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Newspaper content analysis dissertation proposal

Newspaper content analysis dissertation proposal An inter-observer reliability

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Printed: 23, March 2015

Inside a country well over billon people, population census and nationwide sample surveys estimate around 2 prevalence of disability compared to nearly 20% in countries like New zealand and australia in Asia Off-shore region. The particular figures might be really more. This under-reporting is because of some unique problems within our country, for example, social stigma, paucity of specialists to recognize such cases, the uneven distribution of various disabilities across ages and geographical locations, insufficient awareness, paltry government funding, and occasional priority accorded for this sector (Venkatesan, 2004 Kundu, 2000).

Media is really a effective tool within the formation of public opinion. Whether it’s newspapers, films, radio, television, internet, magazines, posters, theatre, art, dance, public speeches, reports or studies, in the variegated forms, media could make or break public opinion, shape attitude, or catalyze social action.

Newspaper content analysis dissertation proposal This apparent lack of media

Amongst other things, her capacity to initiate group think processes, deflect community interests, enable group formations, and provoke social action (McCombs, 2004). Newspapers using their distribution of reports, details and knowledge along with editorial comments, views and analysis by experts, supply the daily fodder for formation of public opinion. It’s aptly stated the role of media isn’t to inform people things to think but to inform people things to consider. After this thesis on empirical agenda setting, studies have shown effective links between media content and public concern across a multitude of issues (Soroka, 2002a 2002b Dearing Rogers, 1996 McCombs Shaw, 1993).


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There’s pointless to not think that ‘Disability-related News’ (Dr-N) rarely seems the main thing on media within our country. A non-discussed concern is not always non-existent. For a number of reasons, the number of problems, perspectives, matters, occasions, happenings or perhaps non-happenings within the disability sector never get pointed out in media (Elliott Keith, 1982). Empirical studies associated with the extent or content of Dr-N in media, particularly offline or online print newspapers are reported as rare even in the western world (Gerhards Schafer, 2010 Epstein, 1981 National Easter time Seal Society, 1981).

Newspaper content analysis dissertation proposal locations, lack of public awareness

The concept of disability-rehabilitation all around the world is undergoing paradigm shifts on understanding their causes, characteristics and coping. The sooner ‘magico-religious perspectives’ (Braddock Parish, 2001) and ‘medical models’ (Miller, Vandome Mc Brewster, 2010 Brisenden, 1998) accustomed to explain human disabilities as results of insults in both ones present or past existence is more and more being refuted (Miller, Vandome Mc Brewster, 2010 Albrecht, Seelman Bury, 2001) and substituted with social models. Essentially, a ‘person-in-atmosphere perspective’ is invoked for contemporary social models which view human disabilities Less the making or misfortune of the affected gene, a faulty chromosome, or through the attack of brain fever within this birth, nor even because of the retaliatory machinations of divine forces for that errors committed by the pack leader in ones past existence (Oliver Sapey, 2006 Stroman, 2003 Fleischer Frieda, 2001 1998 Shapiro, 1993).

Rather, it’s alleged because the intended or unwitting results of several barriers enforced through the bigger social system around the affected persons (Fougeyrollas Beauregard, 2001). The argument is the fact that society is produced and operated in ways without considering people who don’t meet its perceived norm. Society excludes they and therefore renders them disabled (Ormerod, 2005). If a person follows this model, for instance, utilisation of the term ‘people with disabilities’ is not sensible. It views ‘barriers’ and never the person by itself because the supply of the disability. For instance, if your dwarf (vertically challenged) cannot manage a switch board in a height, the handicap is much more from location from the board compared to the person. The barriers don’t have to be physical alone. It may be attitudinal, systematic and institutionalized. The knowning that barriers are socially erected, produced and operated implies that they have to be identified and tackled instead of ignore them as incidental, irrelevant or minor. Such barriers may trouble diverse areas including education, employment, urban design, transport, tourism and travel, housing, leisure and entertainment (Baquer, 1997 Pandey Advani, 1995).

Going through this, it’s apparent that media within our country comes with an enormous diary for action. Before this kind of agenda is definitely labored out, it might be pertinent to size up a mix sectional status on Dr-N reporting in online vis-à-vis offline newspaper print media in the united states. It was indeed in the centre of the study while enunciating its aims and objectives the following:


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To do a mix sectional comparative profile of frequency rely on or about ‘disability-related news’ products inside a representative sample of offline and online national British news daily and the other daily inside a local language covering a time of 30 days

To attempt content research into the ‘disability-related news’ products when it comes to key phrase searches within the same representative sample of offline and online national British news daily and the other daily inside a local language covering a time of 30 days and,

To find out objective measures of inter-readers agreement coefficients on certain identified qualitative indices between raters from the ‘disability-related news’ products within the offline national British news daily and also the another daily inside a local language covering a time of 30 days.


