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Oxford brookes university acca thesis writing

This Bachelors Honours Degree is definitely an exclusive degree provided to ACCA students via a unique and innovative collaboration between ACCA and Oxford Brookes College Business School.

Introducing the BSc in Applied Accounting Programme, with Jane Towers-Clark.

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) may be the global body for professional accountants, supporting 178,000 people and 455,000 students in their careers, and supplying services via a network of 95 offices and centres.

ACCA aims to provide business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to individuals of application, ability and ambition all over the world seeking a satisfying career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA’s status is grounded in over a century of supplying world-class accounting and finance qualifications, championing chance, diversity and integrity, and it is lengthy traditions are complemented by modern thinking, supported by an assorted, global membership.

This degree continues to be jointly created by the College and ACCA to satisfy the needs of the degree as well as individuals of the professional qualification. Students of ACCA are actually instantly registered for that Oxford Brookes College degree once they sign-up with ACCA. Every time they have finished the essential Skills papers F1 to F9 from the ACCA’s professional examinations, and also the Professional Ethics module, they might submit a “Research and Analysis Project” to Oxford Brookes College which is assessed through the College Business School staff.

The submission fee for that Research and Analysis Project is £225 for November 2016 (Period 33) and £250 for May 2017 (Period 34).

Oxford brookes university acca thesis writing Is it possible to

This collaboration offers ACCA’s students the chance to:

  • obtain a further esteemed award
  • gain recognition of feat inside a professional development plan/profession
  • set up a ‘firmer foundation’ to help professional development.

For more information, go to the ACCA BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting website

Entry Needs

For entry needs, please make reference to the ACCA website

Status from the ACCA

The ACCA offers examinations globally underneath the relation to its Royal Charter – see particularly Section 4 (l) and 4 (m).

The qualification is recognised through the United kingdom Government and integrated into britain’s Company Functions. Click the links for any letter in the Department of Trade and Industry and section 389 from the Companies Act 1985.

Additionally, the ACCA is recognised through the United nations.

ACCA’s training created the foundation from the U . s . Nations’ global accountancy curriculum entitled Guideline on National Needs for that Qualification of Professional Accountants printed in 1999. ACCA would be a participant within the consultative group, which devised this global Benchmark, and mention of the ACCA’s role is incorporated through the publication.

More Information

  • Guide to assistance with the accreditation from the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Awarded by Oxford Brookes College together with the ACCA (Pdf)
  • ACCA Royal Charter (Pdf)
  • Recognition of Professional Qualification letter (Pdf)
  • Companies Act 1985 extract (Pdf)

Oxford Brookes College

  • Statutory Authority for Oxford Brookes College to award levels (Pdf)
  • Review of Quality Assurance Procedures particularly with this degree (Pdf)

Look at BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting with regards to Accounting Benchmarking Statements and national Qualification Framework Descriptors

Oxford brookes university acca thesis writing three-year undergraduate

  • Review of Benchmark Statements (Pdf)
  • Review of national Qualification Framework Descriptors (Pdf)
  • Information on Business School review of the aforementioned (Pdf)


  • Research Report Exemplars (PDF, 224 KB)
  • Skills and Learning Statement Exemplars (PDF, 155 KB)

Info on the Registered Mentor Plan

  • Registered Mentor Plan (PDF, 113 KB)
  • Registered Mentor Plan: the result on BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting students (PDF, 82 KB)


How do you contact the ACCA team at Oxford Brookes College?

Please send us an email at . You need to incorporate your ACCA number, your complete name and birth date in most correspondence around.

Shall We Be Held qualified for that programme?

You will have to have opted in to the programme before finishing ACCA papers F7, F8 and F9. To verify regardless if you are qualified for that programme, you will have to contact ACCA directly. Please make reference to the BSc Applied Accounting Information Pack for more information on eligibility.

How can i look for a learning provider?

Go to the ACCA website at: world wide web.accaglobal.com

May be the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting recognised in the united states by which I live?

The BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting is the same as a 3-year undergraduate degree carried out in a United kingdom college and it is recognised through the Quality Assurance Agency for Greater Education (QAA). You’ll have to ask your personal greater education authority when the BSc is recognised throughout your home country.

Are you able to provide me with my Gpa?

The Gpa product is not presently being used at Oxford Brookes College.

The number of credits may be the degree worth?

360 credits or 180 European Credit Transfer System credits.

Are you able to provide me having a personal or academic reference?

Because the programme is really a distance education course, we’re not able to supply academic or references. However, we could provide award confirmation letters and /or transcripts.

How do you request an award confirmation letter/transcript?

Transcripts could be purchased through our .

Award confirmation letters along with other student letters could be purchased through our on-line shop .

There’s a £15 charge for letters and transcripts. If you want to possess a letter/transcript delivered to a previous address apart from the main one you registered with, you have to give a scanned copy of the passport/photo ID.

How lengthy does it require my documents to reach?

The Royal Mail advises that it’ll take 5-7 business days for worldwide recorded delivery. However, some countries have slower postal systems and published products may take significantly longer to reach. More information could be acquired out of your local postal provider.

How do i make an application for mitigating conditions?

If you want to try to get extra time due to mitigating conditions, you have to do so before your ten-year eligibility period expires.

Am I Going To get my degree certificate inside my graduation ceremony?

No, it will likely be published for you within three several weeks of the award. Your concerns regarding certificates should be delivered to:

Can you really submit a task without finishing the Professional Ethics Module or all the ACCA Fundamental papers (including exemptions)?

Who are able to be my mentor?

Your mentor could be a senior friend at the office, eg. your line manager, your tutor at school or college, or perhaps a qualified chartered certified accountant. For those who have found a potential mentor who not fall under one of these simple groups, please login and e-mail their CV to

If you’re not able to locate a appropriate mentor, please make reference to the next website: world wide web.oxfordbrookesmentoring.co.united kingdom

Please be aware: Mentoring is service that is supplied by an authorized Mentor, being employed as your individual contractor. Many Mentors may charge for supplying this particular service. This charge can often be as much as £500 GBP .

Should i browse the information Pack?

Yes. The Data Pack offers the listing of subject titles, assistance with writing any project, referencing etc.

When can one submit a task?

There’s two submission periods every year, one out of May and something in November. The dates are printed within the BSc Information Pack.

How do you submit my project?

Visit world wide web.obusubmissions.co.united kingdom. click ‘not yet registered’ and enter the information you have. Your login details won’t be the same as the myACCA login details. Please keep the log-in details safe, as you will have to rely on them again whenever you access your results.

I have lost my password, what must i do?

Please e-mail us at together with your ACCA number, complete name and birth date. Don’t forget that the password is situation sensitive.

You are able to pay on-line, whenever you submit any project. Payment can be created utilizing a debit or credit card. If you don’t possess a debit or credit card, you are able to send us a banker’s draft. Please call us at for more details.

I’m unsure regarding how to reference correctly, what must i do?

Please make reference to the library website for more information.

I unsuccessful within my last project submission. Which sections should i re-submit?

For those who have unsuccessful both Research Report (RR) and also the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) you will have to re-submit both elements again.

For those who have passed your RR but unsuccessful your SLS, you will have to re-submit your SLS.

For those who have passed your SLS but unsuccessful your RR, you will have to re-submit your RR.

If you’re re-submitting, you will have to develop a 500 word re-submission statement. For those who have altered your subject you will have to upload a short statement stating you have done this.

Want for more information?

For particular project issues or any other problems then please email Oxford Brookes at

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