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Narrowing the focus of your writing

Narrowing the focus of your writing gamut of

By Kelly James-Enger

Wish to set yourself using their company freelancers? Save your time pitching, researching, and writing tales? Produce a lucrative niche on your own? And on top of that, earn more money like a freelancer?

I’ve a word for you personally: “specialize.”

After I began my fulltime writing career seven years back, I employed things i now call the “saturation bombing” technique. I queried every magazine I possibly could consider with a multitude of ideas. At some point, I’d 54 queries out–yet couple of were assigned. Individuals which were assigned covered the gamut of topics from top business articles to bridal pieces to non-public finance tales. Virtually every article concerned a topic a new comer to me, so every time I authored one, I spent hrs researching and researching the subject and so i could talk about it with authority.

Finally, I acquired smart, and began focusing my powers on three fundamental areas: health, fitness and diet. Along the way, I quadrupled my earnings, broke into high-having to pay markets like Health, Redbook, Self, and Modern Maturity, striking the six-figure mark the very first time like a freelancer. By selecting to pay attention to lucrative writing specialties, that you can do exactly the same.

At First.

So, what niche fits your needs? Remember that which you first authored about–many freelancers discover that their first assignments involve subjects that they are already acquainted with. Exactly the same was true for me personally–my first article purchase ended up being to Cosmopolitan magazine. I authored something-oriented piece on how to survive your “latter days” in a job after you have given your notice. I’d first-hands knowledge about this subject–being an unhappy lawyer, I’d altered firms several occasions within my short career, every time wishing the job will be the right fit for me personally.

Narrowing the focus of your writing Creating Your Specialty        
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This trend ongoing–the majority of the first twenty approximately articles I authored were inspired by personal encounters. Searching back, Now i understand that I had been pitching fitness ideas at the start of my writing career. That isn’t surprising–I have been a jogger for 18 years, where I have been competing in marathons and shorter races. My hobby unintentionally switched right into a writing niche–and shortly after, I branched into diet and women’s health too.

You are No Expert? Reconsider.

You say you do not have a PhD? You do not need someone to focus your writing inside a particular area. Your educational background, existence experience, and curiosity about certain subjects all can be converted into writing-related specialties. After I educate magazine writing, I’ve students list a minimum of five subjects they have specialized understanding of or a desire for. Create a list of your to help you get began considering possible specialties.

For instance, if you are a parent or gaurdian, it is simple to turn your childcare understanding right into a niche. Jesse Mazur, a freelancer in Sea Grove, Nj, wrote about a number of subjects. When she grew to become a parent or gaurdian, she made the decision to include parenting and day care articles to her listing of writing areas.

“It appeared may well transition,” states Mazur. “And albeit, I have written partly for selfish purposes with regards to parenting. For instance, there are plenty of a few things i desired to know and explore.

Narrowing the focus of your writing And best of all, make

like a new mother, in your own home by choice, I yearned for connecting along with other women having the same problem.” Mazur’s first parenting story would be a feature for any newspaper about how new moms could meet up with one another.

Another advantage of selecting a niche that reflects your existence is the fact that you are frequently supplied with an endless way to obtain story ideas. “It is among the unpredicted bonuses of getting children and as being a author–a present, really,” states Mazur. “Youngsters are a simple source, a never-ending well of ideas, simply because they change and also be constantly.Inch

Creating Your Niche

For those who have experience of a specific industry, utilize it. My legal background brought to tales on which brides ought to know about signing contracts with caterers, ways in which small company proprietors can safeguard themselves from discrimination claims, and methods that freelancers may use to barter contracts with editors. Authors who’ve experience of one field may use that like a walking stone to other people too.

Joan Lisante, a lawyer located in Oakton, Virginia, began her freelance career by publishing a humorous essay in a number of newspapers. She then recognized that her legal background gave her a distinctive perspective on legal and business topics–and shortly after, branched to talk about medical and technology subjects too. Specializing makes her more effective in her own research and writing.

“I understand plenty of lawyers, so I haven’t got much trouble digging up legal experts,” Lisante explains. “Even just in medical writing, where I began out knowing nobody, I have built several doctors I’m able to contact for future articles. This is the bonus of the niche–getting that network established, so subsequent articles aren’t as ‘from scratch’.”

You are not restricted to one niche, either. Bob Bittner of Charlotte now, Michigan, covers a number of subjects, but he’s developing a niche for themself covering creatures. “I needed to interrupt into Family Circle and that i desired to create a niche covering creatures and pets (yes, we’ve two cats),” states Bittner. “I’d observed that Family Circle ran a normal “Pets” column, and so i believed that was the right spot to pitch, instead of attempting to burglary by having an investigative health piece or perhaps a “Ladies Who Really make a differenceInch story. Also, I believed that they’d get less well-targeted (and fresh) suggestions for that section, so mine would actually stick out. I have to did something right. My first pitch led to a project.Inch

With clips of countless pet articles in hands, Bob’s now pitching to conservation markets too. “For me personally, it’s dependent on, first, wanting to create a living covering stuff that interest me,” states Bittner. “Following all of individuals interests leads to developing a number of specialties.”

Are you going to produce a niche in the start or select a niche after you have had an opportunity to talk about a number of topics? It’s your choice. By pitching yourself like a author having a unique background specialized understanding, however, you’ll improve your profile with editors while increasing the chance that you will be offered a project. As well as in today’s marketplace, because of so many authors competing for tales, that factor are only able to work to your benefit.

Freelance journalist Kelly James-Enger may be the author of Ready, Aim, Specialize! Make Your Own Writing Niche and Earn More Money (The Author Books, 2003.) She will be arrived at through her website at: world wide web.becomebodywise.com .

2007 Kelly James-Enger All Legal rights Reserved. Combined with Permission.

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