Operational definitions

The important thing variables within this study are: content analysis, disability-related news, offline and online newspapers. Content analysis or textual analysis is really a scholarly methodology in social sciences for staring at the content of the communication. It’s the study of recorded human communications, for example, newspapers, lectures, books, talks, websites, texts, works of art and laws and regulations. It’s just about who states what, with whom, why, how much with what effect. Quite simply, it is known as a procedure for making inferences by fairly and systematically identifying specified characteristics of messages (Krippendorff Bock, 2008 Neuendorf, 2002 Roberts, 1997 Berelson, 1971 Holsti, 1969). Disability-related News (Dr-N) as defined within this study is just by what or just how much media covers on disabilities, their problems, programs, perspective, occasions, issues, advocacy, empowerment or almost everything for the reason for such affected persons. Online or internet based newspapers exist on the web or Internet either individually or being an online virtual form of a printed periodical. Contrast this with offline or printed traditional newspapers (Meyer, 2009).


This research utilizes a mix sectional 2-group random survey-cum-comparative design to research in to the nature, extensity and concentration of Dr-N by submitting two representative offline an internet-based daily newspapers for any month to content analysis by way of objective, observable and measurable word counts, key-word searches, thematic and topography analysis.


A necessity based pro-forma was solely produced for undertaking data collection from two representative examples of an offline and online regional language and national daily. The professional-forma was basically a mapping device to allow content analysis by way of systematic objective, observable and measurable word counts, key-word searches, study of styles and topography together with questions or statements to plot this news features through indices similar to their length, location, salience, prominence, transmission, depth, and coverage.


The sample online in addition to offline newspapers was completely scanned or scrutinized page-by-page by three independent in addition to mutually blinded readers for study between first and 31st December, 2011. Furthermore, a vital word search list associated with styles on disability, their nomenclature, characteristics, causes, occasions, activities, legal rights, advocacy or empowerment was ready for transporting out independent key phrase searches and ratings from the corpus materials through the same three readers. An inter-observer reliability rating check exercise was carried out by three independent and mutually blinded readers to scan the corpus of Dr-N products individually and also to assess them along a four point Likert scale varying from ‘poor’ (Score: 1), ‘average’ (Score: 2), ‘good’ (Score: 3) to ‘excellent’ (Score: 4) for five identified readers-attention evoking factors or parameters like ‘color’, ‘location’, photo taking illustration’, ‘location’ and ‘size correspondingly. Data was collected and exposed to appropriate record analysis using SPSS.16 Version (Carver Nash, 2009).


The outcomes of the survey are presented and discussed sequentially underneath the following heads:

Profile of Offline Dailies

Profile of internet Dailies

Key-word Searches and,

Inter-Observer Reliability Estimates

Offline Dailies

For that 31-days search of Dr-N contents inside a representative national British daily, covering 584 pages of print (Mean: 19 pages each day), there have been only 8 such news products. When it comes to plinth area coverage, from the total news section of 1124200 square centimeters, the measured Dr-N area was 3375 square centimeters (.03 %) in 5991 words. Other news display features incorporated the existence of associated color (N: 4) and black-and-white-colored (N: 4) photographs, topographical features, for example, location and visibility. When it comes to news content, majority (7 from 8) Dr-N covered on kids with multiple disabilities. There wasn’t any news whatsoever within the surveyed period on or about persons with physical handicaps, visual impairment, hearing problems, mental retardation, learning disability, autism and chronic mental illnesses as mental disability (Table 1).

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Contrast these trends on Dr-N for any representative offline daily in local language, covering 536 pages of newspaper (Mean: 17 pages each day), in which there have been 13 products-a shade much better than their counterpart within the studied national British daily. When it comes to plinth area coverage, from the total news section of 884400 square centimeters, the measured news area dedicated to Dr-N from our language daily was labored 2534.5 square centimeters (.29 %). Similarly, there have been a little more quantity of printed color (N: 4) and black-and-white-colored (N: 9) photographs during these dailies. Within the Dr-N products also discovered to be relatively better from our language daily than the studied national British daily because there are ‘top’ (N: 3) and ‘center’ (N: 2) locations provided to them indicating the benefit of primacy effects in securing attention from the readers. In regards to news content throughout the surveyed period on or about persons with various kinds of disabilities, impairments and/or handicaps, it’s observed that there’s some number of coverage from our language daily than the British daily. For instance, notes and news is created on persons with multiple disabilities (N: 5), visual impairments (N: 4), and physically handicapped (N: 3). But, there’s no coverage on conditions like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disability, speech-hearing impaired, and chronic mental illnesses as mental disability.

