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Online voting system thesis proposal

Online voting system thesis proposal LECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEMS

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Online Voting System Thesis Proposal The Computerized voting system for Student Council elections supplies a fast, user-friendly and convenient voting system solely for e-Voting System Voting Product is a hard Information & Communications Technology students project undertaking, as part of undergraduate thesis. University Student Council voting Sms Voting System system from the base computer set. The prosperity of this project thesis. as poll watchers to complete the counting of votes which required for several days to become done by hand Analysis Of The Electronic Voting System paper systems. Flaws in these facets of a voting system, however, can result in indecisive or incorrect election results. E LECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEMS. There

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Computerized Voting System

Putlod National Senior High School


The School from the

College for Research and Technology

Sto. Nio, Gapan City

In Partial Fulfillment

From the needs for that Course EDP22

System Analysis and style

Information Technology in It

Jhon Carlo P.Mactal

Reputation Of STUDY

We discover that the entire process of voting in Putlod National Senior High School is by hand only. in ways they fill around the paper ballot and provide it by hand counted. A Student Council elections will always be a perennial activity for each school. It’s an activity whereby each student is needed to select from some candidates who’ll represent each position within the Student Council. To ensure that a student to achieve this, a student must undergo several processes. First a student have to go to the Administration Office if he’s an authorized voter, then would go to the voting area and chooses the candidates he likes.

Online voting system thesis proposal After that, the student submits

Next, a student submits the filled-up ballot form towards the voting administrator to ensure that his votes to become cast. Then your student is marked by having an indelible ink to indicate he has voted.

In the end the votes happen to be cast, the voting procedure goes again through several processes. The votes are collected and therefore are then counted, that could take several hrs to many days, with respect to the amount of votes.

Therefore we felt impressed to complete them innovative methods for voting using technology (computers) so we known as it a mechanical voting system. to assist it’s less how they election, they’re harder to not fill the ballot paper, and never because they are hard to count a lot of votes. Because we result in the system is going to be less their election by pressing only one you’ll election and election while you update. They&#039ll unquestionably more contemporary approach to voting is.

The development of.

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