 73% of their weight.

Quite simply, 73% of the 150-pound man’s body holds all of the alcohol he consumes, in even distribution. 73% of 150 pounds = .73 150 = 109.5 pounds. Widmark discovered that the typical woman’s body holds alcohol in even distribution in 66% of their weight.
1.Convert 66% to some decimal after which to some reduced fraction.
2.Give one particualr particular weight for any lady, and discover the typical area of the body store the alcohol.

Many rates of interest, for example individuals on vehicle loans, charge cards, and residential loans, receive like a percent. If you want to make any calculations using the percent rate of interest, however, you have to convert the percent to some decimal.
1.Research and discover the eye rate, like a percent, for the charge card.
2.Convert the eye rate percent to some decimal after which to some reduced fraction.
3.You need to compare your researched rate to a different credit card’s rate of interest of 12 1/5%. Convert this rate of interest percent to some decimal.
?Compare the 12 1/5% for your researched rate of interest, and explain which rate of interest is much better.

It is crucial that physicians understand how lengthy medicines will remain inside a patient’s body to be able to prescribe dosing instructions so the patient doesn’t overdose. For instance, someone requires a pill which has a dosage of fifty mg. (milligrams) and awakens the following day having a particular number of the medication beaten up.
1.Demonstrate your understanding of conversions beginning with selecting a portion from the medicine that’s beaten up the following day, after which convert this percentage to some decimal after which to some reduced fraction.

Phd dissertation philosophy length conversions thoughts, ideas, and

2.Just how much medication remains in your body following the percentage quantity of your selecting is beaten up?

When purchasing mulch for the lawn, you discover that it’s purchased in square yards. You will find the area measurements of the lawn in square ft, that you simply discovered by multiplying the duration of your yard (in ft) occasions the width (in ft).
1.Demonstrate by having an example beginning with giving the width and length of the yard in ft. Since lawns might not have exact whole-number width and length measurements, you have to offer an example in which the length or even the width includes a fractional amount.
2.Discover the part of the yard in square ft.
3.Convert the quantity of square ft to square yards to be able to order the mulch. (Hint: Research the number of square ft equals one square yard.)

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