In which media submissions are itself deplete or reduced of the particular form or kind of content, consequently, such issues get relegated in the forefront, loose spotlight, and turn into non-discussed. This apparent insufficient attention on or about occasions or persons with disabilities is lamented even just in advanced countries (Keller, Hallahan, Mc Hane, Crowley Blandford, 1990 Yoshida, Wisilewski Friedman, 1990). In which they’re from time to time pointed out, studies have frequently proven how media perpetuates prejudice and faulty stereotypes about disability even in the western world (Johnson Harwood, 2009 O’ Malley, 2008 Haller, Domes Rahn, 2006 Auslander Gold, 1999 Johnson Eayrs, 1996 Harris Baskin, 1987). The Dr-N are usually featured as soft news articles instead of hard news tales or these were about people with physical disabilities, mental retardation, or individuals recognized by generic labels like ‘handicapped’ and ‘disabled’. When articles pointed out impact of disability around the person’s existence, they frequently portrayed negative impact (Biklen, 1987 Donaldson, 1981 Dillon, Byrd Byrd, 1980).

Online Dailies

For the similar survey period, a synchronised scrutiny of internet national British daily demonstrated up 130 headlines and Dr-N matter covering 51798 words spread across 99 pages compared to only 9 headlines on a single matters covering 2945 words in 117 pages. Thus, the ratios seem to be skewed slightly in support of greater frequency of Dr-N in the web based than offline dailies (Table 2).

Insert Table 2 Here

Key-Word Searches

Key-word searches covering around 25 terms or phrases on Dr-N matters in, both, online national British daily an internet-based Kannada newspaper revealed greatest frequency for that word ‘disabled’ (N: 228) and for its Kannada equivalent (‘Vikalara’ N: 108), adopted by the look of its variants word ‘disability’ (N: 103), ‘blind’ (N: 28), ‘deaf’ (N: 20), ‘handicapped’ (N: 17), and so forth. There are lots of disability-related key phrases in British and Kannada, for example, ‘cerebral palsy’, ‘learning disability’, ‘attention deficit disorders’, ‘mental retardation’, ‘mentally challenged’, ‘spastics’, ‘hearing loss’ or ‘hearing impairment’ which find no mention whatsoever within the reviewed British in addition to Kannada online dailies (Table 3). Related studies in the western world go in to the semantics from the disability-related terms utilized in media to be inappropriate (Dajani, 2001 Auslander Gold, 1999 Johnson Eayrs, 1996) or often even comical (Reid, Stoughton Robin, 2006). It was not the intention or thing about this study. In a nutshell, it’s contended using the word ‘handicapped’ within the western media connotes dependency, helplessness, abnormality of appearance and mode of functioning, pervasive incapacitation and eventually sub-humanness.

Insert Table 3 Here

Inter-Readers Reliability Estimates

The inter-readers agreement as measured by Fleiss Kappa for multiple raters (contrasting Cohen’s Kappa relevant just for two raters)(Fleiss, 1981 Fleiss Cohen, 1973) was .93 that is construed as ‘almost perfect agreement’ (Landis Koch, 1977). Content validity coefficients or item total correlation coefficients (Table 4) consistently show selection of high values between r: .54 to .91between 5 identified readers attention evoking factors or parameters identified or utilized in this research and also the three raters, therefore indicating high internal consistency (p: .01). Face validity is discovered to be high for that scale.

Insert Table 4 Here

To sum it up, the outcomes of the exploration in to the intensity and extensity status of Dr-N reporting in contemporary offline and online British and native language print media in the united states highlights its stark under-representation. Whereas in the western world, arguments take presctiption regarding the caliber of media portrayal on or about disability (Dianne Cynthia, 1979), the press in India is yet to awake its entourage on Dr-N or issues. Only lately, media representations and portrayals of visible minorities according to gender, caste, religion, language or politics is starting to create appearance. Disability needs to most likely watch for more time to become media priority. Another persistently disturbing aspect is using the adjective as nouns. Many media reports make reference to people with disabilities because the deaf, or even the blind. Such usage plays a role in the entire process of negative stigmatization by reinforcing the inclination to see persons with disabilities only when it comes to individuals disabilities. Coupled with negative portrayals of persons with disabilities and brazen media stereotypes they still influence public perceptions of individuals with disabilities as weak, vulnerable, dependent, invalid, pathetic or outright inutile (Schulte, 1983 Elliott Keith, 1982 Thurer, 1980 Dianne Cynthia, 1979).

The implications of the study is the fact that one must yet wrestle or wait for a semblance of some quantum of media representation on disability in contemporary Indian scenario. This paper is another clarion call. It might most likely take some additional time to ripen prior to the country media starts to address on issues like politics and budgeting in disability sector law, jurisprudence and legal rights based approaches about persons with disability access, advocacy and empowerment of disability stakeholders gender and disability, etc.

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