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Oh my venus ep 15 proposal writing

Oh my venus ep 15 proposal writing for hacks meant to meddle

watch My dear venus Korean drama Eng sub full episodes KEng Sub

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26 нояб. 2015 г.

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Comments about movie My dear venus

1. And so i could not wait forget about. and made the decision to look at this after i ought to be doing my homework and focus in my finals. but not a chance. my hands were itching to press play. and today im gonna died awaiting episode 3 and 4. Im so fucken happy My Hubby So Ji Sub has returned. my painful desiring him since Master Sun is finally over.

Oh my venus ep 15 proposal writing really big and

He’s back. my baby has returned bitches..lol. sorry he’s taken. LOLOLOL. I miss him sooooooo much! and that i love both of these couple. shin min ah is really fucken beautiful. i ship them so bad. the chemistry is actually good already for that first episode. Im really deeply in love with these drama. im so excited that my hands are trembling. much like how me is. lol. my ft can’t stay there since i keep kicking my legs in mid-air. after which it curls in since i had lots of butterflies with this episode. particularly when he was at that bath tube. ohhhhhhhhh my lord Jesus. LMFAO. *nose bleed* He knocked me out good. my jaws dropped, and gradually smiled really big and then factor you realize. i fainted. lol. I am already getting characteristic of irregular heartbeat guys. so please assist me and prepare to 911 or 119. lol. My soul might really just get noticed of my body system and fly to So Ji Sub. lol. oooh my god. sorry i attempted to help keep this short however i finish up writing an excessive amount of. the feels though everyone. and that i literally come with an empty brown bag alongside me basically seem like im getting difficulty breathing due to So Ji Sub. LOL. ohhhhhhh my goodness. lord jesus assist me a little. lol. LIKE knowing the FEELSSSSSSSSSS. lol 3 3 3 😀 XOXOXOXOXOXO


It Is Simply The Very First EPISODE And Also The CHEMISTRY Is Really STRONG I SHIP THEM So Difficult

NOW I Can Not WAIT To Determine The Following EPISODE

This drama includes a good kick-start! really love the very first episode.

Oh my venus ep 15 proposal writing my hands were itching to

Fan girled so difficult for that parts where Ji Sub becomes gentleman. The final scene within the preview tho! And Shin Min Ah is seriously an elegance animal. I’d seem like an unpleasant hippo basically were that fat. She still looks beautiful!

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